Wings by I Blazer I


Hi, we’re PMVToday and we’ll post anything we can find. All jokes aside, you can pack quite a lot in to just 30 seconds of PMV, and this video proves that.

So today’s video is by I Blazer I, known for making short but snappy motion graphics heavy PMV’s. And to be honest, although this looks great, I feel there’s a lot of recycled ideas here. As much as I’m against the idea that all motion graphics PMV’s are the same, some parts of this video make it hard argue against that point. For example at 00:4 he clearly took inspiration from Acleps’ Dive Game PMV, and that’s just a start. I’m not going to point out every single recycled idea, because it did obviously take a lot of time and effort to make.

I like what the creator has done here, and it’s enjoyable to watch. I do feel they have a lot of potential, they just need to bring something new to the table.

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Loyalty by Epsi1


As we lurch into another hiatus, Bronycon looms closer and us PMV judges are fighting fiercely over the contest results. Today, I’d like to take a breather and talk about a regular PMV from Epsi1. I’ve previously been acquainted with Epsi through my livestreams, so it’s nice to see him creating his own content.
So here we have an unfinished yet interesting video set to music from Phony. His upbeat style is one I’ve craved from PMV’s for a while, so it’s nice to see a video utilizing this. There’s a lot of different concepts briefly dipped into through the video, but overall it feels slightly bare. For feedback, I would suggest to have more actual editing throughout. While it’s good to let clips “breathe” with timing, the pacing of the music suggests that there could be more going on. With the suggested opening and song theme, it would’ve been nice to see a consistent focus on Dash too. That being said, the effects aren’t too bad and it feels like Epsi may currently be in the experimentation phase with AE. It’s good to see attempts being made rather than nothing at all. Some nice typography motion in the later half.
Check the video out below!
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Darkest Part by WICKED is good

Twilight Sparkle represents friendship and all that but I bet she’d be an even better princess of the dark arts.  #JustSayin

As for today we have a rare gem from the long pages of YouTube search results that typically yield subpar videos.  This next one is somewhat heavy on effects and looks pretty dark, but at the same time it uses all of those effects rather properly and assigns those emotions in perfect accordance to the song.

Not only do we get some kick-flank distortion and typography, but the main focus of these effects is the awesome chromakeying that fills the transitions and speeds up the whole thing.  It makes the video seem like a thrill ride rather than a presentation, and it just works so well where implemented.  The complaints I had with this were the Hub logos and the fact that pastel horses still look a bit funny trying to scream.  But otherwise, my compliments to the editor and y’all should definitely give it a view or two below!

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Critical Acclaim by rainbowdashzx

Equestria.  You will never find a more wretched hive of ponies and villainy…

Oh, and metal!

This next PMV by rainbowdashzx is OVER 5 MINUTES LONG and features a lot of angry horses screaming along to the sound of A7X.  The effects and theatrical style of everything make it seem like a real music video (minus the instruments) and the sound effects at the beginning do a great job of filling in empty space.  With the color correction and flashing lights, things were kept at pace with the song, which is always something hard to do.

The video is sensually beautiful.  Fantastic lip sync and nice atmosphere abounded and made all of the scenes work with the music.  The problem is, they didn’t work with themselves.  I have no clue what this video is about.  It seems to me like pure matching with the music and perhaps a general focus on evil versus good.  I invite you to check it out below and tell us what you think the focus is, but either way it’s a good visual experience if you aren’t afraid of flashing lights.

[Epilepsy Warning]

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The Time Has Come by HeavyWeaponsBaby

Never played DMC. But hey, guns and swords and arcane stuff, how can you go wrong?

HWB has released a brand new full length vid for a song in celebration of some Devil May Cry news, and it’s just as dark and action-filled as I’d like it to be.  One awesome thing that this shows is how even in the angry and evil sounding parts of the song, the focus is still on the good guys beating the bad guys.  How do you do that and still make it work?  Color correction.

And it’s a mighty fine change in tone and proper change in color when we hit the more holy part of the vid.  The only thing that really annoys me about this is the inclusion of some in-show audio (and that probably only annoys me because of its association with subpar PMVs in general).  But this is overall a fantastic piece of action, and everything fits like it should.  Take a look below!

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Babs Seed SOS Remix Typography by CaliAzian


Hey everyone! I’m excited to be talking about a typography video for once – would you believe that during my four months here I haven’t actually had the chance to feature one?

So here we have a pretty awesome typography animation by CaliAzian, who seems to be a fairly undiscovered creator in the fandom. It’s based on a remix (if you can call it that) of the Babs Seed song. Considering it’s a typography of material from the show, Cali does a great job of keeping the visuals fresh and exciting. I’m a big fan of typographies that incorporate various other visuals into their style. I also really like how everything is constantly in motion. It takes a lot of work, but gives the video a lot more energy and really brings the final product to life. Also, props to him for creating a bunch of the vector assets too.

I love the use of red tinted backgrounds and brighter text complementing the overlay. It’s a very nice use of colours. I’d definitely love to see more videos of this style. They mesh perfectly with the show and it’s honestly fun seeing such an energetic and fun animation. It’s inspiring and refreshing to see undiscovered names still rocking it. Great job, CaliAzian. I hope you get a good boost of popularity from this!

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Empire Of Sound by Alanj2007 Games


Hey guys, another great PMV today. AlanJ is back once again, and he just seems to keep getting better.

So today’s PMV definitely delivers in the visuals department. However it does not rely solely on motion graphics and typography. The creator has done well to use show footage in this as well, combining the two in some cases with clever masking and animation. The visuals themselves are stunning. The lighting and color effects match the song very well. And the little camera shakes make it feel more organic. Lots of little touches like this really make this PMV stand out from the rest.

The glitch and glow effects seem to be synced to the beat, and the video is linked to the lyrics. “I’m moving on”, shows tank going in to hibernation, links to dash accepting tanks fate and moving on. When bridges are mentioned, the camera moves to a bridge that then falls, once again in relation to the lyrics. These are just a few examples of visuals matching the song well in this video.

All in all this PMV seamlessly combines show footage and visual effects. Giving a stunning end result with visuals matching up perfectly to the song. Keep it up AlanJ!

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Robot Love by Penny Thief


Set phasers to post.

Hey all! Here we have the first PMV from a new editor on the scene. I actually ended up talking to Penny Thief while he was making this – turns out he felt inspired by the likes of my work. The best part about being a creator is knowing that you can inspire others to create too.

For a first PMV, I can’t complain. There’s a lot of interesting concepts, custom scenes and typography in use, as well as a bunch of the GreenscreenPonies masks that everyone seems to use. There’s definitely a stylistic approach of a black and white noir colour scheme. It’s nice to see a song of this genre done with MLP too.

The execution, admittedly, could be much better. But I’m sure that by making more PMV’s, the creator will improve and hone his skills. The video could be more smooth – the cuts feel too sharp and direct. Transitions would help a lot, as would the inclusion of more visual action on screen. The pacing could be improved as it currently drags a bit.

Despite the author commenting on how he doesn’t know what he’s doing (2:38), it’s fun observing his experimentation throughout the video. The fact that he’s actively trying out all these new things gives him a giant advantage moving forward. It was a great first attempt and I really enjoyed the lighthearted chilled out atmosphere of it. Check it out below!

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Far Away by Alanj2007 Games


Hey guys! We’re back again with another PMV from AlanJ2007, who at this point is practically a machine with the rate he’s releasing new content. Like, damn dude. Where can I get some of that quality work ethic?

So here we have a short, flashy burst of images and music. The creator’s style is based on a mix of typography, motion graphics and show footage. It’s quite nice visually. I was impressed by his striking use of colour in some parts and the overall smoothness. However, despite the visual surface, I felt the video lacked a clear structure. Some of the scenes felt unfitting and disconnected from each other. A lot of the motion graphics seemed fancy for the sake of being fancy, rather than to exclusively serve the video. It felt somewhat shallow in content.

Criticism aside, I still think it’s amazing how the creator made this in 2 days. A lot of his visual effects still manage to inspire me, and there’s no doubting he’s improving with After Effects. Due to this only being a short project too, I feel it’s not too bad for what it is. It’d be nice to see these skills applied to future PMV’s with a clearer sense of form. Good work, nonetheless. Check out a very pretty video below!

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The Big Black [Speedcore PMV] by pixel3000nerd

 Riddle me this, Riddle me that, guess who’s back with an all new PMV! That’s right pixel3000nerd is and it’s intense! Now even if you’re not a fan of speedcore you can still enjoy this because his pacing and use of effects are superb. Now it should be no surprise that pixel can pull this off (in case you haven’t seen his other PMVs you should go check them out) with his style. Now if you go have a history with seizures you should be careful watching this.

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