Full Fan Ep: Double Rainboom by Zachary Rich

Here it is: The very first full-length fan animation of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! Soak up all 28+ minutes of epicness, topped with a sprinkle of awesome. I’m not going to bother with the larger player over the break, so Instead I highly recommend you use the full screen option in its place. It deserves to be seen in hi-def anyway! So this video took a whole year to complete, with all the bells and whistles of full production team! But they could’ve benefited from a coffee boy. Those guys are underrated. This video marks the day when Zachary made the first episode length animation dedicated to MLP, and when we can say we are proud to be a part of this fanbase. Now, there are a few things that didn’t appeal to me. (Avoid this part if you don’t want any spoilers at all) The first is the use of memes. It was some-what tastefully done, but memes are like (to me) a scar on the internet. Over used, unfunny, and just not of any interest. They were a hoot, but doesn’t contribute to the story’s plot. Actually, as we were discussing it after watching it, we all thought that the potion was evil for one reason or another. It seemed like it was an antagonist of some sort. (can potions be antagonists?)

So, it was a blast from the past while still being modern! I loved most of the references, I liked Twi’s VA, and the general plotline was a good one. I really want more of this!

The Talkie Toaster’s recommendation: DON’T WAIT! WATCH NOW!

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Derp She Is!! by alfa995

For anyone who hasn’t seen the adorable “There She Is” series of animations, I strongly encourage you to take a look. Today we’ve got an animation that quite possibly takes the concept to an even higher level of adorable, through ponification! While this parody only covers the intro so far, we can only hope a full ponification is in the works for this awesome idea!

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Snowdrop by SillyFillyStudios

<em>Prepare your body.</em>
Prepare your body.

We have an awesome and absolutely fabulous animation for all of you to lay your special eyes upon! A whole whopping 13+ minutes of pure awesome, brought to you by none other than Silly Filly Studios! Get ready for liquid pride, large smiles, and most of all, CUTE PONIES! So adorable they can melt faces. Or make you HNNG so much you have two heart attacks (at the same time)! This (awesome) fandom has quite a few animations that contest with the original shows length and quality, which means we may very well be able to survive the torturous long gaps between seasons! We have all been through that, and it certainly no fun. If you want to stay hyped, why not join in on the discussions over on the forum? Make your own, toss in your two bits, whatever! The forum is for the community. Now, get your flank down there past the break!

Large (HD!) player after the break!

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SCS: She reads all day by DabuXian


This is the Sunday Classics Showcase PMV, and you’re gonna WATCH IT!!

What can you say about a pony that likes reading so much, that just watching her makes (read) you change YOUR reading habits? Other than “Best Pony”, of course? (Go to the forums and tell me how wrong I am.) Anyways, this little slice of PMV history comes to us (read) from exactly one year and one day ago. It combines some very nice show-based and hand-made pony and book vectors, with an energetic and (read) heart-pounding dubstep soundtrack that will command you to read, subliminally, liminally, and superliminally. So, go on and enjoy the (read) video, while I go and find a book to read. All day long, and all night long. And I’ll see you again next week with another classic PMV!


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