Photo Party by AgrolChannel

What’s one word to describe this next PMV?  Blissful.

That’s right ladies and colts, we have a very happy and heartwarming animation coming up from the one and only Agrol who should definitely be posting more often.  The best part about it is that there is a wonderful and relaxing story that compliments the animation style beautifully.

And what is that style you ask?  The first few seconds were in the typical fan-animation tweening process that tend to plague amateur animations.  However, we then move on to a series of pictures (not dissimilar to Fimflamfilosophy) strung together as a representation of Pinkie’s photo collection.  It’s nostalgic, funny, and it also doesn’t take itself too seriously, which seems to be a problem in more and more videos.

The story is pretty simple, but also fun.  Pinkie runs around town to invite the Mane 6 crew to her photo party and gives the invitations in creative ways.  Casually happy acoustic tunes flow right along with the actions and everything has the best possible prosody.

Find it below for a fun springtime treat!

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Pompeii by TheClimbingBrony OldColt


Hey guys, today we have a nice simple PMV by “TheClimbingBrony OldColt”. Although his name is quite a handful, this PMV is easy to understand.

So, I must start off by saying it’s nice to see a PMV that combines show footage with fan made projects. Been a while since we’ve had one of them. The editing style is nice and simple, which is good to see nowadays, nothing too flashy which makes it easy to watch. The clip choices match the lyrics, which is always helpful. There are some nice attempts at lipsync here too. And although not all of them are perfectly on time, it was definitely a good effort. The video seemed to follow a theme at the start of the video, but it was kinda jumbled about and lost later on. And although it seemed rather detached from the rest, the end gag was pretty funny and clever too. Even though this PMV doesn’t stand out as something spectacularly special, it sure is fun to watch.

Some would compare it to a smashed gingerbread house. It’s hard to make out the focus or form, but it still tastes great.

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Strangers by MrKupKake


Hey guys, I’m Sambohh. I haven’t been around too long so I doubt many of you have heard of me. And come to think of it, the only PMV content I’ve ever made is a 20 second section for the Collaboratory’s latest PMV. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is the fact that I have around 3 years of video editing knowledge, so that’s a plus. Either way, I’m glad to be a part of the PMVToday team, and hope I can throw out many PMV posts for you guys to enjoy in the future. Let’s get started shall we?

Well first off we have this beautiful PMV Animation from Mr KupKake, for the song strangers by Scratch21 (feat.EileMonty). Honestly, this video was destined to be a hit from the get go. Because it features Button Mash, a popular character that we have seen little of since the JanAnimations takedown. Not only that, but the song featured is sung by none other than ShadyVox, the voice actor for Button Mash. It was just begging to be made, and KupKake stepped up to the challenge.

This video is much more than just a simple animation with show characters lip synched up to a good song. The creator made sure to use particular lighting, transitions and camera placements, to capture the feel of the song as much as possible. It speaks to the viewer on an emotional level, and really pulls at your heartstrings. Clever effects were used, such as a white vignette to clarify that the characters are reminiscing on their past. The animation links with the lyrics very well, without going off them completely. And the ending is just stunning. The way they hang their heads and cry really hits you hard.

It’s just such a well though out, well made and memorable video that I think will go very far, and become a classic that will be remembered years in the future.

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Paranormatic Adventure by RacecarGhost

Black Spy Twi lookin’ Fly.  She could literally, if she had wings in this image.  Too bad.

I for one am surprised that we didn’t get to featuring this PMV earlier, being that Racecarghost is one of those regularly awesome people with his animations and videos.  In this one, we have a deep relation to another anime that our editor seems to have caught on to and some moving ponies that seem to have greatly improved!

While it’s easy to animate, it’s not easy to animate well.  In this visual adventure, we do get to see some fancy flying FX with BG to particle transitions and spotlights and such.  But more importantly than that, we get animations that are bouncy, not over-dramaticized, and relatively simple, albeit well done.  There does seem to be some choppiness in parts of the leg movement and speech frames, and a bit of awkward rotation on the legs at the end part.  However, I still argue that this short piece is a definite sign of improvement for our editor.

Check out a world of colors (and lack thereof) below!

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The City by The Collaboratory


Look, don’t tell the others but I’m totally breaking the rules to post this. This isn’t even the proper posting time or date for me. “Schedule all posts for 7pm” he says. Well, guess what? I’m BRITISH! It’s 7pm over here for me! I have found the ultimate loophole! AHAHA!

Ahem, no, but really. I just wanted to give some promotion to this awesome collaborative effort. Considering there’s like 4 of the staff who worked on this, I’m sure exceptions can be made.

We recently released our second collaborative PMV for The Collaboratory. I’ll let you be the judge of my own contribution, but I think you’ll agree with me that everyone involved did a really great job. We strived to get a better sense of structure and theme this time around, generally focusing on Rarity and Manehattan. I think it’s nice how there’s such a variety of creators involved in the channel. Simplistic show footage, motion graphics, full blown animation – it’s a nice mix and we tried to make the parts flow together well. We certainly still have much to improve, but we’re having a lot of fun working on these videos. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it!
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Only Pony by OhPonyBoy


It’s Saturday night. That means it’s time to PARTY!

Using a mix of normal flash puppets and the pointy style that the fandom’s really leeched onto, OhPonyBoy has created a really neat custom animation to go with his own song. While I sometimes feel that animation and PMV can be separated in style, this one certainly mixes the two and does a damn fine job of it. It’s not just plain animation too, there’s some great editing and effects used throughout.

I really loved the use of synced animation of the ponies to flow with the musical elements. Pinkie bouncing, Fluttershy singing, Twilight’s ear wiggle – it’s all so adorably fitting. Making your own animated music video can’t be an easy task, but I’m sure it gave the creator the ability to bring his original ideas of visualization to life. The concepts are well executed and especially towards the second half, the video really comes to life. It’s a style not too dissimilar to BronyDanceParty’s content, but it adds enough to keep it fresh and exciting.

Get your rave on down below!

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Lyra’s Gift by AgrolChannel

Hello everyone, and today I’m bringing you not with a PMV, but an animation. A really touchy one too. Focusing on Lyra (my second favorite background pony) as the main focus in this animation, along with a small filly. Well… it’s better to watch the video then me explaining about the story. But anyways, it starts all normal and then funny, and then at the end I was like “Awwwww!!” Great animation by Agrol, really liked it!

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Sword Art Online 2 – Courage by SpectraPony


Sword Art Online and Ponies. Yes! Today, I bring you a PMV based of the anime series “Sword Art Online”. The video parodies the opening of the series and it fits really well. The transitions and custom animations are impressive. It represents SAO’s concept very well with the ‘next-gen, futuristic, virtual gaming’ style.

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Lana Del Dre by SnowT

The month of Hearts And Hooves starts early today folks!  While this isn’t exactly my OTP, how can you deny two adorable little ponies in love?

Regardless of your preferences and views on shipping, it’s time to take a look at an awesome PMV that might even change your mind about which ponies pair perfectly.  This video is all about the AppleDash and has a large amount of custom animation elements in it.  Now hold your horses, the custom stuff isn’t the highest quality we’ve seen, but we should all know that the work put into it is massive.  You might slightly cringe at first, but the cuteness of everything will enhance the animation as you keep watching!

On effects, this scores an A+.  There are a lot of different effects here, but somehow SnowT manages to make them all fit with each other.  We also get a really nice atmosphere due to the rewinding of scenes in the first half and some really involved transitions. My favorite is probably the zooming into an eye, followed by a bubble view.  That particular effect has been done a few times in PMVs, but this one takes the cake for my favorite instance of it.

Grab yourself some AppleDash and get ready for a major drama bomb at the end!

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A Very Brony Hearth’s Warming by Viva IMMATOONLINK Reverie

The Charlie Brown Christmas Special has been around for a while (50 years to be exact) and yet it’s still one of my favorite Christmas movies. Here we have the entire thing ponified and featuring a mix of great Brony content creators as the stars.

The story is redone with a slightly different message, namely that Hearth’s Warming is a time for creative people to come together and combine their talents to make even greater works of pony content. All of the stars do a great job with the voice acting and the animation is adorable the whole way through.

Make sure to check out each of the creators that participated in this fun video, and don’t be afraid to try and join or start a collaboration yourself. Some of the best content out there is the result of artists/writers/musicians/editors/etc. all working together to make something awesome!

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