Pompeii by TheClimbingBrony OldColt


Hey guys, today we have a nice simple PMV by “TheClimbingBrony OldColt”. Although his name is quite a handful, this PMV is easy to understand.

So, I must start off by saying it’s nice to see a PMV that combines show footage with fan made projects. Been a while since we’ve had one of them. The editing style is nice and simple, which is good to see nowadays, nothing too flashy which makes it easy to watch. The clip choices match the lyrics, which is always helpful. There are some nice attempts at lipsync here too. And although not all of them are perfectly on time, it was definitely a good effort. The video seemed to follow a theme at the start of the video, but it was kinda jumbled about and lost later on. And although it seemed rather detached from the rest, the end gag was pretty funny and clever too. Even though this PMV doesn’t stand out as something spectacularly special, it sure is fun to watch.

Some would compare it to a smashed gingerbread house. It’s hard to make out the focus or form, but it still tastes great.

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The City by The Collaboratory


Look, don’t tell the others but I’m totally breaking the rules to post this. This isn’t even the proper posting time or date for me. “Schedule all posts for 7pm” he says. Well, guess what? I’m BRITISH! It’s 7pm over here for me! I have found the ultimate loophole! AHAHA!

Ahem, no, but really. I just wanted to give some promotion to this awesome collaborative effort. Considering there’s like 4 of the staff who worked on this, I’m sure exceptions can be made.

We recently released our second collaborative PMV for The Collaboratory. I’ll let you be the judge of my own contribution, but I think you’ll agree with me that everyone involved did a really great job. We strived to get a better sense of structure and theme this time around, generally focusing on Rarity and Manehattan. I think it’s nice how there’s such a variety of creators involved in the channel. Simplistic show footage, motion graphics, full blown animation – it’s a nice mix and we tried to make the parts flow together well. We certainly still have much to improve, but we’re having a lot of fun working on these videos. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it!
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The Ballad of Stephanie – Albuquerque by Mr Pilkington


Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today, we’re going to go on a philosophical journey through the mind of Twilight Sparkle. 11 minutes and 25 seconds of pure Weird Al craziness in PMV form. Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready.

Considering this came out in 2012 and goes on for over 10 minutes, this is some seriously impressive editing. Fantastic lip-sync, creative selection work with the lyrics, great pacing – I’m finding it hard to fault. It’s funny, inventive and well up there in my playlist of favourite PMV’s. Weird Al’s style works so well with MLP.

Have some classic Monday silliness below!

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Play Like Pinkie Pie by Shiropoint

What’s up, cool kids? I’m MrDeLoop! I’ve been making PMV’s and various pony videos in the fandom since 2011. You might know me for making the Bring it all Back PMV, Discord Kinetic Typography or even the craziness that is EQG: Day of the Flutter.  Either way, I’m super excited to be joining the PMV Today author team from here on out. I’ve always felt passionate about PMV’s and it’ll be pretty damn cool to ramble about them over here. They are my friends, after all.

So, let’s kick this party off with perhaps one of my biggest editing inspirations in the fandom – Shiropoint. His Mane 6 series of videos made back in 2011 do an incredible job of capturing the personality, style and energy of each pony. Play Like Pinkie Pie is one of the gems that stuck out for me back when I first joined. The sense of pace, mix of show footage and custom visuals, the perfectly fitting song… It all flows together to create an awesome video that completely captures the essence of Pinkie. It’s a high octane burst of pure sugar filled craziness. And I love it.

With hundreds of thousands of views on these musical homages, Shiro’s earned his place as one of the more notable classic MLP editors. I’m sure he’s inspired many of us to go forth and just be creative because it’s FUN. Even if he’s recently taken an interest in other creative endeavors, I’ll always look up to his video-making talent and rewatch these videos to fuel my own motivation.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it – check out [this remake] made by NoPonyZone. It’s a really cool modern take on an old classic.

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Your Adventure Log Has Vanished by Racecarghost



We have an RPG-themed PMV for you today! This one uses a very interesting and unique style which is a further testament that the PMV community is moving past the phase of using clips from the show and instead developing their own styles using vectors or even custom animation!

Racecarghost is always stepping up the quality of his PMVs each time he has released one, this one is no exception! It reminds me of those old Final Fantasy games I used to play, only this time with ponies. Check it out below.


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Everything Louder Than Everything Else by ObsessiveBookworm




Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know most of you are in a celebratory mood today, so have a 7 minute long Rainbow Rocks PMV to kickstart your day.

When it comes to length of PMVs, I’m always slightly skeptical when PMVs are over 5 minutes long, since sometimes the scenes are re-used over and over again during parts of the song. However, this one is an exception, the scenes are well-placed and it fits with the lyrics of the song well. I feel that there needs to be more PMVs dedicated to Rainbow Rocks since it is such an amazing movie, but then again it feels slightly harder to pull off a good Rainbow Rocks PMV as compared to a regular PMV as the raw footage is very limited.

Feel free to take some time to check out the PMV below.


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