Pinkie Pie’s Pokerap by DagaYemar


The author of today’s video, DagaYemar, has already impressed me countless times with his ability to graft ponies into (primarily Disney) songs while maintaining impeccable characterization and lip-syncing.

And then there was this. This video takes the ponification game and brings it to a whole new level. Perhaps I’m waxing hyperbolic here, but this is probably the most entertaining PMV I’ve watched in a good three months at least, and here’s why:

The name of every single Pokemon from the original games is included in this rap, and the author managed to find a character, creature, item, or moment to represent every single one of them. That’s right. Each and every one of the original 151 Pokemon has been ponified in some form or fashion here, and the match-ups are absolutely brilliant. They fly at you so fast and thick that you often don’t even have time to register the brilliance of, say, casting Snips and Snails (stuck together with gum) as Slowbro. This PMV begs repeat watches just to try to figure out and appreciate all of the match-ups. I’m blown away by the amount of time and thought that must have gone into combing every season and episode of the show to find the perfect one-second clip to go with each Pokemon.

The interplay between Pinkie Pie and Iron Will as the rappers is also really well done. The scenes chosen for their parts fit perfectly and were usually hilarious. I really appreciate all of DagaYemar’s work, but this might just be the pinnacle of his portfolio. Check it out below!

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Lucky Star Intro by BlueSora3

Listen to me. Before you go click play down there, lower your expectations. Are they lowered? Good now even lower. OK, now if you watched the anime lower them some more. Alright now you’re in the correct mindset to watch the video below. It is a video that you are supposed to laugh at, not judge or critique or debate. Approach this video the way you approached my post last week with the picture of a Freaky Fred-ified Pinkie Pie on top. If by some miracle you have never ever heard this song or seen this anime before… this video will either turn you off of anime forever or endear you so powerfully that you’ll be watching Lucky Star and K-ON for the next month. When you are ready, lean back, grab a drink, and press the play button below.
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‪How Ponies made the Season 4‬ by AgrolChannel


Fellow Mondaynians,

Imagine, that My little pony was a show. Give me a moment to rephrase that…

What if, The characters from Mlp Friendship Is Magic Were played by actors.  Wait…

Ponder on if you will, The possibility that our beloved show was not real.

This is a lot harder to write about than I though.

To partake in some more bloopers, ones fairly nicely animated even, Give this mondays Video a few, even though I am assured many of you already have.

I approve This.

[Added Info]:  It is believed that the clear liquid is in fact alcohol.

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Ponyville Falls Episode 1 by Daga Yemar

Hello everyone, Dae314 here to brighten up your Saturday evening once again using the awesome power of LED ligh– I mean recut pony videos! Tonight is a bit of a departure from the normal musical numbers. I’m not going to lie; I have neither seen nor heard of the show that is used for the audio track in this video before today. I don’t think I will be watching the show either. I’d be better off just listening to the audio of it and substituting fitting pony visuals like Daga Yemar has done for us. It makes the dialog that much more entertaining to listen to and wonder just what must have been going on in the actual show to generate those comments and sounds. Anyway, not much more I can say that you can’t see! Just be prepared, this is a recut of the entire first episode so it’s almost 30 minutes long (includes commercials)!

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Total Friendship Island Episode 1 by DagaYemar

Happy Thursday night guys!

I gotta say I am really loving all the TV show Ponifications that have been coming out.

Tonight our good friend DagaYemar brings us the first episode of the hit animated series Total Drama Island, but ponified. The first thing that I thought when I was watching it was how perfect Discord was to play the position of Chris. All the scene choice was spot on, and I could see that there was a very strong effort to line up lip-syncing to the best it could be. Halfway through the video I was worried that DagaYemar would start running out of scenes to use for vocals, and have to start using clips more than once. But he did an excellent job of avoiding that. All in all I very much enjoyed it. This makes me want to go watch that series again…

Check out DagaYemars Channel!

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Twily’s New School by ABitSillyPony

Happy Thursday night guys!

Anyone else remember this show? If not, all you need to know is that it was incredible.

ABitSillyPony has done an absolutely incredible job of “ponifying” this TV intro. What I tend to so when people take on projects like this, is the effects and scenes are from mop and more fit what they are saying in the lyrics, instead of what was in the actual intro video. I really loved this PMV because all the scenes were actually based off those from the show. Instead of just finding scenes that kinda fit. ABitSillyPony made the scenes using some very good custom animation. I really have nothing else to say, I really liked it.

If you are looking for more, or just something to do. Drop by the authors channel and show some love. Channel

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A Million Ways to Die in Appaloosa by DagaYemar


Tonight’s PMV is another adaptation of a movie theme from a very proficient editor by the name of “DagaYemar,” who has gained notoriety throughout our fandom for creating pony videos from the scores of countless classic films. Sort of a…”Movie Brony,” if you will.

Anyway, for this modern classic, the role of lead singer is performed by the Apples’ favorite cousin, Braeburn (and before you ask, that IS an apple in my pocket), aptly fitting the western motif of the theme song. The use of contrast is phenomenal in this video; Braeburn’s massive smile while singing about the many ways the Wild West can kill you is quite hilarious, thanks to (or perhaps in spite of) the limited screen time that Braeburn actually got. But overall, it’s a very charming video that uses a fan-favorite character to tell the story, so I have a hard time believing people would object.

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I Wanna Get Better by Eldonde

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem!
PPC: Hey Puppet Pal Mitch.

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, what is my favorite type of youtube video?
PPC: Is it a cat video?
PPM: No, it’s a pony *BONK* video.
PPC: Puppet Pal Mitch, what is a pony bonk video?
PPM: Well Puppet Pal Clem, it’s a video where ponies *BONK* each other on the head. Like the one right down there!

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, what’s the only thing better than a pony bonk video?
PPC: A bonk on the head?
PPM: No! *BONK* a pony *BONK* video made by Eldonde

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, do you know what’s better than that video down there?
PPC: No Puppet Pal Mitch, what is better than that video down there?
PPM: A *BONK* on the head.

If this post confused you, click here and take a time machine back to before the internet.
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Beat It by AnimatedJames

D: Thanks for tuning into 103.5 FM, PMVToday, the internet’s best source of PMVs and commentary. The current time is 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time, and the mood is Rock! I’m Dae314 here with rainbowdashzx, and we’ll be your hosts tonight.

r: Say Dae, speaking of rock… I believe we’ve got something special queued up that fits that category perfectly.

D: You’re absolutely right, rainbow! Opening tonight up we have a custom animated PMV by AnimatedJames. I think the viewers will be so amazed when they see it that they’ll just eat it!

r: Agreed! This is quite the animation we have here. They will be simply thrilled when they see it!

D: James does a great job showing us that he’s really not scared to bend some of the rules and gives us a really funky strong fight.

r: Talk’s value is determined by the content it sells, and these words are rich! Without further adieu, here’s Beat It by AnimatedJames!
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The Pinkies : Song 2 (Fan-Made Animation) by Transmogrificator


One can never fit too many Pinkies in a room. Today, I present to you an animated version of Blur’s classic rock hit, Song 2. First of all, I have to say that this is a very interesting song choice, but it works rather well.

Also, I’m sure some of you have noticed that I haven’t been posting quite as regularly. Well that’s an understatement, I haven’t been posting since forever (a few months ago, I think?), but the good news is that I’m back with regular posts.

Moving back to the video here, it was animated rather well, and it almost seems to be show-quality, which is rather impressive for a new animator in the fandom. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to his next animation, whenever it may be, because I’m sure it will knock our socks off!

The song was edited slightly to avoid copyright issues, but the difference isn’t that big of a deal. Go and check out this random, hilarious animation of Pinkie Pie in a one-mare band below!


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