Fourth of July || Twixie by BaltoDork

No but seriously, I keep hearing fireworks and stuff going off around my neighborhood at 11PM and it’s been over a week since that holiday.  Y’all have no chill.

Well, at least we get fabulous PMVs like this one as a result!  That’s right, it’s another Fall Out Boy song, but it’s got excellent visuals from an editor who we don’t see much of.  There isn’t too much ingenuity, but everything works together like a true piece of art and it keeps a focus through the lyrics.

To start with the effects, they were really the glue that held the piece together.  Things got a little shaky with the introduction of still images (often the sign of a subpar edit) but the colored light leaks and transitions kept everything running smoothly.  The shipping story here isn’t too differential from the lyrics, but it does a nice job with the limited clip selection and really brings everything back together with a greater focus.

Check it out below and drop a subscription to the editor!

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Inside Out (Parody Trailer) by Bridleway462GHA


We don’t usually post trailer parodies on PMV Today, so lets change things up a little this time around. Since both trailer parodies and PMV’s require similar editing techniques, this review shouldn’t feel too irregular.

The creator chose fitting clips, which is always essential. Although the lipsync wasn’t perfect at some points, a good attempt was made. I feel like they chose good characters to represent each emotion, definitely one of the strongest points for this video. The jokes were funny, and the good choice of footage reinforced this fact with visual humor.

The only thing that bugged me about this video is that I found it hard to distinguish between what was going on in the real world, and what was going on inside their heads. They could’ve made the transition between the two settings a little clearer.

All in all this was a fun, simple and well executed trailer parody.

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How Applejack Won The War by Corpse Run Comics


Hello strangers! DeLoop’s back again, trudging through the PMV drought to bring you whippersnappers something to sink your teeth into. Don’t forget there’s a little under 2 weeks to submit your entries to our contest, by the way! We’re excited to see more entries from you guys.

Today I thought I’d feature an animation based on a song from the classic parody series “Friendship Is Witchcraft”. And man, it sure is hilariously dark. The animation certainly brings a whimsical charm to the original song, based on Applejack being a ruthless soldier and leading a war. There’s just something distinctly hilarious about the combination of lighthearted MLP and serious dark undertones. I guess that’s part of the reason I love FiW’s songs so much.

The art style and animation is great. It has a cartoon nature about it that works well. It’s not perfect and I’m not blown away by it, but it’s pretty good nonetheless. I especially enjoyed the musical elements that the animation played to, even incorporating some PMV elements throughout. It’s a fun little musical parody, one that we don’t get nearly enough of. I’d love to see more original animations in this style.

Ruminate on your crimes below.

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Because of You by rainbowdashzx and Friends

You know, happiness and sunshine and flowers doesn’t have to be the one-dimensional state of mind that we think it is.  Unless you’re Derpy over there on the right, then maybe…

ANOTHER COLLABORATION PMV shows this concept in a wonderfully exemplary way.  The song itself is rather happy with a few mixes of emotion coming in every now and then, but the editing keeps up with this perfectly and uses the happiness shown by each of our characters to flavor the entire piece.

Speaking of editing, we do get a lot of videos with fancy effects and sparkles, but it’s always worth noticing when there are edits done with quality.  I’m not saying that big effects bring down the amount of quality, but it isn’t dependent on them.  In this video, for example, we see a fabulously upbeat, speedy and lyric-matching edit in Tygr’s short part at the beginning.  Things aren’t necessarily custom, but the “dominoes” line is constructed in such a manner that I just feel super excited watching it.

Pump yourself up when you go down below, and make sure to sub to all the awesome editors who contributed!

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Runaway by Alanj2007 and Friends


It’s just like our good mayor said, this stuff really does bring people from all walks of life together.

The same applies to collaborations!

Good evening every pony and welcome to another fabulous featuring of a fantastically frivolous work of art.  The song is Runaway, but don’t do that quite yet until you’ve checked out this new collab!  This particular piece features monumental effort from big names like Alanj2007, all the way to our very own Pixel3000Nerd.

Speaking of whom, it seems like the most noticeable part about this PMV was the timing of everyone’s parts.  I’d say P3N’s style fits perfectly with the huge drop in the song when he comes in, and RDZX makes an incredible crescendo with his slightly shaken camera (and reference to G+).  DaSpacePony gives us a proper and fitting relaxation using their own ‘spaced-out’ style and JackDC93, a contest judge this year, had the perfect atmosphere for the soloed vocals at his part.

Find even more gems of editing below! And don’t forget to subscribe to each of the amazing visual engineers.

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Babs Seed SOS Remix Typography by CaliAzian


Hey everyone! I’m excited to be talking about a typography video for once – would you believe that during my four months here I haven’t actually had the chance to feature one?

So here we have a pretty awesome typography animation by CaliAzian, who seems to be a fairly undiscovered creator in the fandom. It’s based on a remix (if you can call it that) of the Babs Seed song. Considering it’s a typography of material from the show, Cali does a great job of keeping the visuals fresh and exciting. I’m a big fan of typographies that incorporate various other visuals into their style. I also really like how everything is constantly in motion. It takes a lot of work, but gives the video a lot more energy and really brings the final product to life. Also, props to him for creating a bunch of the vector assets too.

I love the use of red tinted backgrounds and brighter text complementing the overlay. It’s a very nice use of colours. I’d definitely love to see more videos of this style. They mesh perfectly with the show and it’s honestly fun seeing such an energetic and fun animation. It’s inspiring and refreshing to see undiscovered names still rocking it. Great job, CaliAzian. I hope you get a good boost of popularity from this!

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Empire Of Sound by Alanj2007 Games


Hey guys, another great PMV today. AlanJ is back once again, and he just seems to keep getting better.

So today’s PMV definitely delivers in the visuals department. However it does not rely solely on motion graphics and typography. The creator has done well to use show footage in this as well, combining the two in some cases with clever masking and animation. The visuals themselves are stunning. The lighting and color effects match the song very well. And the little camera shakes make it feel more organic. Lots of little touches like this really make this PMV stand out from the rest.

The glitch and glow effects seem to be synced to the beat, and the video is linked to the lyrics. “I’m moving on”, shows tank going in to hibernation, links to dash accepting tanks fate and moving on. When bridges are mentioned, the camera moves to a bridge that then falls, once again in relation to the lyrics. These are just a few examples of visuals matching the song well in this video.

All in all this PMV seamlessly combines show footage and visual effects. Giving a stunning end result with visuals matching up perfectly to the song. Keep it up AlanJ!

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College Filly by Arthychaud


Today’s PMV is brought to you by the theme of bullying.  And indeed, it’s a very touchy subject: Arthychaud said that this is one of his most personal videos and I’m sure the theme relates back to many of us.  For some background, the format and style of the piece is based off of the original music video for the song, which isn’t uncommon in the editing world.

Luckily for us, this video doesn’t end like the original (explicit) and instead shows the positive effects of adult intervention (bonus points to Arty!).  Not much can be said about the effects aside from how the visuals are extremely formatted in a neat and clean way.  This really helps to create an environment, especially during surreal parts with fractal noise.

The reason some people make PMVs is to say something that can’t be said with just words or a song or a video alone.  In that way, I can’t tell you what this video is saying, so go check it out below!

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Far Away by Alanj2007 Games


Hey guys! We’re back again with another PMV from AlanJ2007, who at this point is practically a machine with the rate he’s releasing new content. Like, damn dude. Where can I get some of that quality work ethic?

So here we have a short, flashy burst of images and music. The creator’s style is based on a mix of typography, motion graphics and show footage. It’s quite nice visually. I was impressed by his striking use of colour in some parts and the overall smoothness. However, despite the visual surface, I felt the video lacked a clear structure. Some of the scenes felt unfitting and disconnected from each other. A lot of the motion graphics seemed fancy for the sake of being fancy, rather than to exclusively serve the video. It felt somewhat shallow in content.

Criticism aside, I still think it’s amazing how the creator made this in 2 days. A lot of his visual effects still manage to inspire me, and there’s no doubting he’s improving with After Effects. Due to this only being a short project too, I feel it’s not too bad for what it is. It’d be nice to see these skills applied to future PMV’s with a clearer sense of form. Good work, nonetheless. Check out a very pretty video below!

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Energy by Acleps

Hello everypony! Today, I am bringing you an amazing PMV done by TheAcleps. “Energy” is stuningly amazing in the motion graphics.  Myself, I am a big fan of motion graphics, and this one blew my mind. Once I saw the thumbnail on my feed and watched the video, I was like “Yep, this is definitely Acleps.”  The amount of visuals and transitions presented in this is like candy to my eyes. But anyways, enough of me jibber jabbing, go watch it down below!

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