Lost Friendship by Alanj2007 Games

Now how could you not forgive a Draconequus as cute as that?

While this PMV is focused around lost friendships, true to its title, we get to see a lot of Discord’s best before we hit season 5.  My favorite thing about this video is that there is an incredible feeling of intimate sadness even with the overused finale scenes from S4.  Now I know that might turn off some of you before you even click on the play button, but you’d be surprised at how quickly your opinion can change.

Another incredibly interesting point about this video is the use of its effects.  Alanj2007 has certainly gotten the hang of editing and has come a long way since his first PMV not so long ago.  You’ll notice some glitchy and otherwise hardcore distortion effect in this video, and that may seem out of place to the average eye.  But just like the action scenes this PMV uses, those effects serve more of a peaceful and memorable impression rather than one of excitement.  It’s a great technique that is used appropriately in hardly any videos.

Grab a box of tissues if your tear ducts are sensitive and check it out below!

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Lost by Alanj2007 Games

Holy editing workflows Batman!  Alanj2007 is back with another video less than a week after his previous Scribble piece.  Apparently, love is in the air this February as this new one centers around the ship you see above^^.

Something that our editor seems to be fond of in his own style is the particle generated stars that provide a nice flare, and of course, typography.  The particles fit really nicely with the song and the atmosphere of the video in general.  The typography movement can be a bit too jumpy or too smooth at times, but overall it’s a nice thing to watch.

Set sail in your favorite canon-equipped ship and expect a mix of ponies, words, humans with oddly shaped bodies, and more below!

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