Semi-Automatic by DeathlyPumpkin

Cuz she’s TWISTED UP, inside.

You’ll understand after you hear the song.

While DeathlyPumpkin isn’t a name we hear often in the PMV scene, it certainly seems like the author has amassed a fair amount of followers.  And this video shows why: the simple yet thematically in depth style mixes well with their lip synching and song-appropriate transitions.  It’s a really fitting style for the music due to its often soloed singer and simple rhythm.

One very important part about this video that makes stand out from the rest is its transitions though.  And while you might initially say “What’s the big deal?  I’ve seen that windows movie-maker flip transition a thousand times before,” there is something stylistically matching that goes on.  The reason those WMM types of transitions are frowned upon is because they can sometimes seem too cartoony or casual for the song at hand.  But in this case, the style fits perfectly with the bounce of the tune.

Go see why we’ve got some twisted up horses in ponyville below!

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Green Day ft. Ponies – Give Me Novacaine by Dr_Stables

**Slight seizure warning**

Hello everypony! I present to you a neat simple PMV by Dr_Stables. The PMV mainly focuses around Season 5 premiere (as the editor described in the video description) but also has clips from more earlier episodes. It has quite a few transitions and color filters that are represented in the video along with a real cool Green Day song. To be honest, I only know about Green Day because of Rock Band, man how I loved that game. Anyways I can’t really think of anything else to say about this one, but it’s a pretty neat PMV. Go watch it below!

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All I Ever Wanted by Eldonde

Lack of Egyptian ponies in this fandom?  I think so.  Click that image and follow the deviantArt if you so desire more!

As for this PMV, we have a stunning ponification of a song from The Prince of Egypt.  In the story of this, Applejack plays the part of a prince who runs from his true past and tries to rest assured that they are content with what they have.  Of course, AJ ends up finding some nasty business going down and has to be reassured by her “mother”, Granny Smith.

We often find ourselves dabbling over quality in visual stimulus, and it’s easy to see this is no particularly perfect pearl of a pony video.  Frame rate drops as though one were playing Skyrim at full graphics and it doesn’t flow particularly nicely because of that.  Also, those vignetted portraits imply a supremely strict literal interpretation which can sometimes look a bit too forced.

Overall, lovely clips and great job of sticking to story lining.  Look below to find Applejack being a princess! (lol, irony)

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Still Alive by Daga Yemar

Portal 2 was one of those games where you could get stuck on a level for hours and not care because there were BOXES involved.  Fun!

We haven’t had a genuinely funny PMV in a good while, so here’s a new one from Daga Yemar whose name is impossible to spell without auto correct butting in. -_-

Moving on, the video is a little rough at first being that you have to know Portal to really get all of the jokes and references.  But by the end, the jokes are obvious and still entertaining enough to make you smile even if you’re not a huge fan of the game or if you rage quit after level four.  Tons of literal interpretations of the lyrics and fantastic lip syncing also make this a great thing to watch.

So click the video below to start your adventure to space! SPACE!!!

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A Summer In The Stars by daspacepony

We get to see a bunch paintings of this princess sleeping under the moon, but isn’t Luna supposed to be nocturnal?

While we ponder these circumstances, lets distract ourselves with a beautifully clean typography from daspacepony!  In a world of editors striving for realistic distortion techniques, it’s always important to keep it clean when your music demands it.

Now I’m not one for typography or chord patterns that don’t extend beyond the common progressions, but this PMV is pretty neat regardless.  Our editor really puts their own consistent style into this video by using environments and skies as the main pony-oriented focus of the video.   It builds a nice atmosphere in this respect, and most importantly, it creates a difference between background and foreground.  One thing that subtracts points visually yet adds points creatively is the helvetica font used in the chorus. It makes sense with the lyrics because it’s a fun font, but it also seems slightly out of place with the style of the visuals.

Go below for a show about summer time that’s mighty fine.

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Scribble by ESB


Hello everypony! Today, I bring you a really neat PMV by ESB. Pretty dramatic and sad if you ask me. Everything rolls slowly and calmly with the song, added with some color filters and few typographies. I found myself singing to the song since I’ve listened to it before, though a diferent version (remix) and got some feels watching this. Overall, the video looks nice and beautiful. Go check it out!

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