Dirty Hooves by Izeer


Hey guys, back again with another post. Today we have a PMV from Izeer, and boy is it something.

From the moment the video starts, you can tell it’s going to be an emotional, and visually pleasing PMV. The grayscale and snow coupled with that guitar is quite a fitting combo. Izeer was wise to include a snow flurry blowing across the frame, as not only does this fit with the songs theme, but it stands out against the dark skies in the background. This PMV does a very good job at staying true to the lyrics. Each of the mane six has their own segments, and the lyrics seem to fit. For example, as soon as animals are mentioned, there is a slick transition to fluttershy.

Although a simple walk cycle may seem rather minimal, the creator did his best to maintain our interest. They included very fluid motion graphics and typography, that did far more than just recite the lyrics. They were pasted on snowflakes and trees, which gives the viewer something a little more interesting to look at than just the walk cycle. The scenes are well timed too. When the song picks up some pace, a whole swarm of dragons flies by in the background. These dragons are also cleverly used to transition from fluttershy to rarity.

This is a very enjoyable PMV, and is aesthetically pleasing. I must admit I got a few shivers the first time I watched it, and I think Izeer did a great job at putting his idea forward, and keeping to the theme. Catch it bellow guys!

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One Last Wish by Gunca PMV

Pie is a little known weakness of the changelings, particularly Pinkie’s passionfruit pies.

Pies, ponies and PMVs are all prevalent in this next gem from GuncaPMV.  Except I might have lied about the pies.  The pie is a lie.

Moving on, this video was a one week challenge from our editor, who is back in the scene after a bit of a hiatus.  There’s a bunch of lovely camera movement and lighting going on in this piece, and this would be incredible if there was more time put into it.  As it stands right now in the world of editing, there were a lot of rough patches in the placement and general technical details.  Wings may seem disconnected, prolonged and slightly pretentious introductions and texts appear where they might should not, and where pictures could have easily told the story.

But that’s the important part: the story.  It’s a fantastic find after a small drought of pony music videos and you should check it out now for a simple hypothetical changeling war and some great editing ideas.

Pies Ponies below!

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Please Don’t Break Me by HARUS STUDIO

We need an entire season of only Best Pony Fluttershy.  I’d settle for just a movie though. Or a side series.

As for today we’ll have to be content with a lovely PMV by a relatively new editor: HARUS STUDIO.  Apparently this is only their third pony music video and it’s powerful, professional, and pretty promising.

The amazing thing about this video is its sense of atmosphere.  The movement and effects are absolutely stunning when combined with the music, and there’s such a great use of background and foreground.  It also has a style very suitable for build-ups in the beginning and when the break down hits we find an incredibly appropriate change to straight videos of the best pony in the world.  All of these things really get you into the video when combined with toned lighting and smooth colors.

Enjoy a well edited, well thought out, and well presented PMV below!

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P.S. If you’re wondering why Fluttershy is so sad, she saw that this editor only has a couple of subs. :(  Go subscribe!

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