Vox Populi by ObbsessiveBookworm

Hello guys and gals! Bringing you today with a really cool PMV by ObbsessiveBookworm focused mostly on season 5 premiere, and some other episodes. The beginning is pretty slow with the pace of the song, accompanied by the effect of like the old 50’s black and white cartoons. Then later after, when the song picks up everything starts to turn epic. The sequence of clips is organized greatly and some of the effects used are amazing. Go watch the video below!

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Cutie Mark Quests Trailer by MysteryMelt

We didn’t get to posting this a while ago :( But it is a worthy piece of work that shows the fan animation and trailers department is still very much alive!

So take a gander at the epic and dramatic story creation that goes on in MysteryMelt’s video as we journey through a hypothetical season 5 plot point.  The best part about this trailer is that it makes its own original story out of just custom animation and show clips that come together so dramatically with the music.

Yes, the fan-made part is a bit subpar.  Animation movements are heavily tweened and the art style isn’t quite like the show.  There’s some fairly out of key edits made every now and then that, when contrasted with the clips from the show, seem to stand out particularly short.  However, if you look past the aesthetic edits and further into the mind of the editor, there are great things at work here and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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You’re On by MrLogic

Ah season 2, we’ve come so far from power crazed, deceptive, super powered villains to…

Let’s get to the PMV!  Tonight we have a nicely edited piece that retells the classic S2 finale using a song that share’s a similar theme with the visual story: deciding who’s on whose side.  It’s a very common theme that you’ll find all over the place, but I’d say it’s done in a fresh and dazzling new way right here.

One thing the video does really well to match the song is a simple coloring and glowing edit that lasts the entire time.  It’s really used to identify the style of the music rather than give any emphasis to changes in the music, and it works fantastically well for that.

Check it out below and receive a free changeling apocalypse!*

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*Update: Sold out.

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