Always by rainbowdashzx

Aww, relationships with pastel horses can be very hard apparently.

And that’s something shown in our next PMV by our long time editor, rdzx.  Speaking of whom, you should tune in this Friday at 10pm EST right here: for an interview with the talented fellow, hosted by yours truly.  It will be fun and you’ll get to ask questions!

Moving on to the PMV however, the editor really took a new step by trying out a very soft and utterly beautiful style.  There’s all sorts of what appears to be bloom and vignettes that really compliment the sadder and outreaching theme of the music.  Speaking of which, the general theme in this PMV seems to be about longing and keeping memories of friends, mostly centered around a few of the Mane 6 + Spike.

Everything comes together nicely, and the typography is actual rather fitting.  It adds nicely without really detracting or cluttering things up.  I like this PMV, and so will you after you check it out below!

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Flutterbat Trailer by rspectcopyrightmyass

Many people were excited for this episode because of the vampire-pony thing.

I was excited for this episode because of the Fluttershy-pony thing.

Here we have a well constructed trailer that brings a certainly cinematic feel to the whole ordeal.  We haven’t seen a good movie trailer in quite a while on the pony front, but this video proves that the art is not dead and very much in good condition!

The PMV uses a combination of actual trailer clips with simple black and white text and reflective designs along with clips which are mostly from the Bats! episode.  The great part about this is that our editor uses just enough of the pony clips and the non-pony clips to create interest while not inching away from the MLP side.  Another plus is the appropriate and consistent character assignment and sticking to genre. (we even get a little thrill scare at the end, which is perfect for the mood!)

Check out the bats below, and remember to lock your doors at night, lest the adorable vampony attack!

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Stole The Show by rainbowdashzx

It’s hard not to steal the show when you’re the only one worth showing, darling.

Aside from Rarity’s fabulosity complex (a very serious condition), the element of generosity brings out some great modern style PMVs.  The great thing about this next one is that it presents a nice bite-size balance between brilliant design, editing, contrast and even includes a bit of a very simple story.  Simple is better than none though!

The grand focus of this video tends to fall on the design and look of the piece to be honest, which was absolutely wonderful.  Everything from the text styling to the picture elements and especially to the striped masks and great transitions fit well into the style of a fabulous and modern lament about having to go.  With a piece as short and design focused as this one, however, there is room to nitpick.  Thus I can tell you my one disagreement in here would be at 1:11 where we see a silhouette of diamond-butt. The problem is that her eyes can still be slightly seen.  She looks like that girl from Dark Meadow  just a little bit and it’s kinda creepy.  If this was a stylistic choice, I simply have a different opinion.  If it was an error, the editor is just starting to learn a new program version so it’s understandable.

Get some modern style below as your favorite white and purple pony steals the show!

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GASP! Is your video blocked?  Use this hyperlink to take a look at it.  Don’t be lazy; do it now!

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Robot Love by Penny Thief


Set phasers to post.

Hey all! Here we have the first PMV from a new editor on the scene. I actually ended up talking to Penny Thief while he was making this – turns out he felt inspired by the likes of my work. The best part about being a creator is knowing that you can inspire others to create too.

For a first PMV, I can’t complain. There’s a lot of interesting concepts, custom scenes and typography in use, as well as a bunch of the GreenscreenPonies masks that everyone seems to use. There’s definitely a stylistic approach of a black and white noir colour scheme. It’s nice to see a song of this genre done with MLP too.

The execution, admittedly, could be much better. But I’m sure that by making more PMV’s, the creator will improve and hone his skills. The video could be more smooth – the cuts feel too sharp and direct. Transitions would help a lot, as would the inclusion of more visual action on screen. The pacing could be improved as it currently drags a bit.

Despite the author commenting on how he doesn’t know what he’s doing (2:38), it’s fun observing his experimentation throughout the video. The fact that he’s actively trying out all these new things gives him a giant advantage moving forward. It was a great first attempt and I really enjoyed the lighthearted chilled out atmosphere of it. Check it out below!

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The Big Black [Speedcore PMV] by pixel3000nerd

 Riddle me this, Riddle me that, guess who’s back with an all new PMV! That’s right pixel3000nerd is and it’s intense! Now even if you’re not a fan of speedcore you can still enjoy this because his pacing and use of effects are superb. Now it should be no surprise that pixel can pull this off (in case you haven’t seen his other PMVs you should go check them out) with his style. Now if you go have a history with seizures you should be careful watching this.

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House of Friendship by Racecarghost

*But didn’t Rainbow Rocks happen, like, forever ago?

*But didn’t RCG already make a PMV for House of Wolves?

*But does this video even have a story of any sort?

*But aren’t you always the one who posts the punk rock videos?

*But isn’t 720p at 60fps a pain in the-


Ponies will solve all of your problems.  Er, humans.  Human ponies will solve all of your problems.  And so will Racecarghost in one of his newer videos set to what appears to be one of his favorite songs.  Prepare your eyes, because this thing is a feast of modern stripes and vector shapes mixed in with some nasty distortion blurring and fast-paced scene changing.  It’s awesome to say the least, and a visually inventive adventure.  I’ve watched it at least ten times myself, so go ahead and enter the house of friendship below!

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Paranormatic Adventure by RacecarGhost

Black Spy Twi lookin’ Fly.  She could literally, if she had wings in this image.  Too bad.

I for one am surprised that we didn’t get to featuring this PMV earlier, being that Racecarghost is one of those regularly awesome people with his animations and videos.  In this one, we have a deep relation to another anime that our editor seems to have caught on to and some moving ponies that seem to have greatly improved!

While it’s easy to animate, it’s not easy to animate well.  In this visual adventure, we do get to see some fancy flying FX with BG to particle transitions and spotlights and such.  But more importantly than that, we get animations that are bouncy, not over-dramaticized, and relatively simple, albeit well done.  There does seem to be some choppiness in parts of the leg movement and speech frames, and a bit of awkward rotation on the legs at the end part.  However, I still argue that this short piece is a definite sign of improvement for our editor.

Check out a world of colors (and lack thereof) below!

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Wide Awake by Red Card

Hello everypony! And oh hey look! A Katy Perry song! I don’t know about you, but I love Katy Perry ^^. Anyways this simple but cool pmv by Red Card delivers a great edit with the song “Wide Awake”. What I mean is that the way the episode clips has been edited into the video matches really great with the lyrics and atmosphere of the song. A simple yet neatly done Perry Music Video. Haha get it, cause PMV and change the P for Pony to Perry and stuffs and… okay ;-;

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Stars by RainbowSlashLP

Ah yes, the mane 6, finale filled, epic orchestration of memorable moments type of video.

We meet again.

But I beg to argue that RSLP’s newest stands out from the rest by a long shot.  Not only is the song different (#ofcoursesillyfilly) but we also have some fabulous editing that you won’t find anywhere else.  There’s a fitting intro section at the beginning with a nice filter overlay and as the music breaks into something more defined, we see bright colors and a movie-like widescreen view.  It gets even better when you take in all of the masking, cuts, and zooms that happen every now and then.

My only complaint is that there needs to be more of these editing transitions and techniques.  Check it out below!

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