Hey guys. DeLoop here.

As you’ve probably noticed, the site has turned into a bit of a ghost town. This is entirely my fault and I take the blame for the lack of posting and activity overall.

I simply haven’t had the motivation to run a site like this. It was already a monumental task, but when pretty much all of the previous staff disappeared without much of a trace, I just wanted to make sure the legacy was continued. The thing is, it’s hard to make this site a priority when I’m utterly swamped with my own life. I’m struggling as it is to keep up with University and I simply can’t afford the time to run an entire website. I can hardly afford the time to edit my own videos.

I’ve tried contacting Chrono and gaining access to the Twitter and Facebook in the hopes that social media would aid us, but so far my efforts have been fruitless. I attempted to bring staff on board, but even their motivation started to sway when they saw the lack of results. We could put a ton of effort into showcasing and analysing PMV’s, but we’d get about 10 views and if we’re extremely lucky, one comment. I don’t feel it’s worth it. I feel that 2013 was this site’s golden era, but ultimately I don’t think the support from the community is there anymore. Don’t get me wrong, PMV’s are making great progress – with all these new collab projects and rising editors, it’s really nice to see. But personally, I have too much on my plate and my motivation has really died down.

So, I don’t know what’ll happen. There’ll probably still be PMV contests and stuff in the future but right now it seems everything’s in limbo. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up with it all. I’m not a website designer, reviewer or an author. I’m an editor and I need to focus on that.

Welcome to PMV Today.


Hello. I think it’s about time we reintroduced ourselves.

We’re PMV Today. For the past 3 years, we’ve been bringing the spotlight to the newest and greatest PMV’s. We’ve been a community of video editors, artists and creatives alike. We’ve done interviews, challenges and contests. We held our third annual PMV Contest at BronyCon 2015. Despite minor technical difficulties, it was a massive success and goes to prove that the PMV community really is alive and kicking. Our aim has always been to celebrate the overwhelming video talent within the My Little Pony fandom.

But we need to make a confession. We’ve been slacking. Due to personal reasons and inactivity, the original founders and staff have all but disappeared. A few days ago, Lord Pony handed ownership of the site over to me. I’ll admit, I was intimidated by the responsibility. But I know that this is a community that needs to be cherished. And for as long as there’s content, we will keep showcasing and celebrating it. As an editor myself, I know now how incredibly important this can be.

So, I’ve pulled together a team. Some are content creators you may have heard of. Others are not. But ultimately, we all share the same passion and we’re committed to step up our game.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be posting more regularly and more often. We’ll be reaching out with discussions, reviews, spotlights and awesome things we can’t talk about yet. We’re gonna give PMV’s the attention they deserve. We’re gonna do our best to deliver all this and more.

Either way, we’re back. And we’re ready to rock.



Hello, my loyal subjects.

I am the lord of chaos. You may know me from my own PMV’s or the many weekly posts I’ve made on the site.

For months, I’ve crept in the shadows, calculating my diabolical plans under the veil of creation. I cursed LordPony with the responsibilities of fatherhood, I sent SkyDash to the abyss of no internet and I absorbed JHaller’s soul at BronyCon to become the one and only PMV King.

And now, I stand here victorious. I stand here as the new owner of the site.


(Seriously though, bear with us for a couple of days. Things might go quiet but I’m getting things re-hauled and ready to go. Soon!)

MLP:FIM Hospital Ponies by AudioWave Dasher

AudioWave Dasher put together a super cute proto-commercial, featuring Sweetie Bell and Cheerilee singing back and forth with each other. His goal looks to be supporting children’s cancer research, which is something we can all agree is a great cause! If you are an animator or voice actor and you’d like to help with his commercial, be sure to check out this video for the details.

YouTube Preview Image

PMVToday’s NEW Equestria Girls Contest RESULTS!



Welcome one and all to the official PMVToday Equestria Girls Contest results!  I know you’ve all completely forgotten this been waiting impatiently to see all of the superb entries we had and find out what the mystery prizes are.  Well today’s your lucky day.  First up, the prizes!  I hope our winners like games because the prizes for this contest are PC game packs donated generously by IdhrenLives!

First place will receive:

Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins DLC

Dead Space

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Second place will receive:

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box


Mirror’s Edge

Third place will receive:

Batman: Arkham City GOTY

ARMA: Gold Edition

Winners will receive instructions on how to claim their prizes by email some time in the next 48 hours.

Now on to the winners!  Lights!  Camera!  Drum roll!

YouTube Preview Image

The prizes for this contest are provided as is without warranties.  The authors, editors, and owners of PMVToday do not endorse, represent, or warrant any of the prizes awarded to eligible winners.  Prizes that are awarded to the eligible winners are not transferable, redeemable for cash, or exchangeable for any other prize.

Applejack Rides a Balloon to Space by Companioncube64


In space, no one can hear you…apple? I don’t know.

Anyway, today’s video combines some of my most favorite things in the world: Science, Space, and Applejack. Even though I am a college graduate, and for the foreseeable future am done with schools, I will never stop learning. So informative little bits of science like this are a welcome treat, especially when they involve ponies. There’s something relatively calming, not to mention awe-inspiring, about the view from the weather balloon shepherding AJ to the edge of the atmosphere, and the classical score accentuates the majesty of this endeavor. And of course, the music slows down during the rapid descent to perfectly capture the mood. I can’t lie, my heart sank a little bit. Apple pony belongs to the stars now. Well, anyway…

Here at PMVToday our goal is to bring you the latest and greatest in Pony Videos, which is to say we not only intend to entertain but also to stimulate. And we hope this little piece of brain food mixed with pony has satisfied your daily thirst for knowledge. Oh wait. Brain food wouldn’t help with thirst, would it? I guess, brain…lemonade, maybe? Brain smoothie? No, that sounds gross. Well, at any rate, enjoy the show!

YouTube Preview Image
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