An open apology regarding inconsistent posting of PMVs.


Hey there, folks! rainbowdashzx here, and I just wanted let you all know that we’ve been seeing a small amount of submitted content to our site as of recently, and as such our posting of new PMVs has been rather inconsistent. When content isn’t submitted to us, we’re tasked with going out to find good new content. That can take time, and PMVs, while still a bustling fan content category, aren’t quite as booming this month as they were during the previous month. We;ll try to stay on track with consistent posting, but hope that you can understand!



PMVToday’s TV Show Theme Challenge Results!

PMVToday TV Challenge

Hello folks, and welcome to the official results for PMVToday’s TV Show Theme Challenge! Over the course of two weeks, (May 9th – May 23rd.) many of you sent in entries that Ponified a wide range of TV Show Themes! Below you’ll find the results!

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PMVToday’s new design!

Applebloom the Carpenter

Hey folks!

rainbowdashzx here to let you know that the new, revised design for PMVToday is coming along very nicely! It should become immediately apparent that we’re no longer using a flat, static background! The original header we had above wasn’t transparent, so I had to re-do that as well. With contributions from fellow author Dae314, we were able to tidy up the navigation bar as well! You should definitely notice firsthand how much more organized it is, and how much easier it is on the eyes! We’ve rearranged some of the items, as well as put some in their own new category! For instance: Under the new Community Index Tab you’ll find all of our community-oriented content! Top Tens, Contests, Challenges, and more! The site is ever-changing, and we’re constantly evolving and trying to do bigger and better things! And this new design was just one more step in the right direction!  We’d love to hear your feedback too! So don’t be afraid to voice your opinion below!

Credit for the background image goes to CloudshadeZer0 of deviantART!

Now back to your regularly scheduled content..