Bronycon PMV Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who attended our PMV contest results panel! We completely filled it to standing room only! Without further ado, here are our winning contestants:


Congratulations to all of our winners! You will be receiving an email with your prize details shortly.

We’ve also uploaded the winning videos to our channel, but make sure to give the authors a lot of love when they are published on their separate channels.

Thank you to everyone who entered our first ever contest. We were blown away by the sheer number of amazing videos you all sent in, and we couldn’t have put on such a great show without you! We will be filling in our table of winners with links to the published videos, and we encourage all of our other contestants to send us your published contest videos so we can post them as well!

Also stay tuned as we attempt to upload the footage from the panel, which should be in the very near future.

PMV Today’s First Anniversary, Celebrates By Opening “PMV Tomorrow”

Today marks the day we officially began posting pmvs for all you to enjoy! Along the way, we have revamped, remade, and overhauled the site from top to bottom. We have formed a well moderated forum, where plenty of fans and editors alike join in on discussing each others videos, getting advice, or just having fun making jokes about PMV Pipe Positioners.

Also along the way, we have gathered up six additional authors to help us get you more musical ponies. Not to forget our interviewer, Syn3rgy, who has helped us immensely in hosting interviews with some awesome editors!

As a PMV community, we launched our first PMV challenge where editors young and old put their PMV skills to the test in a fun and exciting game of sorts.

With BronyCon having little in terms of pmv related panels, we decided to make our very own contest to be showcased there. And with the amount of fantastic editors out there, I’m sure it’s going to be a total blast!

I’d also like to extend my greatest gratitude to Lord Pony, who was daring enough to launch such an ambitious project. It’s been great to work side-by-side with him, through the best and the worst of times.

So as to celebrate this occasion, we are going to launch PMV Tomorrow! In this newly-founded website, we will be bringing you nothing but the best in videos no one has seen yet. Literally. These are videos from the future. Using the latest in digital time traveling technology, we can present the most over-dated pony videos in the best quality and fashion available to mankind.


The Invincible

I just wanted to say it’s so awesome that I got an opportunity to be a part of something this big in the pony community. Never imagined I’d be co-authoring on whole website when I was just starting out. All the people I’ve met have been so amazing. And I just wanted to thank Lord Pony and Talkie Toaster for giving me that chance. Being able to share the best PMVs out there with all of our visitors and friends has been an absolute joy.

The thing I think I like the most is when I can feature a great PMV from an artist who’s just starting to come up. I’ve been in that position before, I know how it feels. To be featured on a major PMV site, shared with people all over the world; it’s one of the most thrilling feelings there is. And I’m overjoyed to be in a position to give that feeling to someone else, and the thanks I get from them is something that will always be rewarding for me.

Happy birthday to PMV Today, and here’s to PMV Tomorrow!

Contest Submissions Closed!

The deadline has arrived, and we are no longer accepting contest entries. Thank you to everyone who submitted a contest video! We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of amazing videos that you all sent in, and our judges are now carefully going through each one. The results will be announced at our Bronycon contest panel as well as here on the site, so stay tuned!

What I learned today MrPoniator


Hey guys, Happy Monday! Today we have a wonderful animation from MrPoniator telling us what happened in every episode, up to season 3. For all bronies too cool to actually watch the show, this will tell you the gist of each episode!! You never know, you could learn new things from this! Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy this lovely animation, and laugh at its hilarity!

YouTube Preview Image

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