Poll Results | Best contest video?

Congrats to Poki, who got the most votes as a single video here! It was surely a doozy of a video, with lots of all the good stuff. The kind of stuff I feed on. I live for this.

We had a great turn out on the contest, and I hope everyone had a good time. We were putting out fires and fixing all the broken servers here on the backend while people were busy submitting their videos. One day we shall live in peace knowing the site won’t implode whenever we hold an event. So I see some people quite liked another entry! Perhaps you’d like to share your thoughts on which one you prefer?

Poll Results | Who is best supporting cast pony? Last Stand!

So while Lord Pony, Vengeful, and Invincible are out at BronyCon, I’ll be taking care of the site for a bit! Yay.

And this is also the final round for all the supporting cast poll thingy! At the start, Luna was winning by a few votes, then Sweetie Belle caught up for a bit. Then Luna completely exploded with votes. Figures! Luna seems to be the fan favourite. But was there ever any doubt?

Why does the turtle get more votes than Photo Finish? That can’t be right.

Later on, I think we’ll make a vote on what was the best overall contest video. That should be fun!

Poll Results | Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #8 Meanies

I don’t think I need to say who won. However I feel bad for the one person who voted for Garble, seeing as he was absolutely dominated by trixie and even Iron Will. Even if Garble is put into an epic situation, I don’t think he could beat anyone. Not even a pretty pansy pony. So I present to you, the Cute and Adorable Trixie.

The next poll will be the deathmatch of all the previous poll winners. But for now, have this one! Best human pony?

Poll Results | Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #7 Swanky Edition

Looks like Canterlots top fashion photographer won this weeks poll! I bet this video had a lot to contribute to all those votes. They really did a good job on that Picture Perfect Pony music video, huh? Original fan animation and song, with a brilliant singer who pulls off Photo Finish pretty well!

So my vote went to Fleur. So she gets her own picture in this post.

Next in the series: Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #8 Meanies

Poll Results | Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #6 Royalty Edition

As I said in this post, Luna was best pony. Now, to clarify, Rarity is best pony. Luna and Rarity have the same voice actor, and upon that basis, any votes for Rarity or Luna are really counted as one! So if you voted for either of those two, you are really saying both of them are best!

Over-thinking aside, I almost guessed Luna would win. She is (to the majority) best princess of Equestria, ruling over the night and inherently everyponys dreams. I mean really, what isn’t cool about that?! Being able to lucidly traverse the dreamscape every night at your own free will would be a dream come true. Gotta love puns, man.

Next poll! Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #7 Swanky Edition

Poll Results | Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #5

So it seems the infamous ‘Cakes are taking this poll! By no more than seven votes too. I think it’s fair to say no one likes Mulia or Gustave, even though they made some really awesome desserts fit for a princess. I was going for Joe Doughnut, Aka Pony Joe from the Gala episode. Seriously, I love doughnuts like it’s nobodys business.

Onto the next poll! Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #6 Royalty Edition

Poll Results (late edition) | Are you going to watch Equestria Girls?

So it seems most you people are willing to give this new pony movie a try. Good on ya, mate(s)! As soon as the bluray version comes out, I’m going to rent it and watch it on the home theater with me myself and I. Oh! Here’s an idea! After all the staffers have seen it, maybe we could do a collaborative write up of it with all the authors. That sounds like fun!

Onto the next poll! Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #4 Pet Edition

Poll Results | Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #3


I’m glad Snowdrop was voted higher than two of the major fillies in Ponyville! Well, not so much glad, but excitedly surprised! So I’ll leave some Snowdrop down below. Anyway, we have a winner! Sweetie Belle takes the trophy, a well deserved, gold plated, #1 engraved, trophy! She has been added to the list of top notch ranking ponies who will be put in a ring and fight to the death! metaphorically speaking. It’s more like a voting battle, really.

Onto the next poll! Will you watch Equestria Girls?