Poll Results | Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #2

Hot damn! Spitfire won with yet another landslide. Seems there is always going to be a large gap between favorites around here! I do agree, Spitfire is an awesome Wonderbolt. I mean really, look at that hair! You could cook some eggs on it. Or pancakes, whatever tickles your fancy. (Though I’d recommend the omelet, it has some great spices and fabulous ham in it). I voted for Lightning Dust, she needs a come back episode or something. Maybe one where she goes to Dash and apologizes. Don’t ever put me in charge of a story. It’ll be filled with that cliche stuff.

Next in the series! Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #3 Filly Edition. (This one has lots of options!)

Poll Results | Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #1

Alright, so if you haven’t already guessed we are going to have a few of these rounds. After that, we will put all the winners from each round and put them into one ultimate-uber-maxpower-super-awesome-mega poll for best supporting cast pony ever. Sound good? Good. Cause you have no choice. Unless you somehow manage to correctly guess who will be best pony in the comments ahead of time, then you shall have ‘Max Tier Time Lord’ stamped on your online presence for the rest of your living days. Or hours, depends on how you see it. Hop to it!

Spa Ponies get no love for their hard work and dedication at what they do. That being said, Big Macintosh certainly deserves all of those votes. Cheerilee too, she has her work cut out for her trying to keep the CMC and the rest of her class from wreaking havoc all over Ponyville and spreading loads of gossip. Though I do admire their creativity.

Round two, begin!

Poll Results | PMVs of Equestria Girls?


Woah! I guess quite a lot of you are expecting pmvs of the up and coming Equestria Girls feature film. I can smell the cross-dimensional shipping videos and shipfics a mile away. I wonder how that would work? Maybe it’s like Dr Who, where they can talk to each other with dreams, no matter what timeline they are on. That would make for a cool fic, a complete Dr Who cross over with ponies. Wait a sec while I go looking.

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Poll Results | Favourite race of pony?

Woah! I completely didn’t expect pegasus to get so many votes, let alone win by almost three-fold! That is a crazy amount of pegasus fans. I mean really, unicorns can cast spells that lets them walk on clouds and grow pretty pretty wings! Albeit pathetically performing ones. And besides, unicorns can cast a metric butt-load of fancy spells and things that enhance their natural ability beyond what is normal for a standard pony to achieve! Oh, did I mention that unicorns can levitate themselves up in the air, even at an early age? That is classed as flying!

But I digress. No unicorn can fly as fast as Rainbow Dash, let alone break the sound barrier and not shatter into a million pieces.

Onto the next poll! Do you think you will make (or think there will be) PMVs of Equestria Girls?

Poll Results | Who is best antagonist?



Discord won by a landslide! Not even Chrysalis could get half his votes. But in any case, I was rooting for Sombra on this one. He has a cool cape, and has a bowed horn that glows red and grows back. How many unicorns can do that huh? None! Not even Celestia. Well I don’t know that for sure, but you get the point. His horn also turns into crystals. Your fancy Twilight has nothing on Sombra! NOTHING!

So Discord eh? Must be all of those Fluttershy x Discord fanfics you’ve been reading. But really, Discord is quite the mystery! His magic is invalid! Invalid I say!

I also expected Trixie to be a bit more popular, seeing as she could’ve beat Twilight if she hadn’t of taken off her alicorn amulet.

Whats your favorite race of pony? Vote now!

Poll Results | Who is best filly?

No love for Silver Spoon. She must be worst pony ever. I am okay with this.

And so we have a winner! Sweetie Bot Belle is obviously best filly to you guys, and I can see why, she has the most adorable squeaks that simultaneously cause heart-attacks and cuteness overload strokes. We now have the ultimate best filly in second place (ridiculous). She needs to be in, like, zero place. That’s better than first right? Of course it is! Sub-zero. Get it? Snowdrop? Snow is made from- oh nevermind. But you guys need to get your priorities straight, or you accidentally clicked the wrong choice. For your safety, it’s best you say it was an accident.

Next poll! Who is best antagonist?

Poll Results | Who is best secondary6?

Looks like our favorite DJ is the best of the secondary6! What? You don’t know what the secondary6 is? They are the most popular background characters in the fandom, which also appear to be the in pairs of two, like Vinyl and Octavia being the most developed background character shipping pair from the show. Then, we have Lyra and Bon Bon, who seem to be the most canon shipping pair. And finally, we have The Doctor and Derpy Hooves, who are the most interesting adventure team. And by the way, Vinyl is best background pony. But it seems 72% of you disagree! That is not a good number. It should be reduced entirely.

Next poll! Who is best filly?

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Poll results | Who is best pony?


So. It seems Rainbow Dash is the favourite here. All I have to say is that you are all wrong! Your princess of the night shall hate you and your descendants for all eternity! Luna for best pony! NIGHT FOREVER!

There are more Fluttershy fans than I expected, and far less fans of Celestia then I predicted too! Only one person thinks our best sun bending princess is best pony. I am dissapoint. Out of the main six, Applejack and Rarity were voted for the least, which is utter silliness because we all know that Rarity is best mane6. Right? …right?

Onto the next poll! Who is best secondary6?

Poll Results | Who is best pony to have a pmv centered on?

I guess doing death defying stunts, flying really fast and disobeying the laws of physics do make for the best pmvs. I would like to see some Princess’ pmvs, especially Luna and her magical moon abilities. I voted for Rarity, cause we need some more fabulous pmvs amirite?

Onto the next poll! This one probably should’ve been asked as the first poll, but better late than never! Who is best pony?

Poll results | Best PMV Category

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I was leaning toward action myself, but even dramatic pmv’s seem to be more popular! Whats up with that! Action pmv’s are the best, you cant deny that. (well if you didn’t vote for action, you just did) So most of you like feel good, huh? That’s some good info for pmv makers to take into account. But I’m most curious about that one other vote is, I really can’t think what it could be.

Now go vote for who’s best pony in a pmv!