Ladybugs Awake by LittleshyFiM


What’s up everyone?  I would like to apologise on behalf of the site for the inactivity as of late.  Life gets in the way sometimes, and you just lose track of time, y’know?  Anyway, I’m back with another great PMV from the BronyCon PMV contest.  This video won 3rd place in the Feel Good category.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

In this PMV, Twilight Sparkle casts a spell and summons thousands of ladybugs.  What’s not to love about that?  The song choice is fun, the animation is fitting and well-executed, and it certainly made a lot of people smile at the contest panel and at home as well.  That’s a recipe for success!

Littleshy is a talented editor who deserves all the fandom points he has.  This was a really nice video and I’m excited for what Littleshy has in store for us next!

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Waiting for Love (Collab) by SoundoftheWaves

Hey all! Sorry that we haven’t been posting for a while. Lack of support and a slowdown of PMV releases have been sort of chipping at our morale. We’re still alive and kickin’ though! Here’s a PMV collab that’s a few weeks old, but still nice and fresh— the members of which include our own SoundoftheWaves, Soniccrew128, Sambohh, and Chocalicorn; and DealFire. It’s set to arguably the most emotional song by Avicii, “Waiting for Love.” The style of this collaboration reflects most PMVs in the past year or so, focusing more on its individual parts instead of an over-arcing theme. Other types of themed PMVs are making a comeback, but while we “wait for our love,” this is a great and flashy PMV with typography, effects, custom scenes/graphics, and more. If you’re into that, be sure to give it a looksie. Until next time, folks, peace!

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(leave a comment if you’re hyped for our BronyCon PMV contest!!)

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Saturn by Limey Lassen


Hello everyone!  Here we have a nice new PMV from Limey Lassen.  This video is a rather simple one, but by no means is that a bad thing.  In fact, it’s a nice breath of fresh air from the large amount of collabs coming from the community these days.  I wish we had more like it, but I digress.

The scene selection in this video is spot-on, I really liked how Limey would pay attention to things like having the moon in one shot in the same place as the sun in another shot, and so on.  My one criticism of this is that the pace could be a tad bit faster, but that all comes down to personal preference.  All in all, this is a really great video.  Watch it below!

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Arcades by Soniccrew128

Hey all!

Today I have a brand spankin’ new PMV for you all, from our own Soniccrew. Now, I’m not posting this just because he’s here; he’s here because he’s good, and I’m posting this because he’s good. This is a Rarity PMV, with a major focus of her and her cutie mark. There are shakes and glitches everywhere, which is timed perfectly with the music. I hadn’t really realized what I’ve been missing in PMVs recently, until I saw this one. There’s one focus and theme; the style changes over time, but it’s still unified over time. Plus, the soundtrack is to die for, it’s so beautiful in its glitchy, scratchy French funk goodness. If you don’t have photosensitive epilepsy, give this video a shot, it’s great.

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Discussion: Friendship is Magic in Good Film

(Spoiler warning: This may spoil some events in Captain America: Civil War. Thou hast been warned.)


I just saw the new Captain America movie, and I loved it. But one thing really stuck out to me. These characters, well, they are more than just characters. They are people, with their own motives and morals and stories. And they are friends. I saw Tony and Steve fighting bitterly, and I realized…. that this movie has a friendship moral too. Let’s see if I can relay this. *Ahem…*

Dear Princess Celestia…

Today I learned that in friendship, we may have our differences and our arguments. Sometimes our friends betray us because they are doing what they believe is right. We may disagree. We may feel like everything is on the line. But in the end, we are still friends. On many occasions, I have avoided stating my mind in an argument because I felt like if I did, it would get too heated and our friendship would be tested. But these men didn’t stop respecting each other. Their friendship still remains, even after all the drama. Hell Tartarus, I was just in an argument with a friend about art and criticism, but I backed out before I could actually realize that he wanted to have a perfectly intellectual conversation, instead of a friendship-breaking argument. Everyone makes mistakes.

What does this have to do with film, you may ask? It’s good writing. As they all say, action speaks louder than words. The Avengers have been known for their characterization through action instead of dialogue, though I won’t get deep into that now. In short, the characters’ writing and direction is heavily influenced by their personalities. And so, their friendships, their hardships, and their morals are all important to them when deciding what action to take. In the movie, everyone had to decide whether to restrict their ability to protect the world, by signing an accord with the United Nations. Through Tony Stark’s past mistakes and social consciousness, he prioritized allowing everyone’s actions kept in check. However, Steve refused signing the accord because he prioritized people’s safety over people’s opinions. These men stuck by their ideals, and they got into a big fight with their friends.

This made me think of the Season 5 premiere’s events in Our Town. Everyone in there was afraid that arguments would break friendships apart, but the Mane 6’s simple disagreement meant nothing. Being unique can lead to differences, but when we share those differences for what we believe is right, friends can and will understand.

I See Fire by tigresss

Here is a new Feel-Good PMV for you all, with some nice color effects and typography. It is set to the song by Ed Sheeran under the same name, and utilizes clips from various episodes throughout the show. Most of them involve enemies like Chrysalis, Discord and Nightmare Moon; but what I found intereating was their decision to include several shots from the episode Dragonshy.

I find this PMV to be very calming. Tigresss’ use of slow, cinematic shots and transitions were perfect for the song. After a day of stress, I am deeply enjoying watching this video on repeat. Especially if you like calming music and videos, I would recommend watching this. This guy is very good.

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Levitate by UnmuteChannel

UnmuteChannel recently uploaded this motion-graphics-based PMV. He says that he has only been learning After-Effects for about a month, but this PMV he made is phenomenal. He used incredible motion graphics and effects, and it looks so smooth. Everything is in constant motion, and effects like camera shake are used in just the right moments.

I asked a few PMV creators about this, and each of them were impressed, and some said they were jealous. (Whaaat?) This guy is truly remarkable for learning so quickly, and I can tell that he is definitely going to become big – Very quickly.

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