Spirit of Success by GuncaPMV


Back again guys, and today we have a great PMV from Gunca. Now we don’t normally post unfinished PMVs, but this one seems to give an excellent atmosphere regardless.

Now the first thing you notice about this PMV is just how great the lighting effects are. And the shading on the backgrounds matches it perfectly. This is what gives this PMV that great atmosphere. The creator has used animation loops with stunning visuals to great effect. You don’t need to know much about editing to see that this video is absolutely beautiful.

The scenery seems to be composed in 3D space, which becomes evident when the camera moves around the scene. I love how the color overlay changes with the type of lighting used as well. For example in the first scene, at night the color is much cooler with a blue tint. But as the sun rises, it gradually changes to orange, to match the change from night sky to sun.

I think that’s the main selling point for this PMV, just how good the lighting is, and how well the style matches up to the song. Although I’m sure we would have preferred a full length PMV, what we have here is better than nothing.

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New Tutorial!

Well howdy everybody, it seems like a lack of PMVs in the feed has led everyone here on a bit of a downer.  So to get some more action flowing in, we’ve officially released a new After Effects tutorial for all of you AE users out there!  If you’re interested in doing something new and shiny with a bit of a humorous flare, go down below and check it out.

This, along with other useful educational bits will be available in the tutorial section of the website. (Look at the top navigation bar!)

Learning is magic below!

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Stella-Rium by Racecarghost


Hey guys, today we have a brand new PMV from Racecarghost.

Sticking to his style, Racecar has made another PMV to an anime song. And once again the editing matches perfectly. The shows clips played in windows zooming out, with visual based backgrounds are highly reminiscent of an anime intro. Throwing in subtle motion graphic sections also helped maintain interest in some scenes, and gave more variety. The choppy editing style used when the guitar is more prominent fits the song really well. And the complex scenes of show clips inside a globe really bring the whole thing together.

To be honest I’m not a fan of anime, but I still really appreciate the effort put in to this PMV. The editing is truly top notch.

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Pompeii by TheClimbingBrony OldColt


Hey guys, today we have a nice simple PMV by “TheClimbingBrony OldColt”. Although his name is quite a handful, this PMV is easy to understand.

So, I must start off by saying it’s nice to see a PMV that combines show footage with fan made projects. Been a while since we’ve had one of them. The editing style is nice and simple, which is good to see nowadays, nothing too flashy which makes it easy to watch. The clip choices match the lyrics, which is always helpful. There are some nice attempts at lipsync here too. And although not all of them are perfectly on time, it was definitely a good effort. The video seemed to follow a theme at the start of the video, but it was kinda jumbled about and lost later on. And although it seemed rather detached from the rest, the end gag was pretty funny and clever too. Even though this PMV doesn’t stand out as something spectacularly special, it sure is fun to watch.

Some would compare it to a smashed gingerbread house. It’s hard to make out the focus or form, but it still tastes great.

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Wake Me Up by TheRayteR

Hello guys and gals! Today I bring you a awesome PMV by TheRayteR. Good God, I love this song, so seeing this video brought a smile to my face. At first I was like “Hm, this looks neat”. As some clips showed up along with a neat little typography, and then when the beat drops, the transitions and motion graphics starts and I start dancing and enjoying the video. The visuals are greatly executed and it’s happy and enjoyable. Go check out the PMV below!

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[PMV] A Solid Dream by CollabNationPMV


Hello everyone, today we have a very special PMV. It’s not made by one person but a team of 15 fantastic visual artists who are very good at what they do. Another thing that makes this PMV collab special is that it has two songs included in it, so it’s as if you’re getting two PMVs all wrapped up into one. Each of these editors are great on their own so when they come together it really shows off how much talent they all have to create an amazing video. This is also their first PMV together so it would be nice to see what they have for us in the future (hopefully more amazing content.)

You guys really need to check it out.

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Take My Hand (EQG RR MV) by respectcopyrightmyass

Tonight we have a Rainbow Rocks PMV by respectcopyrightmyass so I hope you’re ready to rock!

It’s a battle between the Dazzlings and the Rainbooms for the fate of Equestria… or maybe humanity? Both?

I’m not sure, but what I am sure is that if you want a PMV to rock out to, this one will do it. Overall, its not an incredibly complex PMV, but just a lot of fun. It’s worth a watch if you just want rock and ponies Equestria girls.


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Miracles (PMV) by JackDC93


Hey guys, rapidbeta here! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I’m here today with an amazing PMV by none other than the always fantastic JackDC93. The thing I enjoy with this PMV is how the visuals flow well with the music and it’s just an all around feel good type of PMV. Give it a watch if you can, you wont be disappointed.

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Mysterious Ways by awesomes8wc3

*Checks underneath S key* Darn it.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one in your keyboard, we have enough Pinkie in this video to satisfy your pink pony needs for days!  The video has perplexing effects that seem to take forever to render, and absolutely stunning typography.  This is might just be my favorite video of 2015!  Here’s the basic rundown:


  • Excellent and creative FX
  • Wonderful typography
  • Sticks to a theme/story
  • FULL credits in description
  • Proper distinction between background and foreground


  • Rotoscoped Pinkies are a little rough around the edges
  • Less than one hundred views!?

Well, I know how you can help fix that last one… click the video below!

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