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Season Structure
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EDWizard Offline
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Season Structure
So I was pondering, and I realized that I was hungry.

Upon eating something, I decided to put this question to you guys. Of the 3 seasons, which structure do you prefer the best?

The first season was very Twilight specific, with every episode involving her personally learning something about friendship and writing a letter to Celestia. She was present in every episode, even if just to be there in the end to pen the letter.

In Season 2, the focus changed when Celestia requested that each one of the mane 6 write letters on their discoveries in the field of friendship. This meant that Twilight didn't need to be in every single episode, and allowed other characters to take the spotlight. Because of this I didn't feel like the whole thing was as cohesive overall as the first season, but it was interesting to see the different points of view and personalities of the characters shine through in their letter writing.

Season 3 confuses this fairly orderly setup. Except for an episode or two, writing letters got almost completely thrown out the window. This was something that was subtle and yet jarring to me at the same time. Season 3 seemed destined to shake things up with nothing more than a simple twist before the credits rolled each weekend. That said, season 3 also appeared to be the most story driven, giving it its own unique twist.

So, for me?

I would honestly have to say season 1. Despite the fact that we didn't get to see the other character's perspectives as strongly, I say that this was more than made up for with how we could see Twilight grow as a pony and a friend through the season. With her writing the letters, it was made clear each and every episode what her discovery was and how she had been impacted. The transition to friendship that started in the very first episode through Twilight's eyes could only be told in its entirety through those eyes.

So without worrying about specific merits/downsides of individual episodes, which season had the best structure?
*Remember, this isn't necessarily your favorite season*

//end long and boring post
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10-14-2013 10:05 PM
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Izeer Offline
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RE: Season Structure
Season 2 was my favourite, it was funnier, had more references. But s1 had that 'something', which makes it almost good as s2. About s3, it was too damn short, but it had also very good episodes, and songs. Would be better without alicorn thing imo, but we'll see if it was good choice to make Twilight alicorn in future episodes.
10-15-2013 03:26 AM
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TerriccotaPie Offline

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RE: Season Structure
i love season 3 structure, but season 2 is still my favorite season.

This level of reasoning is possible for TerriccotaPie!
10-15-2013 09:20 AM
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Mad_hatters_in_jeans Offline
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RE: Season Structure
It's hard for me to decide as they all have their merits.

Walls of text HOOO

Season 1 has the most simplistic structure but it's also fairly easy to follow the episodes as a direct result. There's no confusion which character should be the focus because it's mostly about Twilight.
However this does mean that the other members of the mane six didn't really get a lot of characterisation as they weren't the focus.

Season 2 has a great thing going on with the mixed perspectives, starting episodes from different characters is something I love to see in shows. However things can get confusing when more than one character becomes the focus and problems can occur when one or two characters don't get as many episodes as the others. If I recall Fluttershy fans were left hanging for a long time until her episodes popped up at the end of the season.
There's also a kind of disconnect between the episodes as they don't really combine to an ultimate theme like say the season 1 episodes of Twilight learning to trust her friends climaxed with the intro to season 2 and learning what happens without those friends.

Season 3 takes what season 2 did even further with the Just for sidekicks and Games ponies play. Where two different perspectives are given on one sequence of events.
I really really love that idea. And having Twilight subtlety show her increased attention to magic studies through the episodes is a nice touch, but it's hampered by being so short.
I think I enjoyed season 3's structure but unfortunately it was weakened by the episodes particularly nearer the end of the season being a bit sub par in quality, and generally felt like they packed too much in.

I think if they can just nail down the correct pacing and amount of themes covered in an episode Season 3's structure will be the most successful, as it's basically an evolution of the other two. But I do hope the writing improves.
As much as I loved the concept of just for sidekicks and games ponies play the latter episode I cannot stand to watch. Numerous times the characters are twisted a bit to fit the story, Spike's episodes are evidence of that in Season 3.

I imagine season 4 will do away with letters entirely, now that Twilight is a Princess she doesn't really need to keep sending letters about friendship anymore. Which is good and bad.
It means the writers have more free reign to add little things to an overarching story like with Season 3 and the episodes will feel a little more like they're in chronological order and organised. However it also means that if the overarching story fails to deliver (like season 3's Twilight ascension theme) then all that cleverness is wasted.

Honestly though the structure isn't something i'm really thinking out, I just hope for good fun pony episodes everyone can enjoy and get behind. Regardless of how they want to show the show.
10-15-2013 06:05 PM
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