PMV Guides & Tutorials Index

These guides contain tips and advice on various editing topics, submitted by members of the PMV community. If you have questions that aren’t covered by one of the guides, ask them in the forum! If you are an editor that already has some experience, consider submitting a guide so that people can benefit from your knowledge. Any type of guide submission is welcome! So to begin, start with this guide here:


PMVs: A Guide by Party Grunt

Here is a guide that should be read before you even start to delve into learning the various editing programs. Contains several great Do’s and Don’ts that when followed will make your PMVs a cut above the rest!


Video Editing Tips by Brony2You

This guide is a great introduction to editing using Sony Vegas. It talks about some general Vegas controls, how to effectively use pony vectors and green screen ponies, and also has some advice on scene selection.


Text in PMVs by EpicDarkWizard12

An in depth description on how to add text, like song lyrics, into a video. Also talks about some cool techniques to animate your typography. Most of the information is After Effects specific.


PMV Workflow by The Spawners

A nice diagram of the steps involved in the PMV creation process, with some helpful explanations for each one.


Windows Movie Maker Tips by TheDanielsaur

If you happen to use Windows Movie Maker, then this is the guide for you! Lots of great tips for anyone who’s starting out with the program and want to get right to making PMVs!


PMVs In Sony Vegas Pro by RainbowDashZX

These video tutorials are a great resource for Sony Vegas users of all levels, with the first being a good introduction to the software and the second getting into some more advanced techniques. Check them both out!


PMV Lip Sync Tutorial by SilkAMV

A great video tutorial on how to synch a characters mouth movements to the words that you want them to say. Great if you want it to look like the characters are singing the song in your PMV. Tutorial is done in Sony Vegas.


Typography Animation Tutorial by Malathrom

An awesome video tutorial about how to animate the text you can add on top of your video. Shows how to add and customize the text, and then several ways to animate it. Tutorial is specific to After Effects.


How to Make a PMV: Advanced After Effects Tutorial and

Shapes Transitions & Triangles Particles by Malathrom

These are more in depth video tutorials focusing on achieving some specific effects in AE. Take a look at the first few seconds to see the effects that will be demonstrated.


The Basics Of Making A PMV by BronySinc

These video tutorials concentrate on how to do simple animations starting with a static piece of pony art. Tutorial is specific to After Effects.


Editing Tips by rspectcopyrightmyass

Some general tips on editing, including some advice on lip synching. Can be applied to any editing program.