Editing tips by rspectcopyrightmyass

I mostly tend to focus on timing in ways of attempting as close to lip sync and sound effects as I can get, but don’t normally go for perfect in the way that if it isn’t perfect I can’t release a video. With my latest video, there are a couple times when I had to slow the video down to at least attempt the right amount(ish) of lip flaps for a single scene that was too short… you can tell it’s a little slow but still tends to match, so I kept it. Also if I tend to find a mistake or 2 after I release a video, I don’t really bother to re-release an improved version just cause… to much effort XD.

That and as long as I think the match up is halfway decent in the way that it works and people will enjoy it then I’ll usually attempt it.

Just a little tid bit for me… I do tend to love comments (sure most editors do :P) but instead of a way of boosting my ego in the way of saying “I’m, better then 1 or 2 other people” (which there are many editors better then myself) I use the comments as motivation to keep myself editing on other projects that are giving me trouble – at least knowing people enjoy my work as the sub-par editor I am – it really does help in terms of motivations :D

For the trailers another thing I tend to do with them is try to match up as many scenes as close as possible to the original – not everything but at least things here and there – kinda did those with all 4 of the pirates/ponies trailers  (all of which have pinkie pie as Captain Jack Sparrow).

If it’s a PMV and lip syncing isn’t the main focus – I do tend to 85% of the time try to do as much “lyrical syncing” as possible, which is to kinda match up whats being said in the song to what’s happening in the scenes. I guess I’ve pretty much always done that since I started editing, but “time” I guess is the greatest friend/Enemy to any editor. Depending on the video of course, if the Idea comes just naturallyI can usually have it done from anywhere  from a couple hours to a couple days or a week or so (again depending on the premise of the video) but others much like my Tetris one took roughly 6 months, not necessarily of straight editing time obviously. Other ideas came up and I’d kinda start those just to not forget the idea, to not editing for a couple weeks due to work or just too tired, then it’s finding the right scenes/timing/ maybe the amount of scene switching.

I tend to stay away from heavily special effects videos, mostly as I know nothing about the proper aspects of incorporating them well, but it also adds to the time frame (especially heavily “Masked” videos)  – being I rarely use it – but Masking is cutting a character out of one scene and placing it over or in another scene (really good editors put them in entirely different shows) but takes so much time as you have to re-mask every frame for the character you want to move. Just extremely time consuming.