Submissions of all kinds are welcome! Can be a music video, original animation, or anything else as long as it contains both sound and video (and ponies!)

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Do wish to apply here at PMV Today? If so, please email us at and provide some details about what you have to offer or are able to contribute.
Currently 3+ positions available.
-Additional authors! We can’t get enough of them.
-PHP coders / advanced HTML coders. Positions and tasks to be determined (New)


Submissions we are looking for:

  • Music videos | At least 90% pony
  • Movie Trailers | Trailers are good too!
  • Animation / Other visual media
  • Editing Guides | Covers an editing topic that we don’t already have
  • Almost any pony videos | Make sure they are appropriate and are of decent length!




  • Please keep your submissions PG and ensure they are of a certain standard. Each video will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Submissions might not always be posted and each submission will be meticulously reviewed by the staff before it will be posted on the site.
  • No gore
  • No porn/nudity
  • And please no excessive amounts of swearing