We Dreamt Our Dream by OhPonyBoy



We have an interesting video today, one that requires interpretation. This is an original animation of an original song by OhPonyBoy, who most of you probably know from his popular video, Princess Luna’s Whine.

Once again, the animation does not fail to impress and it gives the video an unnatural flair of being mysterious and the ponies being adorable. I’m not quite sure how to critique on the song itself, but the harmonizing was perfect. Here goes my attempt at trying to briefly analyse it..

It’s a song about moving on from the past and that it’s time to stop procrastinating and setting out to achieve your dreams, no matter how treacherous or torturous the road may be. (From the lyrics “It’s a long lonely mile, I have to cross tonight, I better go, before daylight”) It’s also about not giving up and never allowing obstructions to stand in your way.

Well, that’s roughly what my interpretation of the song was. You probably have a different idea of what the song truly means to you, so check out this original animation and song below!


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Unity by TheAcleps




So, the one and only Acleps is back with a new PMV titled “Unity” which is a name suggested by one of his fans over on Twitter. It is as usual, filled with amazing visual effects, stylistic backgrounds, and even has typography as well.

I’m quite liking this PMV as it is different from his usual style of moving shapes, and as such, is refreshing. The music choice was apt, and blends it well with the visuals. Overall, it’s yet another great PMV that you should check out. All of his PMVs so far have been breathtaking to view, and it’s great to see such a skillful video-artist like him re-invent himself and take up different styles.

Check it out below, you won’t regret it!


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ᴬ ᴸ ᴾ ᴴ ᴬ ᴮ ᴱ ᴬ ᵀ by lulunax


This short instrumental PMV is a real treat. The editing is a very unique style, a kind of continuous morphing of really well-done effects. It’s almost overwhelming at times, but not quite. I found the editing to be very creative and enjoyable, especially with the “loading”, “play”, and “low battery” symbols layered in. It’s much better and more engaging than those instrumental, dubsteppy PMVs that only use cutie mark symbols. This one uses pure footage, and lots of amazing clips at that! Tons of movement throughout, and some serious flow. I was thoroughly enthralled, and my only real gripe is that it’s too short!

Check it out below!

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‪Motion Six (PMV)‬ by ‪Izeer‬



You thought Lord Pony would write this monday post as usual? (or maybe you never check who writes these posts, and believe it is written by magic. Well, sorry to break your bubble, they are not.) But, no sir.
It is me, The Spawners. I have been gone for quite a while, caused by rather complicated reasons, but no time to go on about that. I am just glad to be back and You have an up-beat Video to check out.


Fellow Mondaynians,

Letter can have a lot of meaning to them, even on their own.

I am a fan of symbolism, and there something very nice with representing a character as simple as a single letter. The craftsmanship in this video is commendable, especially those small little touches that can be interpreted as you want. There is some subtle syncing here as well, see if you can spot it.It is clear that a lot of work was put into this, and rightfully so it pays out nicely in the result.

An up-beat return and great feel, I could not ask for much more to liven up a Monday evening, knowing greatness is ahead.

I approve This.

[Added Info]:  The letter H could at first have been a symbol supposed to look like a fence, or a ladder. (Even though Ladder is not far from letter, out of the two you are safer climbing the ladder than the H. Since H will only get you so far.)
[Added Advice]: Do not mistake Letters for Letters.

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 (It is fun to be back writing for you all again. )

ピンクのBUTT馬は楽しいが大好き!by Izeer


You know, sometimes the things this fandom is capable of genuinely scares me. What started out as some bland and unrelated conversation between a fan and one particular ‘sunny’ voice actress (by the way, you can get the full story HERE), has now evolved into a full-blown, totally legit movement. And at its spear-point, is this trip of a PMV. A re-imagining of this already trippy piece of work, it has this kind of infectious beat to it, that once it gets into your head this way, you’ll never be able to hear it any other way. Also, it’s got butts, so…you know…win-win there.

Anyway, enjoy your dose of weird for the day. #Flankarmy!

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MLP FiM Cast sings Nightmare Night | AceWissle



In today’s video, we get a semi-YTPMV style video using the song Nightmare Night by Glaze and MicTheMicrophone.

I say semi-YTPMV style video because…it’s not really a YTPMV, more or less using clever audio and video cuts from the show to match up to the song, and it does it’s job rather well.
One thing though…what’s up with dancing Luna? o_O
Anyway, go check it out below!~

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Contest Video | Cubed by TheAcleps

Finally, we have the winner of the PMV Action category: Cubed by TheAcleps.  TheAcleps gives us a very impressive technical demo. There’s a plethora of motion here as shapes and colors that represent each pony appear to upbeat electronic music. Each pony is given it’s own segment to shine.  The cutie marks of each pony are broken down into their component shapes, playfully glide around the screen and eventually transform into the next cutie mark, connecting each pony together. Though there was only 7 actual pony clips in this video it is never the less a PMV.

A PMV is not a PMV unless it hides from the first comer, from the first glance, the law of its composition and the rules of its game. A PMV remains, moreover, forever imperceptible. Its laws and rules are not, however, harbored in the inaccessibility of a secret; it is simply that they can never be booked, in the present, into anything that could rigorously be called a perception.

Review courtesy of Dr. Dinosaur

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It Was Just A Bad Dream by xSilverTigress


Get your panties ready, for today we head into…. effects! All hail the mighty effects over lord!

I’m not sure what to say about this one, it features some nice smooth feels at a reasonable pace. So in light of my lack of words, I’m going to give a few pointers on making pmvs.

First off, with probably the hardest part, is scene selection. This is the most vital part of making any pmv that uses show footage and not original animation. I can’t explain how to do this, so you’ll have to go by trial and error. Next, is pace. If your song is slow, take slightly longer cuts with either lengthened or smoother transitions. With faster songs, it’s best to cut at equal times according to the beat. There’s nothing better than having your brains exploded by perfect timing.

Just a few tips, probably wrong, but take it as you please. Perhaps we could create a community contributed giant beginners tutorial and/or guide page? I think we should invest in this.

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SURFACING by EnvelopeBrony

Man, these PMV editors just keep pumping out awesome videos don’t they? Today’s is another in the abstract style, with tons of cool animations using cutie marks and pony silhouettes. The best part to me was the very beginning with the use of differently shaped frames for each clip. I love it when multiple clips are used in the same scene. The hard part is making it tasteful and not too chaotic to follow, and this is a great example of that. I also loved the scene where Pinkie is bouncing on the houses and each one changes color as she lands, just a fun effect to watch.

Don’t forget to check out the song artist as well!

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Locomotion Burst by Dynamic Seagull

Locomotion Burst

Locomotion Burst may be one of the coolest PMVs I’ve seen in a great while. Such a simple concept yet oh so entertaining. Dynamic Seagull’s skill truly shines in this very much entertaining “VFX” PMV. The song itself is very catchy too, so don’t be surprised if you start bobbing your head along with the train! This has to be in my Top 10 list of “Must See” PMVs! Check it out below!

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