Warriors by rainbowdashzx & Somniis Scientia

LISTEN UP PMVTODAY! Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in the inner warrior. Believe in the inner warrior who believes in you. Do the impossible. See the invisible. Touch the untouchable. Break the unbreakable. Become the person whose back will never break. Don’t be held back by someone else’s half baked dreams. The one path you choose for yourself is the truth of your universe. The dreams you leave behind will open up the door. Even if the universe will stand against you, your burning blood will sever the ties of fate! Yours is the strength that will pierce the heavens, and this is your mantra. “Just who the hell do you think we are!? We are here now don’t you dare turn away. Ours is the strength that will shatter the stars! We go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That’s how PMVToday rolls!”
Post inspired by quotes from: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
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Vfx are magic 2 by Malathrom


Today is a very special day, because with it comes a great video, a great PMV.
Is another great work of Malathrom that appears in Ponies The Anthology 3 video.

It’s just AMAZING… full of effects, backgrounds, dynamic lights, movements, 3d scenes, different colors, illumination, transitions, scenes, and more… A very dynamic video and one of the best PMV I’ve seen. This is one of those moments where you don’t have words for describe how amazing/awesome/incredible is it. All I can say is that the effects resemble those of an action movie or videogame with a very high budget.

This is the moment of stop talking and go to watch the great video below.

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