Stella-Rium by Racecarghost


Hey guys, today we have a brand new PMV from Racecarghost.

Sticking to his style, Racecar has made another PMV to an anime song. And once again the editing matches perfectly. The shows clips played in windows zooming out, with visual based backgrounds are highly reminiscent of an anime intro. Throwing in subtle motion graphic sections also helped maintain interest in some scenes, and gave more variety. The choppy editing style used when the guitar is more prominent fits the song really well. And the complex scenes of show clips inside a globe really bring the whole thing together.

To be honest I’m not a fan of anime, but I still really appreciate the effort put in to this PMV. The editing is truly top notch.

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Blood Drive by Racecarghost1

Hello friends! Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we will stop showing dark PMVs. Today we have an expertly crafted clone of basically an anime opening although it’s actually the opening for a game (Corpse Party: Blood Drive). I can’t give Racecarghost1 full credit for all of the fantastic design decisions in his/her video since a lot of it was copied out of the original opening. I can however give the highest praise for Racecar’s ability to accurately recreate the scenes from the game opening using characters from My Little Pony. Just because you’re mimicking a work doesn’t mean that it’s easy to recreate, and Racecar did an excellent job with this piece. For those who are curious, I am able to read a very very small amount of Japanese and below I provided *some* translations based on what little I could read in the text that fades in every once in a while during the video:

0:36 – Corpse Party Blood Drive
0:45 – I don’t know (not a translation)
0:50 – The parts I can read are the names of the Mane6 from right to left: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Flutter (no shy don’t ask why), Rainbowdash
0:55 – Sponsor: PonyCanyon
1:00 – Hasbro Gaming (and something I can’t read)
1:13 – Opening Theme: “In the Rain” by Yumihara and a bunch more I can’t read
1:43 – Doesn’t need translating

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Tweeny Ponies by The Ferbguy

Salutations everybody! Dae314 here to spread chaos and happiness throughout your blessedly long weekend. Of course the best way to do that is with a wonderful little PMV! If Miyazaki were writing the opening sequence for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this would be it folks. Maybe a few more zoom over the shoulder, out of an eye, or camera following a running pony scenes would be added, but in general this would probably be it. The Ferbguy has made a video that is at once a snapshot and an overview. Nothing is revealed in the video, but nothing is meant to be revealed by the video. There’s action, friendship, tension, Discord, and pretty much every other defining aspect of MLP:FiM rolled up into one little one and a half minute video. He does not have a muffin discord though. Nope. That belongs to PMVToday. But he has everything else!
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