The Parting by Jaref


Ugh, I am just starving from the lack of PMVs we’ve got going on here, aren’t y’all?

Lucky for you, we’ve got something totally awesome from our pal Jaref here today.  I mean come on, how often do we get an amazing Celestia/Luna like this?  The hard part about doing one of those is that your scene selection is severely limited and your plot line is going to be the same thing.  Well, our editor manages to overcome the lack of content obstacle while also putting more of an edge to the same old story of “Princess X banishes Princess Y.”  That’s not to say it’s not a good story, though.

Yep, those scenes really take you off guard considering all the (lack of) Celestia/Luna spotlight that we get in the show.  Even if it were focused around any other pony though, I’d say that these visuals are quite accurately matched with the tunes.  Jaref shows a lot of restraint and professionalism, especially around 1:07 where it would be so easy to just show the window bust, but the song doesn’t quite climax there, so we can’t do that.  Very good scene choice in this one, so check it out below and tell us what ya think!

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