Please Don’t Break Me by HARUS STUDIO

We need an entire season of only Best Pony Fluttershy.  I’d settle for just a movie though. Or a side series.

As for today we’ll have to be content with a lovely PMV by a relatively new editor: HARUS STUDIO.  Apparently this is only their third pony music video and it’s powerful, professional, and pretty promising.

The amazing thing about this video is its sense of atmosphere.  The movement and effects are absolutely stunning when combined with the music, and there’s such a great use of background and foreground.  It also has a style very suitable for build-ups in the beginning and when the break down hits we find an incredibly appropriate change to straight videos of the best pony in the world.  All of these things really get you into the video when combined with toned lighting and smooth colors.

Enjoy a well edited, well thought out, and well presented PMV below!

YouTube Preview Image

P.S. If you’re wondering why Fluttershy is so sad, she saw that this editor only has a couple of subs. :(  Go subscribe!

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The Conversation by Dr_Stables



Hey guys

Guess who my favorite pony is?

Yep.  It’s Snips.

JUST KIDDING, but back to the real best pony, we have an excellent PMV today that centers around Fluttershy and her inability to have a conversation with others.  It’s message becomes really well developed throughout the entire video as we see how the lack of ability to communicate has really caused the best pony a lot of problems.  Normally, one might complain about her shyness, or perhaps see the adorable pegasus as a doormat.  But Dr. Stables really takes a nice approach to a common message by putting a different yet thematically similar spin on it.  Personally, it’s refreshing to see that somebody knows how to diagnose Fluttershy’s flaws so specifically.

As for effects, well they might be a bit too much off the hook.  I’m not talking about epilepsy warnings.  There are just so many different effects used that it almost starts to look messy near the middle.  However, I do enjoy the consistency of the grid-like and vignette effects.  These are used really well for the style of the song and they do match the overall tone.

Check out the best pony in Equestria below.  #AllaboutthatFlutter

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Once Upon a Time in Canterlot | kanashiipanda


Alright guys, today we’ve got an awesome animation about Octavia and the take over of Canterlot by the Changlings! Why Octavia, you ask? Well obviously behind that prim and proper lifestyle, shes had A LOT of martial arts training! Who would have thought?! This video is amazing in so many aspects, from the animation, to the music, to the overall flow of things! Just take a look and be amazed!

YouTube Preview Image

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