Heart by omgilikeapples


Woo, paper ponies!

Looks like we’re kickstarting another week, huh? Unfortunately, University has just started for me so I’ll likely be wrapped up with that for a bit. Education: Just say no.

Anywho, I found a pleasant surprise in my subscription box on Saturday. The return of omgilikeapples! I remember him fondly from his 2012 PMV – “Dear Princess Celestia…” The unique stop-motion paper style made that PMV stand out from a lot of others back then. It’s really nice to see a return to form utilizing that effect again in 2015 with a Porter Robinson song.

The video seems to be focused on the Season 2 finale, a recreation of the events throughout the two parter. It’s very neat to see it all brought together in this musical homage with some custom scenes to boot. For criticism, I’m left with wanting a bit more than just a recap of the episode in a different style. It’d be really cool to have more custom elements throughout! Still, what we get is great. The stop-motion style of editing is one that I’d love to see more of in PMV’s. Just imagine that done with custom art too… Oh wait, TheeLinker jumped on that train with La Da Dee…

I personally think it’d be awesome to see omgilikeapples make more stuff, so please go give them your support!

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The Fat Rat – Splinter by Xris


Let’s face it, Canterlot Wedding was pretty much the most bad-flank episode of season 2.

So to honor it, we have a PMV that uses the same storyline!  This little bit of simple editing from Xris is a good way to watch the episode if you don’t feel like waiting through an hour or so of pony stuff.  There isn’t much custom stuff and the video does somewhat fail to keep up with the song’s bass drops at certain points.  But there was an obvious goal within the editor’s mind when he was creating this, and I think it was to just be like the episode.  Thus, he was kinda limited in the scenes he could use.  I didn’t really like the song either, but I’m sure some of y’all will have heard it before at one point.  Enjoy some action below.

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