Orbital Friendship Laser by LittleshyFiM

To continue with our contest highlights, we have the Action entry by LittleshyFiM which made 2nd place in our very own contest.

Basically, this is visually insane. Almost a year of work brings a short rapidfire burst of crazy visual effects. Seemingly related to the [Orbital Friendship Cannon] video back from 2011, the video toys with the idea of Celestia having a weapon of mass destruction, or in this case, friendship. This time around we seem to have a more consistent theme, with the objective being to wipe out all those pesky changelings with the assistance of Miss Sparkle.

While short, the video certainly packs an array of punches. I found it to be almost stunningly well done. It was a pretty hard decision for this not to steal first place, but Acleps brought some tough competition into the fray. I feel that this epitomizes the Action category in more ways than one. The combination of 3D animation, lens flares and lighting creates a compelling cinematic style which stands out over the rest of the entries. I have to compliment Littleshy for how hard he must’ve worked to get a lot of the effects to work. These are effects you’d typically see in movies, so to match them up with a fun pastel-coloured horse cartoon can’t be an easy feat. It’s incredibly well done and proves how great an artist LS can be with HitFilm.

Check out some awesome intensity below!

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One Last Wish by Gunca PMV

Pie is a little known weakness of the changelings, particularly Pinkie’s passionfruit pies.

Pies, ponies and PMVs are all prevalent in this next gem from GuncaPMV.  Except I might have lied about the pies.  The pie is a lie.

Moving on, this video was a one week challenge from our editor, who is back in the scene after a bit of a hiatus.  There’s a bunch of lovely camera movement and lighting going on in this piece, and this would be incredible if there was more time put into it.  As it stands right now in the world of editing, there were a lot of rough patches in the placement and general technical details.  Wings may seem disconnected, prolonged and slightly pretentious introductions and texts appear where they might should not, and where pictures could have easily told the story.

But that’s the important part: the story.  It’s a fantastic find after a small drought of pony music videos and you should check it out now for a simple hypothetical changeling war and some great editing ideas.

Pies Ponies below!

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The Fat Rat – Splinter by Xris


Let’s face it, Canterlot Wedding was pretty much the most bad-flank episode of season 2.

So to honor it, we have a PMV that uses the same storyline!  This little bit of simple editing from Xris is a good way to watch the episode if you don’t feel like waiting through an hour or so of pony stuff.  There isn’t much custom stuff and the video does somewhat fail to keep up with the song’s bass drops at certain points.  But there was an obvious goal within the editor’s mind when he was creating this, and I think it was to just be like the episode.  Thus, he was kinda limited in the scenes he could use.  I didn’t really like the song either, but I’m sure some of y’all will have heard it before at one point.  Enjoy some action below.

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Changelings by Tisteve

You see that? It’s looks like it’s time for a calm-but-still-invigorating pmv! Filled with delicious pleasantries like animation! Sparkles! Lens flares! Smoooooth motion! Ponies! Changelings! ….ponies! If those aren’t enough to set your mind ablaze and writhe in anticipation, then you’re not sane! Simple, isn’t it? It’s a keen test we perform on all visitors, whether you know it or not! We’re secretly raiding your homes and stealing all of your possessions, so if you want your sweet new lazy boy back you’ll have to pass this little hurdle. Good day!
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