Play Like Pinkie Pie by Shiropoint

What’s up, cool kids? I’m MrDeLoop! I’ve been making PMV’s and various pony videos in the fandom since 2011. You might know me for making the Bring it all Back PMV, Discord Kinetic Typography or even the craziness that is EQG: Day of the Flutter.  Either way, I’m super excited to be joining the PMV Today author team from here on out. I’ve always felt passionate about PMV’s and it’ll be pretty damn cool to ramble about them over here. They are my friends, after all.

So, let’s kick this party off with perhaps one of my biggest editing inspirations in the fandom – Shiropoint. His Mane 6 series of videos made back in 2011 do an incredible job of capturing the personality, style and energy of each pony. Play Like Pinkie Pie is one of the gems that stuck out for me back when I first joined. The sense of pace, mix of show footage and custom visuals, the perfectly fitting song… It all flows together to create an awesome video that completely captures the essence of Pinkie. It’s a high octane burst of pure sugar filled craziness. And I love it.

With hundreds of thousands of views on these musical homages, Shiro’s earned his place as one of the more notable classic MLP editors. I’m sure he’s inspired many of us to go forth and just be creative because it’s FUN. Even if he’s recently taken an interest in other creative endeavors, I’ll always look up to his video-making talent and rewatch these videos to fuel my own motivation.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it – check out [this remake] made by NoPonyZone. It’s a really cool modern take on an old classic.

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Miss Equestrian Pie by Red Card




For today, we have a special 8-minute PMV of the classic song “American Pie” by Don Mclean. It baffles me how Red Card managed to put together 8 minutes worth of footage from the show and edit it into a PMV.

Nevertheless, he recently reached 5000 subscribers and he’s a great editor whom we’ve featured here several times. On top of that, the video is replete with puns and it makes me reminisce about the past. It’s like a trip down memory lane. Check out the video below.


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Fitness Made Simple by IBOR132



So, we’ve all had a day to put the Internet back together after it basically exploded, due to the premiere of the most recent episode. I’m sure everyone has said their peace about it by now, so I’ll leave that be and move on to the featured video for tonight.

This one comes to us from exactly one year ago, and the subject is actually quite fitting. It’s three weeks after New Year’s, which means most of us have already given up on our Resolutions, the most common of which is addressed in tonight’s PMV. If you haven’t yet, then all the power to you! And if you have, let’s see if this video will change your mind.

This video is not bad by any stretch, more like…the ‘bad’ kind of good. The music is cheesy, the video’s transitions are obnoxious (these are all by the original editor’s admission), everything you’d expect from a hastily-written theme song to a mail-order health and wellness video series. And it’s totally awesome because of it.

P.S. Look out for newly-crowned main cast member Bulk Brogan Biceps throughout the PMV, Since this whole thing is totally his bag.

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Ponies sliding into a box v2.0 by alfa995


Happy Boxing Day, Canada!

To celebrate the busiest re-gifting/exchanging/returning day of the holiday season, I wanted to share something adorable involving ponies and boxes, and this sweet little animation was the first thing that came to mind. So here’s something to go along with all those sugar cookies you’re all eating this week; just be careful not to overdo it. We don’t want any of you getting sick out there.

But for the adventurous who don’t hold their health in too high of a regard, here’s a 10-hour looping version.

Alright, you guys all take it easy, I gotta get going to work and handle the mountain of returns we’re surely going to get. Not really looking forward to it… But anyway, enjoy the video and the rest of your holiday season.

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Monty Python and the Elements of Harmony (Ending Scene) by LimeyLassen


So check it out. Tonight on the Sunday Classics Showcase, we’ve got a hidden little gem from one of the funniest, and most venerable viridian PMV makers in our community. This video features a very faithful MLP re-telling of the classic film , because of course it is. You really can’t go wrong with any scene, but major props for using one of the most memorable moments, and most memorable characters, from the film. The image of Trixie hanging out on the old castle battlement and shouting at the Mane Six in a fancy accent is too entrancing to pass up. And can I just say how amazingly well the footage from the Season 1 premiere holds up, even 3 years later?

Remember when we were first introduced to the Elements of Harmony? I’ll be honest, my hopes were not high when they debuted. Magical shiny rocks that fix everything with rainbows? Seemed kinda fishy. But really, they’re part of our show’s history now, and I’m kind of shocked to….Oh…well, I suppose I should recuse myself from making that statement on account of some people maybe not seeing the Season 4 premiere yet.

So, that being said, enjoy this silly classic video, and we’ll see you again next week!

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Anthropology: Lyra’s Song by isaiahdjkim


Tonight for the Sunday Classics Showcase, I wanted to talk about something that’s fascinated me for a long time: and that’s the power we have as a community to change what is true about the thing that brings us together. Specifically, the way we can take unassuming background characters, the purpose of whom is to fill up space in the scene and make it look more lively, and give them their own stories, their own motivations, their own LIVES. Nearly everybody in the fandom getting behind a common idea, sharing thoughts and opinions, making people take notice! That’s amazing to me.

For example, this pony right here. Hello! At first, she didn’t even have a name. She was just “Sitting Pony #1”, or something equally silly. A little digging into the pony mythology gave us the name “Heartstrings”, but we decided that “Lyra” sounded more natural. And presto, “Lyra Heartstrings” was born. I don’t know who decided that her sitting up straight on a bench somehow connected to humans, but that person should be in the Space Program. This idea then blossomed into one of the greatest early works of fanfiction in our history, which in turn inspired this talented musician to write a song about it. And that’s how this storyboard draft of an animation came to life.

That’s another thing that’s so great about this fandom: We all have the power to draw inspiration and creativity from each other. We just have to be open to looking for it. I hope you all will enjoy this song, this video, and that you can all find that bit of creativity in yourselves. Have a great night, and we’ll see you next week for another edition of PMV Today’s Sunday Classics Showcase!

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Russian Dancing Ponies by Dabu Xian


Fine greetings of joy to all you friends of PMV Today! For benefit of glorious Motherland, we are very proud to be presenting the Showcase of Classics for the day of Sunday! These are the ponies who are very much enjoying the dance of…Eh, I can’t keep this up.

So yeah, this week’s Classic video is brought to us from a PMV editor who is well known for creative use of dynamic stills, color and text, resulting in awesome imagery that fully immerses viewers into each one’s own special world. For this video, Dabs relies heavily on one color in particular, namely red, to call back to an iconic culture that had a very lasting impact on the world at large that can still be felt today. Fortunately, this video doesn’t take itself as seriously as that, as the lyrics clearly indicate, and having ponies in there helps a lot too. In all, this is a very fun video that will have you swaying in your seat.

Please to be enjoying, comrade! Watch this PMV below!

NOTE: Due to various reasons, this video is uploaded to another user’s channel, with the blessing of the original editor.

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Want It, Need It (Hold Me) by Omega Ozone


Since we’ve got a really nice streak of Halloween-y type of videos going on right now, let’s keep it going with a very special Sunday Classics Showcase. Tonight, we’re sharing with you what is quite possibly the most decidedly creepy animation in our entire fandom. I’m still getting all chilled thinking about it. This video is a very faithful re-imagining of an equally creepy music video, and just everything about it, from the slowly changing facial expressions, to the really unsettling puppet dances, will take your spine, dip it in ice, and wrap it around your heart a couple times for good measure. All in all, this is a true labor of love, with a spark of insanity, which stands out as a true classic among all the other nightmare fuel-ish PMVs that will no doubt be filling your computer screens on this, the spookiest time of the year.

Be sure to check out (if you haven’t already) the Youtube channel of our good friend OmegaOzone, who was also an honored guest of our very own Editor Spotlight series, where he talks about this video and much, much more. You can find that here:

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The Mane 6: Six Ponies You’ll Date in College by derpylives


Remember back when Collegehumor was a viable source of online entertainment? Yeah, me neither. But this video is a hilarious parody of one of their original series, with a clever little pony twist. The editor took very special care to link each of the Mane 6 to the original content, and the extra touch of adding actual show lines over the top shows great ingenuity. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they were actually talking about these ponies to begin with.

This classic PMV invites you to enjoy the genuine college experience, which obviously I must’ve missed out on, because I don’t think I dated any of these ponies. Um, I mean girls. Yeah…

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Pinkie Pie in “Present Prank” by Zachary Rich


Her name is Pinkie Pie, and she’s balancing this party on her head and her hooves, just for you!

Tonight, I wanted to share a video from way back in September of 2011, from a then relatively-unknown animation student, who would eighteen months later, organize and create one of fandom’s most ambitious and popular works to date. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please punch yourself in the face and click here to watch it. Anyway, this video will forever serve as a reminder that every great artist, be they a musician, painter, video editor, writer, anyone — they all have to start somewhere. So if you’re out there reading this right now, I encourage you to find that creative spark inside you and become the driving force behind the new generation of brony artists! We know you can do it!

So, enjoy this classic piece of pony history. Because Pinkie Pie. That should be enough of a reason.

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