The CMC Never Stopped Believin’ by Eldonde


I can’t be the only one who got insane chills seeing these three achieve their goals. And what better way to celebrate than with a montage set to a Journey classic?

Here we have a pretty great PMV from Eldonde that quite frankly needed to happen. It’s the typical clip-show of the CMC that you’d expect but there’s quite a bit of thought behind it. It remains faithful to the lyrics, shows off some crucial scenes of the three and has some nice sync. I will say it’s a tad slower paced than I’d expect, which works well for the intro but I think it’d be nice to get more cuts in there for the sake of impact. Still, the decision to leave shots “breathe” is always refreshing. It feels natural rather than overdone. And besides, the sheer meaning and emotion behind this redeems it. Great job!

The CMC never stopped believing. And so they achieved their dreams. <3

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Babs Seed SOS Remix Typography by CaliAzian


Hey everyone! I’m excited to be talking about a typography video for once – would you believe that during my four months here I haven’t actually had the chance to feature one?

So here we have a pretty awesome typography animation by CaliAzian, who seems to be a fairly undiscovered creator in the fandom. It’s based on a remix (if you can call it that) of the Babs Seed song. Considering it’s a typography of material from the show, Cali does a great job of keeping the visuals fresh and exciting. I’m a big fan of typographies that incorporate various other visuals into their style. I also really like how everything is constantly in motion. It takes a lot of work, but gives the video a lot more energy and really brings the final product to life. Also, props to him for creating a bunch of the vector assets too.

I love the use of red tinted backgrounds and brighter text complementing the overlay. It’s a very nice use of colours. I’d definitely love to see more videos of this style. They mesh perfectly with the show and it’s honestly fun seeing such an energetic and fun animation. It’s inspiring and refreshing to see undiscovered names still rocking it. Great job, CaliAzian. I hope you get a good boost of popularity from this!

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Pony Soda by DownburstProductions

Hello guys and gals! Today I bring you with a really cool PMV with a Shawn Wasabi song. If you know me, you know that I mostly like and watch PMVs with motion graphics and cool effects, but everyonce in a while I like to see some simple neat PMVs. This is one of them, and it’s great. With only using clips, no filters or effects, the editor here has arranged and synchronized each clip with the song. The silly sound effects in the music that Shawn Wasabi has created with his MIDI fighter, Downburst also added it’s own bits and clips of silly moments of the ponies which makes the video really fun to watch. Go watch the PMV down below!

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College Filly by Arthychaud


Today’s PMV is brought to you by the theme of bullying.  And indeed, it’s a very touchy subject: Arthychaud said that this is one of his most personal videos and I’m sure the theme relates back to many of us.  For some background, the format and style of the piece is based off of the original music video for the song, which isn’t uncommon in the editing world.

Luckily for us, this video doesn’t end like the original (explicit) and instead shows the positive effects of adult intervention (bonus points to Arty!).  Not much can be said about the effects aside from how the visuals are extremely formatted in a neat and clean way.  This really helps to create an environment, especially during surreal parts with fractal noise.

The reason some people make PMVs is to say something that can’t be said with just words or a song or a video alone.  In that way, I can’t tell you what this video is saying, so go check it out below!

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Counting Stars by TangyNeonz

Awe, come on, why didn’t we post this sooner?  These fillies are freaking adorable!

Not only that, but they fit well with One Republic being the young and hyper little ponies that they are.  I might shake my finger sometimes at the teenage pop music, but this PMV has actually made me slightly more tolerable to that song (even though, yes, it’s only been PMV’d a billion times).

Neonz has always had that crazy obsessive/awesome ability to relate everything to the CMC.  Normally, people would just *insert random scene here that matches the lyrics*.  But by keeping a focus on a certain set of characters, we see the natural story line start to develop.  This video is really one about the problems that the crusaders face and how they suddenly gain a fantastic boost of melody and come up with solutions.  The two problems that are the most relevant to these three, of course, are their relationships with elder siblings and their cutie marks.  Really nice job on the interpretation here.

In terms of effects, we’ve got more than your typical windows movie maker transitions but nothing really overpowering.  A nice balance for a song that doesn’t go too hardcore or too soft.  However, the quickly flashing scenes make an excellent match with the music, so a thumbs up in this category as well.

Get your daily dose of CMC right here! (or ‘Rightchea’ as we say in GA)

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Ch-Check It Out by luffyiscool


Today’s PMV has a decidedly old-school feeling. It features a classy tune from the greatest Jewish rappers of all time, and stars Ponyville’s own resident “Triple Trouble.” I’m sure the Beastie Boys and the Cutie Mark Crusaders have been put together before, but I dare anyone to do it better than this.

What’s really fun about this video is all the sharp cuts it takes during the verses, and how the lyrics match up with scenes with near-perfection. I especially liked how each musical sting was timed to an object hitting something, or a powerful reaction shot; that really garners attention.

The scenes at the end, that feature the most recent episode really bring the whole video together. I know we’re only 4 or 5 episodes into Season 4, but I really think “Flight to the Finish” is going to be hard to top as “Best S4 Episode.” Anyway, you’ve heard enough from me; go and ch-ch-check out the video below. And don’t forget to hit up the editor’s channel and see a bunch more cool stuff, and subscribe while you’re there!

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Crusader Typography Animation by izeer1337

Happy Friday to all!

Any CMC fans out there? Well even if you aren’t you should definitely check out this awesome Typography Animation by the mighty izeer1337. Amazing vectors and typography, plus a beautiful original song by BlackGryph0n & Baasik make this video truly ravishing. The use of effects give the video beautiful colouring and an inspiring feel. But don’t take my word for it, check out out!

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Crusader (Are We There Yet) by SpectraPony


Ahh… I love a good Cutie Mark Crusaders PMV (I was gonna shorten that to CMC PMV, but I thought that would be too many acronyms to handle at one go). This video is nice and simple, and I mean that in the best way possible. A lot of attention is given to timing and excellent scene choices, and the result is excellent flow and an overall polish that shines through brilliantly. The song is very optimistic and upbeat, and (naturally) fits the CMC perfectly. Effects are tastefully absent, apart from some nice flash transitions that work really nicely with the rhythm.

Back in Season 1, I didn’t care much for the Crusaders, but now I love them, and PMVs like this illustrate exactly why. Check it out below!

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