Frame of Mind [Collab] by Alanj2007Games

Aahhh, this made me cry! For about a month, Alanj2007Games coordinated another collaboration PMV, this time to the song “Frame of Mind” by Tristam and Braken. It was originally supposed to be a collab just between him and Nebula Animations, but it was put open as a group collaboration. This allowed me to have the opportunity to work on it, along with some other great PMV creators.

I didn’t see the final product until it was released, which – I admit – allowed for an incredible surprise. The intro immediately left me in awe, giving me chills within the first few seconds. The collab itself contained so many different editing styles and content choices, as well. Two people even did some custom animation for the PMV! Some focused on specific characters like Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash; some used regular (but exciting) motion graphics / typography; and one part, by Nebula, blew me away with the feels in that it used a creative visualization of the Return of Harmony, when Twilight read her old letters to Princess Celestia. It was a blast to work on this PMV, I’m proud of what I came up with, and you definitely will love it too.
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Beautiful Now by SnowT (Collab)

What does this image have to do with today’s PMV? It’s simple: the picture is awesome, and the PMV is awesome. That’s the theme of today’s post – awesome things. Because this is an awesome PMV, featuring some awesome editors.

Seriously, every possible style of PMV is present here, and the all flow together into an excellent video. The song choice, while not one I would have thought to make a PMV of, works really well. There is a great blend of typography, motion graphics, clip selection, and even some custom animations. It’s just really good, and you should go check it out below.

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Don’t Stop by The Collaboratory

One horse two horse pink horse blue horse orange horse yellow horse white horse purple horse.

A novel, by Dr. Hooves.

ANYWAY welcome back everybody it’s time to get the PMV train rolling again after our amazing contest at Bronycon!  Check out the contest page up top to find the results for that, and over the next few weeks we’ll be posting all the incredible submissions that we received.  Be sure to give them all lots of love for their hard efforts!

And today we have an especially fantastic collaboration between the famed editors of Ye Olde YouTube Lore.  That’s right folks, everyone from Acleps to DeLoop has joined in on this fantastic celebration of our favorite little ponies.  Sure it might lack a little focus other than the Mane crew and some general pony counterparts, but the effects are VERY SHINY, the transitions are fast and furious, and the song is well matched.  Check it out below and let the gang over at the Collaboratory know what you think!

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Because of You by rainbowdashzx and Friends

You know, happiness and sunshine and flowers doesn’t have to be the one-dimensional state of mind that we think it is.  Unless you’re Derpy over there on the right, then maybe…

ANOTHER COLLABORATION PMV shows this concept in a wonderfully exemplary way.  The song itself is rather happy with a few mixes of emotion coming in every now and then, but the editing keeps up with this perfectly and uses the happiness shown by each of our characters to flavor the entire piece.

Speaking of editing, we do get a lot of videos with fancy effects and sparkles, but it’s always worth noticing when there are edits done with quality.  I’m not saying that big effects bring down the amount of quality, but it isn’t dependent on them.  In this video, for example, we see a fabulously upbeat, speedy and lyric-matching edit in Tygr’s short part at the beginning.  Things aren’t necessarily custom, but the “dominoes” line is constructed in such a manner that I just feel super excited watching it.

Pump yourself up when you go down below, and make sure to sub to all the awesome editors who contributed!

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Runaway by Alanj2007 and Friends


It’s just like our good mayor said, this stuff really does bring people from all walks of life together.

The same applies to collaborations!

Good evening every pony and welcome to another fabulous featuring of a fantastically frivolous work of art.  The song is Runaway, but don’t do that quite yet until you’ve checked out this new collab!  This particular piece features monumental effort from big names like Alanj2007, all the way to our very own Pixel3000Nerd.

Speaking of whom, it seems like the most noticeable part about this PMV was the timing of everyone’s parts.  I’d say P3N’s style fits perfectly with the huge drop in the song when he comes in, and RDZX makes an incredible crescendo with his slightly shaken camera (and reference to G+).  DaSpacePony gives us a proper and fitting relaxation using their own ‘spaced-out’ style and JackDC93, a contest judge this year, had the perfect atmosphere for the soloed vocals at his part.

Find even more gems of editing below! And don’t forget to subscribe to each of the amazing visual engineers.

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Doors by various SFM animators


Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night. We got something different from the norm to post tonight. While we don’t normally post SFM videos, this one is really neat. Consisting of 36 (I think) SFM animators, it follows Twilight Sparkle as she side scrolls through a series of door, and all the ridiculous and insane situations that happen between each one.  While I haven’t seen the original it’s based on, the concept is simple enough that it’s not necessary to enjoy this remake.

It’s really quite cool to see so many different interpretations of a pony going through a series of doors. The animation through the various segments is really quite adorable and exciting. It’s a cool video and with so many editors I can only imagine how it was coordinated so well.


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All This Time by The Collaboratory


Collaborations are one of my favorite aspects of this fandom. People coming together to create something that’s greater than the sum of its parts; it’s a truly magical process. I was lucky enough to be a small part of a collab by a new group called The Collaboratory. A lot of really awesome people worked together on this one, with a lot of different styles and effects showing up in the end result. I think it came together really well, but let us know what you think!


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Good Time by Buri Kim (Team Buri)

Hello loyal PMVToday fans! After all the excitement last week it’s good to have a weekend to just kick it and relax watching a normal PMV isn’t it? Except what I have here isn’t just your normal PMV and some of you won’t be kicking it. “But Dae314,” you whine, “you said we could kick it and relax!” Well that’s true for some of you because you’re about to have a really good time whether you like it or not, whether you have a good time by kicking it or not, and nothing you say will change it. Nope. No buts. You read this far already you might as well go watch the PMV and have a good time. And trust me you will have a great time watching this PMV. For one thing it’s a collaboration between Buri Kim (Team Buri), SuperEffectiveBros, F.Bat (I’m really sorry but I can’t find your channel), and Siemensohm (I’m really sorry but I can’t find your channel either). For another thing, there’s lots of charming hand drawn animation to admire. It’s certainly not professionally animated, but I’ve always had a soft spot for hand drawn art when it’s used well. Here’s to a great weekend everybody!
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To The Sky (Collab) by EquestriaCollabs


Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any better, after thoroughly enjoying the latest episode of Season 4 featuring the voice-acting of Weird Al, I stumbled upon this humble PMV.

I am proud to present to you all a PMV collaboration that was started here, right on our very own forums! Using Owl City’s upbeat track “To The Sky”, this PMV uses quick transitions and amazing typography to liven up the atmosphere.

Contributions were made by Acelps, Izeer and many more! You can easily see the different styles that each of them has. With the recent amount of PMV collabs that have poured in, I can safely say that our humble little PMV community is expanding, and that’s a good thing.

Check out this outstanding PMV below and the video description, for everyone involved.


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Open Your Eyes (Collab) by M1guel1980 & AwokenMTLT


Hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season so far! For today, I have a  spectacular PMV which uses custom animation. Featuring a song by Aviators, this PMV uses various effects such as smoke, to make it more impactful.

I’m sure that you will enjoy the unique animation style that this PMV uses. The song fits in perfectly with the visuals and it looks amazing. After two months of collaborating and hard work, I think that they really pulled it off.

Happy holidays everyone and check out this fantastic animated PMV below!


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