Don’t Stop by The Collaboratory

One horse two horse pink horse blue horse orange horse yellow horse white horse purple horse.

A novel, by Dr. Hooves.

ANYWAY welcome back everybody it’s time to get the PMV train rolling again after our amazing contest at Bronycon!  Check out the contest page up top to find the results for that, and over the next few weeks we’ll be posting all the incredible submissions that we received.  Be sure to give them all lots of love for their hard efforts!

And today we have an especially fantastic collaboration between the famed editors of Ye Olde YouTube Lore.  That’s right folks, everyone from Acleps to DeLoop has joined in on this fantastic celebration of our favorite little ponies.  Sure it might lack a little focus other than the Mane crew and some general pony counterparts, but the effects are VERY SHINY, the transitions are fast and furious, and the song is well matched.  Check it out below and let the gang over at the Collaboratory know what you think!

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Centuries by rainbowdashzx And Friends

These horses look like they are %120 ready to listen to some Fall Out Boy save Equestria and be forever recognized for it in a stained glass window somewhere!

That’s pretty much their job description, right?  Anyway, the collab scene in the world of PMVs had slowed down for a good bit before we hit this wonderful piece of editing.  And now that rainbowdashzx and the crew have brought it back together I’m just anxious to see some more great editing like this!

My favorite part is probably the effects and continuity, which are hard to achieve when not everybody uses the same program nor has the same capabilities.  Even in this video, we’ll find that some of the editors used that fancy shmancy AE CC 2014, and others were caught with free (although flexible) video stringers.  With this in mind, it seems like everybody worked extra hard to continue a flow that should be almost impossible to keep.  The only part that didn’t seem necessary was the almost excessive use of typography in place of ponies, but what can you do when #Season5 doesn’t even have a release date yet?  We’re running out of scenes, yo!

Regardless, check out this exceptional video that you could watch on repeat for centuries! Or until Season 5, whichever comes first.

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