(EXPLICIT) A Very Special Message For a Very Special Someone by chocalicorn

pouting rarity

Hello, I’m NameGoes, and I am one of the writers here on PMV Today. You probably don’t know who I am, and that’s because I don’t make content for the fandom. Anyways, let’s get to this fun PMV by chocalicorn.

So, this video is obviously pointed at a certain ‘special’ someone, and I’m sure that he/she ‘enjoyed’ it. It features all of the mane six at some time or another (though not so much with Rarity and AJ) and boasts a very catchy song. I would definitely say it has a lighthearted feel through it, but it is rather difficult to categorize aside from saying its fun.

Something I really like about this PMV is the use of character expressions, body language, faces, etc, which definitely shows that chocalicorn knows the show and its scenes well. I also liked the presentation in general, the jolly and rather casual mood throughout really speaks for chocalicorn’s ability to carry a tone, and while the typography was somewhat simple, it was still well done for what it is, and is by no means lacking.

Overall, I really liked this PMV, and I hope you do too, go check it out below!

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PMV – Community by Bronies & Mash


A big congrats to Bronies & Mash for his more of 500 subscribers!. We have started the new year, and we are full of expectation and new hopes for this 2014.

Whatever, here’s a funny video based in the track Community Remix by DJ Steve Porter. This is a PMV that doesn’t want to show effects, transitions or typography… but that’s good, is good to have diversity in this fandom mainly in the section of videos and PMVs. This have a very good lip sync and with the selection of scenes is almost certainly that it will give us a good smile.

First: Watch the video below if you want to have a good time.

Second: I’m sure that it will be a great year with all the bronies/pegasisters that makes it reality.


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Fluffle Puff Tales: “Equestria Girls” | FluffyMixer



Good morning! (or at least this was supposed to be posted in the morning…)

Today, we get to talk about Fluffle Puff. But this time around, FluffyMixer mixed things up a bit (see what I did there hur hur) and Fluffle Puff and Chrissi have been humanized! *gasp*

There’s not much to say but, it’s cute, it’s funny, and it’s even a little heartwarming. Everything we’ve come to expect from FluffyMixer at this point. I can’t say much else but go watch it, if you haven’t already!


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