Itty Bitty by TheAcleps

Hello guys! Finally back for another post! Been quite a busy month, and on my new schedule right now, dealing with college and stuffs. But anyways, onwards to this PMV. One thing I gotta say: Acleps never dissapoints me. In terms of visuals, editing and all that kind of stuffs, this guy is a genius! As soon as I clicked the video, I couldn’t stop smiling. Both because of the editing and the music choice. When I heard the first second I was like “Shawn Wasabi!!!”. The motion graphics in this really matched the song and added in a few pony sound fxs on it’s own to blend in with the song’s style. Overall a happy pmv that is like candy to my eyes. There’s even a 60 fps version for those who are interested!

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Bronycon 2014 Contest Panel Footage

The folks at Bronycon have finally got the footage from our contest panel uploaded! This contest is always a blast to do and I think it went super well. We had a nice big room and managed to fill almost the entire thing. Big thanks to everyone who took part in the panel and also to the Bronycon staff who were just incredible this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone again for the third annual contest next August!

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Contest Video | Cubed by TheAcleps

Finally, we have the winner of the PMV Action category: Cubed by TheAcleps.  TheAcleps gives us a very impressive technical demo. There’s a plethora of motion here as shapes and colors that represent each pony appear to upbeat electronic music. Each pony is given it’s own segment to shine.  The cutie marks of each pony are broken down into their component shapes, playfully glide around the screen and eventually transform into the next cutie mark, connecting each pony together. Though there was only 7 actual pony clips in this video it is never the less a PMV.

A PMV is not a PMV unless it hides from the first comer, from the first glance, the law of its composition and the rules of its game. A PMV remains, moreover, forever imperceptible. Its laws and rules are not, however, harbored in the inaccessibility of a secret; it is simply that they can never be booked, in the present, into anything that could rigorously be called a perception.

Review courtesy of Dr. Dinosaur

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Best of Show Contest Winner | Twilight’s Day Off by OmegaOzone



And so we come to the apex of the Bronycon contest video critiques, Twilight’s Day Off by OmegaOzone. Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention but before the results were announced I was not aware there was going to be a Best of Show winner. My ignorance aside, It would not surprise me in the least if that award was not created for the express purpose of giving it to this video. It’s maddening really. Not fair in the least. How could we possibly compete with this? The same goes for my attempts to critique it, which are accurately illustrated thusly:


Aha! He forgot Fluttersh- oh wait there she is. And she’s in her danger outfit singing alongside Spike’s moustache! Well the animation is…flawless. The length…exactly as long as it needs to be. This video is virtually unassailable. OmegaOzone is a tremendous animator to be able to produce such a quality video in the time available. This post seems to be ending on the short side but what else can I really say? Maybe if I were an animator myself I could have some specific words on what exactly he accomplished here, but as it stands I can only tell you that it is nothing short of self-evidently amazing. Great job Ozone.

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Contest Video | La PMV by RainyBrony

Let’s all welcome our guest author who will be reviewing the Action category contest winners, Dr. Dinosaur! Without further ado, here is the fourth place video:

POW! BIFF! KABLAM! Batarang’d.  Action abounds readers, as we take a look at the videos that fought their way into the action category of this year’s Bronycon PMV contest.  I’m Dr. Dinosaur, and I’ll be your uhh…review type article writing guy…person. I must have been chosen for my incredible way with words.

The first video on the block is La PMV by RainyBrony.  This is a motion graphics character profile based around the main six and using the song Thé à la menthe by La Caution.  You may remember this song best from the laser dance scene from Ocean’s 12.  The video starts out by making the connections between each pony and their harmonious element.  The connection is made using both symbolic representations of each element and is made explicit via colourful text.  Abstractions proceed to take over the visual style.  Squares, rectangles, circles, octagons change the style and increase the flow of the video.  Personally I would not call this an action video but the transitions between scenes are quick and there is constant motion and that makes this an exciting visual ride.

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