Giddy Up! by Limey Pie

I don’t know what in the world this song is from, but I gotta say it’s pretty relevant to horses. This video has a lot going on in a delightfully crazy way, with plenty of scenes appearing on top of each other and a myriad of interesting transitions. This is a great example of someone just having fun with editing, and I had a ton of fun watching!

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You May Be Right by Paul Miller IV

How is MLP so great for silly, crazy stuff like this?  The world may never know.

I’m a sucker for classic rock and this simple PMV doesn’t disappoint with “You May Be Right” by Billy Joel.  The intro was really great in this one and scene selection wasn’t too bad either.  Scene selection could have been better however, there are a bunch of scenes I’m sure we all could think of that would really fit a crazy theme.  For example I didn’t see anything about the ponies being corrupted by Discord although that could have fit pretty well.  I’m sure that the editor’s problem with this was actually the opposite though, he had too many scenes to choose from!  Ponies are just so perfect for this kind of thing aren’t they?

Click below for craziness. (And congrats on the 1k subs :D)

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Perfect Insanity by luffyiscool

screw loose

I’m not sure where on the Scale of Sheer Awesomeness you would put ponies completely losing their gourds, but I happen to rank such an event pretty highly. There’s just something endearingly hysterical about it.  You might even call it a… perfect insanity. Which also happens to be the title of this serendipitous PMV by luffyiscool.

The song choice is a lot of fun, with highly-appropriate footage of our dear little ponies going utterly loco in the coco. The editing is simple and clean, doing its job nicely without flashy distractions. The quick-cut insanity montage near the end of the song is especially stellar. I’m slightly disappointed by the lack of any Screwloose cameos, but I’ll get over it…

I think luffyiscool did a great job with this one, so check it out below, and then drop by his channel to leave some feedback!

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