Die by J woody

One of the best parts of this fandom is crossovers.  It leaves literally infinite possibilities for ponies!

If you’re into a show that stars four colorful characters abbreviated in the form of R.W.B.Y., then you’ll love what we have tonight.  While the title of the video is slightly blunt, it’s the title of a song from the show that’s being crossed with MLP, and no ponies were harmed in the making (we think).

The visuals rely heavily on some literal interpretation, so it’s great that the singer here has a clear voice for ease of understanding.  It’s also easy to see that the song style matches extremely well with our pony friends; each is both aesthetically cute and clean while thematically presenting some darker aspects.  In this respect, the editor gets bonus points for a nice matchup.  The effects were short and simple when used, and one of the only problems I had with this was that it might be too literal at times and that the HUB logos are always sticking out at the corners of the screen.

So whether you’re for primarily pure ponies or a criss cross of crossovers, you should check out the nice PMV by J woody below!

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Crossing Field by SpectraPony


Sword Art Online + MLP?  I THINK YES!

Aside from my fanboyish antics over how awesome this is, I do like a lot of the recreated theme songs that we get from the PMV community.  I tell ya, one day Hasbro is going to start asking us for a new opener.  Get to it, y’all.

So really, I thought this was going to be a hard song to do, but it seems Spectra pulled it off decently enough.  The hard part about it is that one really has to match the soft chillness of some parts of the song with the same excitement in the next moment.  All of this needs to happen while keeping a consistent visual style because it is a theme song PMV after all.

But our dear editing friend does manage to keep everything in check.  Scenes that are fast and exciting like the distortion guitars in the song are used as overlays so that they don’t have an overpowering presence when they don’t need to, and the particles at the beginning perfectly describe the tone and texture of the music.  Negatives I hold about this video:  “FEILD”(fixed) and ENGLISH DUB.

I think those are forgivable though.  Watch it now, whether you like SAO or not!

(You will soon enough…. hehehe….)

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