The Phoenix by rainbowdashzx

Atten-TION! MAGGOTS! Why are you still sitting there staring at your screens? Do you think this is just any post? DO YOU? Well you’re wrong MAGGOT! This here is grade A quality hand crafted AWESOMESAUCE. I personally guarantee that you have not had any such thing in your life. ANY SUCH THING! Are you listening to me? Watching this video will mentally prepare you for the horrors you are about to face in the coming months until Season 5 is released. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED to combat the enemies you will face: hunger for pony magic, thirst for friendship and acceptance, and loss of allies and friends. You must weather the winds of uncertainty, the waters of false rumors, and shield yourself from the frequent troll raids. This video will MAKE YOU PREPARED. Each buttery transition will remind you that change is coming, each softly textured scene will give you shelter for the storm, and every word in the song will steel your soul for the troubles to come. Keep it in your favorites list and refer to it often. Be prepared, the road is long but you must make it… for all our sakes.
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Good Time by Buri Kim (Team Buri)

Hello loyal PMVToday fans! After all the excitement last week it’s good to have a weekend to just kick it and relax watching a normal PMV isn’t it? Except what I have here isn’t just your normal PMV and some of you won’t be kicking it. “But Dae314,” you whine, “you said we could kick it and relax!” Well that’s true for some of you because you’re about to have a really good time whether you like it or not, whether you have a good time by kicking it or not, and nothing you say will change it. Nope. No buts. You read this far already you might as well go watch the PMV and have a good time. And trust me you will have a great time watching this PMV. For one thing it’s a collaboration between Buri Kim (Team Buri), SuperEffectiveBros, F.Bat (I’m really sorry but I can’t find your channel), and Siemensohm (I’m really sorry but I can’t find your channel either). For another thing, there’s lots of charming hand drawn animation to admire. It’s certainly not professionally animated, but I’ve always had a soft spot for hand drawn art when it’s used well. Here’s to a great weekend everybody!
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Lucky Star Intro by BlueSora3

Listen to me. Before you go click play down there, lower your expectations. Are they lowered? Good now even lower. OK, now if you watched the anime lower them some more. Alright now you’re in the correct mindset to watch the video below. It is a video that you are supposed to laugh at, not judge or critique or debate. Approach this video the way you approached my post last week with the picture of a Freaky Fred-ified Pinkie Pie on top. If by some miracle you have never ever heard this song or seen this anime before… this video will either turn you off of anime forever or endear you so powerfully that you’ll be watching Lucky Star and K-ON for the next month. When you are ready, lean back, grab a drink, and press the play button below.
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Beat It by AnimatedJames

D: Thanks for tuning into 103.5 FM, PMVToday, the internet’s best source of PMVs and commentary. The current time is 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time, and the mood is Rock! I’m Dae314 here with rainbowdashzx, and we’ll be your hosts tonight.

r: Say Dae, speaking of rock… I believe we’ve got something special queued up that fits that category perfectly.

D: You’re absolutely right, rainbow! Opening tonight up we have a custom animated PMV by AnimatedJames. I think the viewers will be so amazed when they see it that they’ll just eat it!

r: Agreed! This is quite the animation we have here. They will be simply thrilled when they see it!

D: James does a great job showing us that he’s really not scared to bend some of the rules and gives us a really funky strong fight.

r: Talk’s value is determined by the content it sells, and these words are rich! Without further adieu, here’s Beat It by AnimatedJames!
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Cake – Short Skirt Long Jacket by Xris


A Rarity PMV? Yes.

Wow, where to begin on this PMV. First off, the fact that this is a Rarity PMV makes it already quite spectacular. I don’t think we see nearly enough Rarity PMVs (my paranoid opinion).

The PMV works for not only the song, but also works very well for Rarity, this is the kind of music I hear when I think of Rarity. When it comes to PMVs I am a pretty big fan of simple scenes from the show. Perhaps thats why this PMV caught my attention, because it uses scenes from the show, along with lots of custom animation and transitions. All around I thought this PMV came out looking spectacular, the only thing I saw was Rarities mouth moving. I’m not sure whether Xris was looking to have Rarity singing the song, or just have it playing over the footage. I find when you are playing over the footage it looks good if you can get a clip of them without their mouthes moving. But I understand this can be very difficult.

Don’t let my paranoia get in the way though, because I did still really love this PMV, and I hope you do as well!!

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Drive By by DILeak Studios

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Happy Friday night to all!!

I have to say, nothing captivates me more than a PMV that was done using all custom animation. Luckily, we have one right here! This amazing video is brought to us by DILeak Studios. Done to the song Drive By, by Train it has an upbeat, happy feel to it. I love that fact that they used the silhouettes of RD and Vinyl, and then used bright colourful back grounds. I have to say, it has been awhile since I have seen a PMV with such originality. But don’t take my word for it, check it out!

And if you have a minute, run over to the authors channel and give them some support.

DILeak Studios    

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