Runaway by Alanj2007 and Friends


It’s just like our good mayor said, this stuff really does bring people from all walks of life together.

The same applies to collaborations!

Good evening every pony and welcome to another fabulous featuring of a fantastically frivolous work of art.  The song is Runaway, but don’t do that quite yet until you’ve checked out this new collab!  This particular piece features monumental effort from big names like Alanj2007, all the way to our very own Pixel3000Nerd.

Speaking of whom, it seems like the most noticeable part about this PMV was the timing of everyone’s parts.  I’d say P3N’s style fits perfectly with the huge drop in the song when he comes in, and RDZX makes an incredible crescendo with his slightly shaken camera (and reference to G+).  DaSpacePony gives us a proper and fitting relaxation using their own ‘spaced-out’ style and JackDC93, a contest judge this year, had the perfect atmosphere for the soloed vocals at his part.

Find even more gems of editing below! And don’t forget to subscribe to each of the amazing visual engineers.

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Photo Party by AgrolChannel

What’s one word to describe this next PMV?  Blissful.

That’s right ladies and colts, we have a very happy and heartwarming animation coming up from the one and only Agrol who should definitely be posting more often.  The best part about it is that there is a wonderful and relaxing story that compliments the animation style beautifully.

And what is that style you ask?  The first few seconds were in the typical fan-animation tweening process that tend to plague amateur animations.  However, we then move on to a series of pictures (not dissimilar to Fimflamfilosophy) strung together as a representation of Pinkie’s photo collection.  It’s nostalgic, funny, and it also doesn’t take itself too seriously, which seems to be a problem in more and more videos.

The story is pretty simple, but also fun.  Pinkie runs around town to invite the Mane 6 crew to her photo party and gives the invitations in creative ways.  Casually happy acoustic tunes flow right along with the actions and everything has the best possible prosody.

Find it below for a fun springtime treat!

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Paranormatic Adventure by RacecarGhost

Black Spy Twi lookin’ Fly.  She could literally, if she had wings in this image.  Too bad.

I for one am surprised that we didn’t get to featuring this PMV earlier, being that Racecarghost is one of those regularly awesome people with his animations and videos.  In this one, we have a deep relation to another anime that our editor seems to have caught on to and some moving ponies that seem to have greatly improved!

While it’s easy to animate, it’s not easy to animate well.  In this visual adventure, we do get to see some fancy flying FX with BG to particle transitions and spotlights and such.  But more importantly than that, we get animations that are bouncy, not over-dramaticized, and relatively simple, albeit well done.  There does seem to be some choppiness in parts of the leg movement and speech frames, and a bit of awkward rotation on the legs at the end part.  However, I still argue that this short piece is a definite sign of improvement for our editor.

Check out a world of colors (and lack thereof) below!

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A Summer In The Stars by daspacepony

We get to see a bunch paintings of this princess sleeping under the moon, but isn’t Luna supposed to be nocturnal?

While we ponder these circumstances, lets distract ourselves with a beautifully clean typography from daspacepony!  In a world of editors striving for realistic distortion techniques, it’s always important to keep it clean when your music demands it.

Now I’m not one for typography or chord patterns that don’t extend beyond the common progressions, but this PMV is pretty neat regardless.  Our editor really puts their own consistent style into this video by using environments and skies as the main pony-oriented focus of the video.   It builds a nice atmosphere in this respect, and most importantly, it creates a difference between background and foreground.  One thing that subtracts points visually yet adds points creatively is the helvetica font used in the chorus. It makes sense with the lyrics because it’s a fun font, but it also seems slightly out of place with the style of the visuals.

Go below for a show about summer time that’s mighty fine.

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Mysterious Ways by awesomes8wc3

*Checks underneath S key* Darn it.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one in your keyboard, we have enough Pinkie in this video to satisfy your pink pony needs for days!  The video has perplexing effects that seem to take forever to render, and absolutely stunning typography.  This is might just be my favorite video of 2015!  Here’s the basic rundown:


  • Excellent and creative FX
  • Wonderful typography
  • Sticks to a theme/story
  • FULL credits in description
  • Proper distinction between background and foreground


  • Rotoscoped Pinkies are a little rough around the edges
  • Less than one hundred views!?

Well, I know how you can help fix that last one… click the video below!

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Crossing Field by SpectraPony


Sword Art Online + MLP?  I THINK YES!

Aside from my fanboyish antics over how awesome this is, I do like a lot of the recreated theme songs that we get from the PMV community.  I tell ya, one day Hasbro is going to start asking us for a new opener.  Get to it, y’all.

So really, I thought this was going to be a hard song to do, but it seems Spectra pulled it off decently enough.  The hard part about it is that one really has to match the soft chillness of some parts of the song with the same excitement in the next moment.  All of this needs to happen while keeping a consistent visual style because it is a theme song PMV after all.

But our dear editing friend does manage to keep everything in check.  Scenes that are fast and exciting like the distortion guitars in the song are used as overlays so that they don’t have an overpowering presence when they don’t need to, and the particles at the beginning perfectly describe the tone and texture of the music.  Negatives I hold about this video:  “FEILD”(fixed) and ENGLISH DUB.

I think those are forgivable though.  Watch it now, whether you like SAO or not!

(You will soon enough…. hehehe….)

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This Is Our Miracle by Racecarghost1



I was going to crop that header out to have only Fluttershy (she is best pony after all), but then I was like “Eh, background ponies could use some love too.”

But as for this PMV, it’s Japanese!  And you know what that means right?  Yes, it’s made by Racecarghost1.  I swear, that dude is younger than the rest of us and still makes better stuff.  Having an avid love for the show “Love Live” as well as one for MLP FIM, our experienced artist is doing some great stuff with this theme song recreation including (drumroll)… Some custom animation!

Now if there is one thing I have to say about the custom parts, it’s that Racecar really blends in his Japanese style nicely.  He takes the westernized puppets for MLP, but then uses that style of motion from eastern animation to create a very interesting and, dare I say, much cuter look.  Lip sync is perfect, of course, and most of the technique is fantastic.  As for the non-custom stuff, the editor still keeps the scenes interesting through the use of some typical theme song pop ups and transitions.  A great PMV all in all, you can check it out below!

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Bullet Train by Tisteve

Great.  Now that chorus is stuck in my head again -_-

We’ve seen a couple of PMVs using this song and they’ve turned out pretty fantastic, but this one has some awesome custom animation to add to the scene.  It’s pretty good custom stuff too, and to be honest, I think the editor is better at working with those geometric shapes than with non-custom pieces.

One criticism I might have had would be the all too recognizable camera movement, but Tisteve seems to really try to limit the use of the effect (as one should).  It isn’t too dangerously prevalent and when it takes center stage there is so much else to focus on that it almost gets overlooked.  Way to go with the scene building dude!

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