Bad Machine | PMV Collab by Tisteve


Hey, this is daspacepony! I’m another new author on PMVToday and have been making PMVs and joining PMV collabs since January 2015, here to showcase another amazing PMV!

Do you like crazy glitch effects? Dubstep? Fancy visuals? Collaborations? Then boy, do we have a good one here. Long time PMV maker, Tisteve has hopped on the collab-ing bandwagon and has surely brought the best people in for this style of PMV. Especially Pixel3000nerd and Alanj2007games who are known to make the best “glitch effect” PMVs around, did their parts wonderfully. Not forgetting HarmonicWind’s lovely typography and custom scenes for the rap part of the song; TiMan, Ashie and Tisteve, all bringing their own unique twists to their part of the collab, which is what being in a collab is all about. Besides the slightly too frequent use of typography and little use of visuals in HarmonicWind’s part that felt a little off within the PMV’s heavy effect, heavy visual feel, the whole PMV just blended wonderfully together with the song it went and that’s pretty much the most important thing about a PMV to me. :D

I can’t wait to see more amazing PMVs like this one in the community! Check out the PMV below!

space out~

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Twin Skeletons (Hotel in NYC) by Dr_Stables

Hey, everyone! It’s been a few weeks… Where has time gone… Dr_Stables released a new PMV about a month ago, to the song Twin Skeleton’s by Fall Out Boy. His choice of show clips and use of graphics / transitions really fit to the mood of the song. It mostly focused on both dark / grim scenes, and Manehattan. (Twin Skeletons / Hotel in NYC, who would have guessed?) Having been recently introduced to typography and graphics, I now have a better eye for this kind of stuff – and I can tell Dr_Stables is getting good. We actually got to participate in an amazing PMV collab recently! Wonder what PMV? I’ll write about it in a few hours, so keep your eyes open. But first, watch this Twin Skeletons PMV!  It’s right down there. Come on, you know you want to watch it. You are just one click away from paradise. What are you doing reading this post still? There is absolutely no information or entertainment to be gained from these words. It will take away time from your Twin Skeletons! :(

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I’ve Been Secretly Falling Apart by Dark Sonata

Dark ponies!  Sad ponies!  Dark Sad!  Ponies ponies!

Now here me out before you go clicking on that play button down there, some impressions of this video will make you cringe a bit, but it is so worth watching anyway.  This, I honestly believe, is the only PMV I’ve seen to make the best use of the inverted colors filter.  Other parts, such as the vectors at around 2:00, might seem way to slow and predictable, but there is an art to it all if you look past certain things.

This one has both a mood and a focus, which is about a very sad Twilight starting to degrade and fall apart.  The one scene that comes to mind?  Yes, Twi being discorded.  However there is a good bit of ingenuity in the scene selection where we don’t see the overly typical finale scenes, and I can appreciate that.  HOWEVER, the most important part of this whole entire video is that the editor had fun making it!

So for that reason, check it out with an open mind and I think you’ll find that it’s just fine.

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Darkest Part by WICKED is good

Twilight Sparkle represents friendship and all that but I bet she’d be an even better princess of the dark arts.  #JustSayin

As for today we have a rare gem from the long pages of YouTube search results that typically yield subpar videos.  This next one is somewhat heavy on effects and looks pretty dark, but at the same time it uses all of those effects rather properly and assigns those emotions in perfect accordance to the song.

Not only do we get some kick-flank distortion and typography, but the main focus of these effects is the awesome chromakeying that fills the transitions and speeds up the whole thing.  It makes the video seem like a thrill ride rather than a presentation, and it just works so well where implemented.  The complaints I had with this were the Hub logos and the fact that pastel horses still look a bit funny trying to scream.  But otherwise, my compliments to the editor and y’all should definitely give it a view or two below!

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The Time Has Come by HeavyWeaponsBaby

Never played DMC. But hey, guns and swords and arcane stuff, how can you go wrong?

HWB has released a brand new full length vid for a song in celebration of some Devil May Cry news, and it’s just as dark and action-filled as I’d like it to be.  One awesome thing that this shows is how even in the angry and evil sounding parts of the song, the focus is still on the good guys beating the bad guys.  How do you do that and still make it work?  Color correction.

And it’s a mighty fine change in tone and proper change in color when we hit the more holy part of the vid.  The only thing that really annoys me about this is the inclusion of some in-show audio (and that probably only annoys me because of its association with subpar PMVs in general).  But this is overall a fantastic piece of action, and everything fits like it should.  Take a look below!

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Fair Play by HeavyWeaponsBaby


Are you ready for some intense feels?

So here we have a really unique video based on Pinkie’s childhood emotions. It’s not often we get PMV’s that try to tell a custom narrative in their format. Usually, the presence of the song dictates everything about the video – but here HeavyWeaponsBaby has strived to tell a tale through visuals. And with the very limited footage of Pinkie’s childhood available, that really is impressive.

The story focuses on Pinkie dealing with Granny Pie’s death. As a child, her grandmother gave her a diary. Pinkie used it to draw pictures of her hopes and dreams, of making ponies smile. However, when Granny died she felt like giving up everything she had. She’d scribble over the pages and sink deeper into depression. When Maud attempted to comfort her she would get angry and refuse. Only through remembering the happy memories could she move forward and cherish her life.

How does a show footage PMV manage to do this? Visually, it overlays a lot of colour and bloom effects onto the clips to emphasize the atmosphere. Blue is often the cold, depressive colour and so the video uses a lot of overexposed tinting. Behind the effects, there’s quite a bit of custom editing in terms of masking and vectors. It’s done very convincingly, and the overlaid effects help to pull the scenes together.

What I like most about this video is the sheer creativity used to serve the story. Rather than being intimidated by the lack of available footage (especially when it comes to the specific scenes), the creator went ahead and did their best to visualize a narrative. The work shows and I have to commend it for that. Some of the effects don’t work as well as they could, but I still feel this is a breath of fresh air. Very well put together. Check it out below.

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Final Masquerade by Dr_Stables


Hey there, Sunday PMV folk! Isn’t the image above just insanely adorable? I’ve always loved RD being a surrogate sister to Scootaloo and when she took her under her wing I think I might’ve actually contracted diabetes. Seriously.

Anyway, today we’re bringing you a Scootadash PMV based on a Linkin Park song. The video takes the song and connects it to MLP by focusing on Scootaloo’s lamentation – presumably over the relationship she shares with Dash. Although there are some parts that show potential, there are a lot of unnecessary effects used throughout. Perhaps the most prevalent is the motion blurred screenwipe from shot to shot and the flashes. Oh god, the flashes.

I’ll give props to the creator for tackling a Scootaloo/Dash type of PMV – there’s not many scenes of them together interacting so this makes scene selection tough. There’s ways to cheat this such as using splitscreen, intercutting or masks, but the way they went about it felt slightly artificial and forced. Some of the effects feel slightly detached, as if they were included to make the video stand out rather than utilizing them within the context of the theme. It’s not necessarily bad to use effects in PMV’s. In fact, in some they can really bring the footage to life. But as you improve at editing and get past the experimental stage of learning a program, you should try to be creative with how you make use of them. A stellar example of this would be Linker’s [Faint PMV] which is definitely flashy, but does so in a way that compliments the atmosphere.

Although it wasn’t quite my taste, I do hope you guys get a kick out of it. Check it out below!

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s m i l e || pmv by MrDeLoop


Phew, what a week it’s been. Between shooting off to London to watch the season premiere, fussing over deadlines and the LoE open weekend, it’s been pretty hectic.

Speaking of the season premiere, isn’t it awesome that MLP is back? It’s good to see our favourite horses return to our screens on a weekly basis. And with new pony comes new fan content! New PMV’s! Yay! I’m really optimistic and excited to see what the fandom does with all the new footage. I know I’d like to make a video on it at some point.

Today we’re bringing you a new PMV from an old school PMV creator – MrDeLoop. Yeah, I know right? I’m as shocked as you are that he’s actually released something. Looks like he’s experimenting with a simple dramatic style of editing, similar to the work of TheLightLeavesThee. The video is based on the first two episodes that kicked off the season, retelling the story and exaggerating the creepy themes. The song used has quite a mellow haunting atmosphere to it, and in my humble opinion, I think MrDeLoop did a reall-

Huh, what? What do you mea- oh.

I’ve just been informed that I am in fact MrDeLoop.

Well this is awkward.

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Brompton Cocktail by rainbowdashzx ft. Somniis


One of the best things about being in a community like this one is the opportunity for discussion. As free-thinking individuals with all our own free thoughts, we can delve into much heavier issues that are apparently present in My Little Pony, such as the one that arises from the ‘Alicornication” of Princess Twilight Sparkle, and the implications of the darker themes of such an act. Specifically, when one considers the apparent immortality of Celestia and Luna, does Twilight’s status imply immortality as well? And if so, does this mean she will survive all of her friends? Now, obviously the writers and other show staffers have squashed this debate already, as such a topic could never actually be addressed on a children’s show, but of course that hasn’t stopped us from talking about it.

With that in mind, enjoy today’s special PMV, which is appropriately dark, and uses a lot of appropriate red filtering. Adding to the overall dark theme of the visual is the driving guitar licks and haunting, “deep” lyrics, highlighted by the liberal use of stylized typography. In all, it’s a very provocative, very artistic, and very enjoyable piece of work, that you can all enjoy below.

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Apulanta ft. Rarity – Simple-minded (Yksinkertainen) [PMV] by Dr_Stables



Fellow Mondaynians,

here we are, the last stretch of the year. You are in fact the last Mondaynians of this year. Be proud.

To end of this time, we have Rarity to the finnish song ”Simpel minded”. It is not groundbreaking, but enjoyable non the less. The lighting effects are spot on for the mood and even a lot of the syncing is nice.

This ends off our year Mondaynias.

I approve this.

[Added Info]: The song ends like this: “I wanted peace
But war has been declared in this soul
A war that no one will ever win.”

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