Flutterbat Trailer by rspectcopyrightmyass

Many people were excited for this episode because of the vampire-pony thing.

I was excited for this episode because of the Fluttershy-pony thing.

Here we have a well constructed trailer that brings a certainly cinematic feel to the whole ordeal.  We haven’t seen a good movie trailer in quite a while on the pony front, but this video proves that the art is not dead and very much in good condition!

The PMV uses a combination of actual trailer clips with simple black and white text and reflective designs along with clips which are mostly from the Bats! episode.  The great part about this is that our editor uses just enough of the pony clips and the non-pony clips to create interest while not inching away from the MLP side.  Another plus is the appropriate and consistent character assignment and sticking to genre. (we even get a little thrill scare at the end, which is perfect for the mood!)

Check out the bats below, and remember to lock your doors at night, lest the adorable vampony attack!

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Come On by Stellafera

Ya know, I’ve always really disliked Spike as a character.


So drop what you’re doing and listen up, because this new one by Stellafera will change everything you thought you knew (maybe) about the purple pair .  First answer: No, it is not a shipping PMV.  It’s really just a fantastic journey through the relationship of two wonderfully interwoven characters.  Heck, one might say it’s pretty “d’awwwn cute!” *Badum Tss*

The video not only recounts the times the two adventured throughout Equestria together, but it shows their failures in the show and how they pick themselves up.  All of the editor’s scenes really tie in literally with the lyrics and show just how much Panic!’s words relate to what’s going on.  It’s a story about everlasting friendship, shared failures and victories, and at the end there’s a beginning.  And of course, Stella tells it best below!

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Lost Friendship by Alanj2007 Games

Now how could you not forgive a Draconequus as cute as that?

While this PMV is focused around lost friendships, true to its title, we get to see a lot of Discord’s best before we hit season 5.  My favorite thing about this video is that there is an incredible feeling of intimate sadness even with the overused finale scenes from S4.  Now I know that might turn off some of you before you even click on the play button, but you’d be surprised at how quickly your opinion can change.

Another incredibly interesting point about this video is the use of its effects.  Alanj2007 has certainly gotten the hang of editing and has come a long way since his first PMV not so long ago.  You’ll notice some glitchy and otherwise hardcore distortion effect in this video, and that may seem out of place to the average eye.  But just like the action scenes this PMV uses, those effects serve more of a peaceful and memorable impression rather than one of excitement.  It’s a great technique that is used appropriately in hardly any videos.

Grab a box of tissues if your tear ducts are sensitive and check it out below!

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Lana Del Dre by SnowT

The month of Hearts And Hooves starts early today folks!  While this isn’t exactly my OTP, how can you deny two adorable little ponies in love?

Regardless of your preferences and views on shipping, it’s time to take a look at an awesome PMV that might even change your mind about which ponies pair perfectly.  This video is all about the AppleDash and has a large amount of custom animation elements in it.  Now hold your horses, the custom stuff isn’t the highest quality we’ve seen, but we should all know that the work put into it is massive.  You might slightly cringe at first, but the cuteness of everything will enhance the animation as you keep watching!

On effects, this scores an A+.  There are a lot of different effects here, but somehow SnowT manages to make them all fit with each other.  We also get a really nice atmosphere due to the rewinding of scenes in the first half and some really involved transitions. My favorite is probably the zooming into an eye, followed by a bubble view.  That particular effect has been done a few times in PMVs, but this one takes the cake for my favorite instance of it.

Grab yourself some AppleDash and get ready for a major drama bomb at the end!

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We’re on Our Way by ObbsessiveBookworm


This picture was too cute not to post.  Still not quite sure what’s up with Rarity, maybe grass isn’t good for the mane?

But if you want to smile as much as those ponies up there do, you have come to the right PMV.  ObbsessiveBookworm (I don’t make the names, I just spell ’em correctly) has brought us another one of his epically soothing pieces with as much artistic merit and storytelling ability as his previous works.

The editor takes special care not to overdo the color overlays, and I really appreciate that.  The scene selections are absolutely fantastic in terms of matching the mood; calm with either a gentle touch of sadness or happiness depending on the song’s tone.  I usually have controversial opinions on typography, but the font and colors really fit for this song.  What I DON’T like about the typography is that it does almost nothing to support the effectiveness of the PMV as just an overlay.  Overlays are meant to be less distracting so that they don’t drag attention away from the foreground, which is an excellent scene selection in this case.  However, people’s eyes naturally like to read things, and are thus pulled away from the actual content when typography appears.

So I could deal with a little less words here, but if you can look past that you’ll find a wonderful video.  Go, watch it, continue on your way to Pony enlightenment.

YouTube Preview Image

Edit: After gathering extremely exclusive intel, I’ve discovered that the typography was used to give the video more of “it’s own voice.”  I have to say, this particular video will certainly stand out from the rest of Bookworm’s, at least in my mind.

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