Lost Friendship by Alanj2007 Games

Now how could you not forgive a Draconequus as cute as that?

While this PMV is focused around lost friendships, true to its title, we get to see a lot of Discord’s best before we hit season 5.  My favorite thing about this video is that there is an incredible feeling of intimate sadness even with the overused finale scenes from S4.  Now I know that might turn off some of you before you even click on the play button, but you’d be surprised at how quickly your opinion can change.

Another incredibly interesting point about this video is the use of its effects.  Alanj2007 has certainly gotten the hang of editing and has come a long way since his first PMV not so long ago.  You’ll notice some glitchy and otherwise hardcore distortion effect in this video, and that may seem out of place to the average eye.  But just like the action scenes this PMV uses, those effects serve more of a peaceful and memorable impression rather than one of excitement.  It’s a great technique that is used appropriately in hardly any videos.

Grab a box of tissues if your tear ducts are sensitive and check it out below!

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The Grey by metalsystem761


Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. I’ve been attempting to do some film editing for class, but the lack of candy coloured equines has distracted me. Go figure.

Anyway, today we’re bringing you a emotional PMV focusing on inner turmoil and redemption. This PMV seems to use a variety of characters such as Luna, Applejack and Discord to highlight the dramatic impact of the song. I have to give praise for the scene selection used here, their choices really do compliment the lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, The use of text on screen is decent – it’s an extra element that further exaggerates the emotion. The transition effects seemed forced at some points, but for the most part it works. If the creator develops and improves it in future videos, it could become quite an interesting style for them.

I do quite like how the video lets the clips breathe a bit in terms of pacing. When editing to music it’s important to know how long to hold a clip. Do you cut to the rhythm or to the emotion? Here, the emotion takes priority and so we get a chance to sympathize with the characters. Overall, this is a nice solid PMV that strives and achieves the atmosphere of the song. Check it out below.
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Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene (PMV) by ObbsessiveBookworm


Hey folks, happy Friday! Tonight we have a new PMV from ObbsessiveBookworm. Hope you like evil because this PMV is focused on villains.

Let me say I absolutely love this video. The catchiness of the song combined with the simplistic editing style really makes this an enjoyable vid for me. The effects are restricted to simple color correction, fades and an overlay. Simple and powerful. Now usually I find overlays to be distracting, but the sparing and tasteful use in key areas really adds visual interest to make up for some of the slower parts of the song. I also was pleased by the use of the high-aspect ratio letter boxing in specific areas of the song. Overall the editing gives a very dramatic and professional feel to the whole video.

Also Twilight kicking butt at the end make me very happy. Enjoy the video below!

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Entropy by daspacepony

I believe that there needs to be a huge debate about whether ‘chaos’ or ‘entropy’ is really the technically correct term to describe what Discord does.  It would be a nice intellectual talking point and would totally tear the fandom apart again.

See, that’s an example of chaos^^. Or is it entropy?  You decide.  But first, let me tell you about this crazy typography we got going down here.    We’ll usually see a bunch of nice bold words that the audience can easily digest in your average typography, but here we get quite the opposite.  There’s a few decently sized fonts, none of which are too crazy.  And ya know what?  It actually seems to make things even easier on the eyes.  The editor probably used simpler fonts because of all the effects that were already going to be taking place…

Speaking of, what I really care a lot for is some crazy distortion effects, and this video is full of ’em.  I absolutely admire how a simple blur here was used for distortion instead of softening things up; it works really well!  The general Twitch effects and etc. were also in this video but another nice choice was the fish-eye effect, which is seldom used as well as it was in this vid.

Go catch yourself a little chaos entropy chaos discord below!

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You’re Too Old To Rock, Celestia by TheOneTheyCallBrony

tenacious D


Oh boy look what we have for us today, this is my first post so I’m glad it could be a PMV to one of my favorite bands of all time. The One They Call Brony has brought us something very special with this PMV to the song Dio by Tenacious D. Might I also add if you’re a fan of PMVs with good lip sync, good stories and good music (like myself) then I highly suggest that you check this one out. I’m sure if you’re a Tenacious D fan you wont be disappointed.  (picture by mackinn7)



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The Return of Harmony by formuladash


Grunge and fade-outs fix everything.  That’s my philosophy at least ;D

So we’re here again at a wonderful Tuesday evening, and with us we have a simple yet very compelling (in the most accurate sense of the word,) video that spotlights an amazing episode of My Little Pony.  It almost turns MLP into an entirely different atmosphere where girly colors and sunshine are only in the aesthetics.  It’s awesome.

Really, the effects are simple and so are the clip choices (albeit very well organized for a movie trailer).  But the thing I love most is that the editor, formuladash, who we haven’t seen in quite a while, turns everything into his own piece of art. The trailer music no longer belongs to ‘Vengers 2; the ponies are no longer part of the cute and cuddly Equestria.  Instead it’s an entirely new creation using both pieces.  I really think that’s an amazing thing in itself that more people should aim for.

As a couple of commenters have said, this vid really makes you want to watch the episode again.  So while I do that, y’all  should check this thing out.  Have a treat below!

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‪How Ponies made the Season 4‬ by AgrolChannel


Fellow Mondaynians,

Imagine, that My little pony was a show. Give me a moment to rephrase that…

What if, The characters from Mlp Friendship Is Magic Were played by actors.  Wait…

Ponder on if you will, The possibility that our beloved show was not real.

This is a lot harder to write about than I though.

To partake in some more bloopers, ones fairly nicely animated even, Give this mondays Video a few, even though I am assured many of you already have.

I approve This.

[Added Info]:  It is believed that the clear liquid is in fact alcohol.

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Entropy by Stellafera

“Hey Sky, why do you always use wallpapers for the header images?”

Well, Discord asks a better question: “¡Por que no?”

And Discord also says that you should totally check out a PMV by Stellafera that stars himself and his love of chaos.  So un-pour yourself a glass of chocolate milk and prepare to be entertained, for you’re about to get a full song of your favorite draconequus.  It’s really awesome that because of all the Discord attention we’ve started to get in the show, we actually have enough scenes to make a full-fledged video from them!

To talk about the video itself, some might say that the constant typography is a little bit out of the author’s known style.  But I say quite the opposite.  I view this particular instance of typography more as an overlay, just another layer to the video (not as a crutch like some people might use it).  And Stella’s videos are definitely styled with constant overlays, so I would say that the words on the screen are actually quite proper.

I would think of something clever to close this off with but my Ramen Noodles are almost done.  Get the video below!  Bye!

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Everybody Wants To Rule The World by SpyroTheDragon1267


rainbowdashzx here again to bring you an interesting video from SpyroTheDragon1267! Using Lorde’s cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule The World,” he successfully crafted a simple, yet entertaining PMV centered around Discord. While not the most complex video, nor the fanciest, it’s still an entertaining bit you should check out below!

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