Inside Out (Parody Trailer) by Bridleway462GHA


We don’t usually post trailer parodies on PMV Today, so lets change things up a little this time around. Since both trailer parodies and PMV’s require similar editing techniques, this review shouldn’t feel too irregular.

The creator chose fitting clips, which is always essential. Although the lipsync wasn’t perfect at some points, a good attempt was made. I feel like they chose good characters to represent each emotion, definitely one of the strongest points for this video. The jokes were funny, and the good choice of footage reinforced this fact with visual humor.

The only thing that bugged me about this video is that I found it hard to distinguish between what was going on in the real world, and what was going on inside their heads. They could’ve made the transition between the two settings a little clearer.

All in all this was a fun, simple and well executed trailer parody.

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Let it Go by Bridleway462gha

Frozen PMV.  ‘Nuff said.

Or at least thats what people tend to think until they realize that the Frozen/MLP fans just rushed forth to PMV the songs from the movie with disregard for quality control.  Some were good, I’ll admit, but none of them stood too far out in the crowd until I took a look at this one.  Even if the song were different though, the editing skills for it have shown that the author is superbly talented.

The main reason I give it praise is the literalness of each scene.  Sure, when we think about literal PMVs we think about the lyrics of the song matching up with the character’s mouth moving.  But this vid takes it one step further by using literal facial expressions that fit perfectly with the song.  I might also add that I love videos with a plot, even if it isn’t really original.  This certainly seems to follow the plot of the song and the whole introverted magical pony/person ordeal.

The only thing I should harp on is the crazy amount of time remapping.  Slow frames and that kinda thing.  But go check it out anyway!

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