Darkest Part by WICKED is good

Twilight Sparkle represents friendship and all that but I bet she’d be an even better princess of the dark arts.  #JustSayin

As for today we have a rare gem from the long pages of YouTube search results that typically yield subpar videos.  This next one is somewhat heavy on effects and looks pretty dark, but at the same time it uses all of those effects rather properly and assigns those emotions in perfect accordance to the song.

Not only do we get some kick-flank distortion and typography, but the main focus of these effects is the awesome chromakeying that fills the transitions and speeds up the whole thing.  It makes the video seem like a thrill ride rather than a presentation, and it just works so well where implemented.  The complaints I had with this were the Hub logos and the fact that pastel horses still look a bit funny trying to scream.  But otherwise, my compliments to the editor and y’all should definitely give it a view or two below!

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Mysterious Ways by awesomes8wc3

*Checks underneath S key* Darn it.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one in your keyboard, we have enough Pinkie in this video to satisfy your pink pony needs for days!  The video has perplexing effects that seem to take forever to render, and absolutely stunning typography.  This is might just be my favorite video of 2015!  Here’s the basic rundown:


  • Excellent and creative FX
  • Wonderful typography
  • Sticks to a theme/story
  • FULL credits in description
  • Proper distinction between background and foreground


  • Rotoscoped Pinkies are a little rough around the edges
  • Less than one hundred views!?

Well, I know how you can help fix that last one… click the video below!

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