Bad Machine | PMV Collab by Tisteve


Hey, this is daspacepony! I’m another new author on PMVToday and have been making PMVs and joining PMV collabs since January 2015, here to showcase another amazing PMV!

Do you like crazy glitch effects? Dubstep? Fancy visuals? Collaborations? Then boy, do we have a good one here. Long time PMV maker, Tisteve has hopped on the collab-ing bandwagon and has surely brought the best people in for this style of PMV. Especially Pixel3000nerd and Alanj2007games who are known to make the best “glitch effect” PMVs around, did their parts wonderfully. Not forgetting HarmonicWind’s lovely typography and custom scenes for the rap part of the song; TiMan, Ashie and Tisteve, all bringing their own unique twists to their part of the collab, which is what being in a collab is all about. Besides the slightly too frequent use of typography and little use of visuals in HarmonicWind’s part that felt a little off within the PMV’s heavy effect, heavy visual feel, the whole PMV just blended wonderfully together with the song it went and that’s pretty much the most important thing about a PMV to me. :D

I can’t wait to see more amazing PMVs like this one in the community! Check out the PMV below!

space out~

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Energy by Acleps

Hello everypony! Today, I am bringing you an amazing PMV done by TheAcleps. “Energy” is stuningly amazing in the motion graphics.  Myself, I am a big fan of motion graphics, and this one blew my mind. Once I saw the thumbnail on my feed and watched the video, I was like “Yep, this is definitely Acleps.”  The amount of visuals and transitions presented in this is like candy to my eyes. But anyways, enough of me jibber jabbing, go watch it down below!

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Brony 2014 by 4SuitTheUnicorn



2014 has ended and now we move to a new year of 2015. 2014 was a great year of pony content and to celebrate here’s a PMV created by 4SuitTheUnicorn. Filled with a compilation of clips and content from the best brony videos of the year. Hope to see some more amazing content from the brony community this year!

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The Daymarestep Cometh by TheLightLeavesThee


Tonight, we bring you a classic musical remix, based on a classic song from a classic sunny TV series, which had previously been given a classic AMV treatment, and now, fresh for 2014, has been given an all-new PMV treatment! Starring a master of karate and friendship for everyone!

I’ve seen this particular idea done in several places before, most famously in one of the Anthology videos, but kudos to this editor for doing the first one I’ve seen that didn’t use Celestia as the eponymous ‘Daymare’. Twilight is a much better fit than her anyway; at least Twilight fights on occasion. And speaking of fights, some of the best parts of this video occur when those glorious wubs kick in, and SS Level 4 Twilight battles Lord Tirek to some totally awesome and perfectly timed filters and cuts. This video runs a gamut of emotion, from despodent loneliness, to triumphant joy, all the way to righteous fury, and the editing effects always follow along. It’s definitely something I enjoyed, and I’m sure that you all will as well!

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This Is It by SuperEffectiveBros


Greetings, Wednesdaylians. For your viewing pleasure today,  I’d like to bring a scrumptious morsel to your plates. The actual length of this video (minus credits) clocks in at only about 50 seconds, but boy, does every second count. This video is absolutely dripping with juicy effects, transitions, typography, you name it. I can’t even begin to describe to you how many cool things are squished into this minute-long adventure, but suffice it to say: there are a lot of cool things (including Rainbow Dash, who is indeed a cool thing).

Some people complain about how short dubstep PMVs only riff off of cutie mark vectors and do little else, but I think that this one used plenty of footage and mixed it up nicely with some of that custom cutie mark stuff. I think the author struck a perfect chord between the two, and I wish more of these minute-long dubstep PMVs would take notes and follow suit.

Check it out below!

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Is your purpose clear, Princess Sparkle? by TheLightLeavesThee

Twilight Sparkle certainly reached new heights of epicness with the latest season finale. Could there be a PMV that captures her entire journey from simple student to Princess of Friendship? If you’ve already clicked the video below then you already know the answer. This PMV does an amazing job chronicling all of the best Twilight moments across all four seasons, and does it with style.

I became a fan of Lindsey Stirling music from the first PMV in this series, and this new song is just more awesome piled on top of the awesome that is this video. Pretty much every beat of the percussion is accompanied by a swift scene change with a nice zoom effect; that’s a ton of different scenes to put together! But the real measure of a video is the emotional impact, and this one gave me chills by the time I got to the end. This one’s the full package people, enjoy!

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Dubstep PMV : Discorded Step by Tisteve

There are a lot of different goals than an artist can have in mind when making a PMV. In this case, I imagine the goal was complete overload of the visual center of our brains. In a good way of course! Such a high level of After Effects animation that I couldn’t even begin to explain, except to say that it is indeed awesome to behold. Dubstep is the perfect style of music for a video of this type, so just let the wubs and the colors carry you away to a land of pure audiovisual bliss.

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Twitchy twitch by General Slinkie

Well that’s dubstep for ya.  Pretty colors and flashing lights.

And this beautiful PMV is no exception.  It’s quirky, it’s weird, and it matches the music in a heavenly sonority.  Or a dubsteppily sonority, but I’m not sure that that’s a real adjective.

Anyway, this video is fantastic for reviewing and learning from because the editor makes some really stand-out choices here (not inherently good, however).  We’ll start with the pros because there is just so much of it!  I mean, this pretty much exemplifies the reason that we use effects in the first place, to amplify the attitude of our scenes.  General Slinkie coordinates the oddities of the finale episodes, i.e. Discord’s randomness or Pinkie’s giggling ghosty trees, with the FX that are used and relies heavily on neither one, but the combination of the two.  To be more shallow, I like the pretty distortion and little circle expansions at the beginning as well as the flippy transitions throughout.  Cool stuff.

I also liked the camera jumps, but speaking of cameras, the movement in the beginning kinda killed it for me, and I think that’s the main point where the video falls flat.  We’re talking no easing, no point of focus, and no apparent random disorder.  Now don’t get me wrong, some of the cam zooms after that point are pretty nice.  And I also understand that this was done to match the randomness and quirkiness of the song, but I think ya went a bit overboard here.

You can be the judge of that though, check out the video and let us know whatcha think!

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Fabulous Rarity by GuncaPMV


I can never say no to a great Rarity PMV, and luckily I don’t have to today. Because this is a great Rarity PMV; well actually, ‘great’ isn’t even a good enough word for what this is. Out of all of the ones I’ve seen, this one shines bright (like a diamond).

This PMV is done in a much more modern style, with limited use of animated vectors, and a literal tonne (not a ton) of motion graphics and transitions. What sets this one apart from the pack, though, is its versatility and uniqueness. The sheer volume of shapes, colors, flashes and beats means that no package gets used twice, making it an enjoyable, fascinating experience rather than boring, predictable and annoying. This is a fantastic achievement in video editing, and I strongly urge everyone to check it out immediately. And if you like this, make sure to check out GuncA’s channel to see even more stylish PMVs like this one.

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DisDubSTEP by SpyroTheDragon1267

Hello everyone! New writer Dae314 here with a greeting post and a video that will blast you right back to 2007 (or 2011). Who remembers this little gem of a mobile game called, The Impossible Game published back in 2011? What about this much less popular game called, Music In Motion published back in 2008? Or maybe even the original song dating back almost 7 years ago to 2007 called Fire Aura? This song has made its rounds in many forms of media but never before PMVs… Until now!

Despite the misnomer in the title, this video captures the untamed energy of the song through a dizzying use of more Vegas Pro effects than I can count. SpyroTheDragon126 deftly follows the twists and turns in the melody with mostly appropriate scene choices while smoothing over the transitions with the use of chaotic effects and cropping. Surprisingly, there aren’t very many fancy transitions or even cuts in the video. The effects used in DisDubSTEP carry most of the energy of the song and give the illusion that transitions are happening when really screen elements are just moving around. Watching this video left me feeling inexplicably happy yet unsatisfied that I did not yet own a talking shapeshifting rainbow crocodile that could shoot bubbles out of its ears. One thing this video definitely still needs is a seizure warning during the first few seconds before the music begins to accelerate.

Enjoy the absurdity below:
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