Kindness by DXIndustriesInc

Hi, DeLoop here. I’d just like to step in and show you all something.

I could write an entire book, or ten, about this video. It’s a gift I received for my birthday from my best friend. He’s been going through a hell of a lot over the past few months.

It broke me. It overwhelmed me and filled me with emotion, pushed me to tears and left me visibly shaken. It renders me speechless to think about our friendship, his struggles and how incredible this is. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received. It’s honestly beautiful.

I just ask that you watch it. You may not know the details and how much turbulence our relationship has been through, but I’d just like to bring it to your attention.

Thank you.

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Dirty Hooves by Izeer


Hey guys, back again with another post. Today we have a PMV from Izeer, and boy is it something.

From the moment the video starts, you can tell it’s going to be an emotional, and visually pleasing PMV. The grayscale and snow coupled with that guitar is quite a fitting combo. Izeer was wise to include a snow flurry blowing across the frame, as not only does this fit with the songs theme, but it stands out against the dark skies in the background. This PMV does a very good job at staying true to the lyrics. Each of the mane six has their own segments, and the lyrics seem to fit. For example, as soon as animals are mentioned, there is a slick transition to fluttershy.

Although a simple walk cycle may seem rather minimal, the creator did his best to maintain our interest. They included very fluid motion graphics and typography, that did far more than just recite the lyrics. They were pasted on snowflakes and trees, which gives the viewer something a little more interesting to look at than just the walk cycle. The scenes are well timed too. When the song picks up some pace, a whole swarm of dragons flies by in the background. These dragons are also cleverly used to transition from fluttershy to rarity.

This is a very enjoyable PMV, and is aesthetically pleasing. I must admit I got a few shivers the first time I watched it, and I think Izeer did a great job at putting his idea forward, and keeping to the theme. Catch it bellow guys!

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Strangers by MrKupKake


Hey guys, I’m Sambohh. I haven’t been around too long so I doubt many of you have heard of me. And come to think of it, the only PMV content I’ve ever made is a 20 second section for the Collaboratory’s latest PMV. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is the fact that I have around 3 years of video editing knowledge, so that’s a plus. Either way, I’m glad to be a part of the PMVToday team, and hope I can throw out many PMV posts for you guys to enjoy in the future. Let’s get started shall we?

Well first off we have this beautiful PMV Animation from Mr KupKake, for the song strangers by Scratch21 (feat.EileMonty). Honestly, this video was destined to be a hit from the get go. Because it features Button Mash, a popular character that we have seen little of since the JanAnimations takedown. Not only that, but the song featured is sung by none other than ShadyVox, the voice actor for Button Mash. It was just begging to be made, and KupKake stepped up to the challenge.

This video is much more than just a simple animation with show characters lip synched up to a good song. The creator made sure to use particular lighting, transitions and camera placements, to capture the feel of the song as much as possible. It speaks to the viewer on an emotional level, and really pulls at your heartstrings. Clever effects were used, such as a white vignette to clarify that the characters are reminiscing on their past. The animation links with the lyrics very well, without going off them completely. And the ending is just stunning. The way they hang their heads and cry really hits you hard.

It’s just such a well though out, well made and memorable video that I think will go very far, and become a classic that will be remembered years in the future.

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Violent Blue by ObbsessiveBookworm


And now for something completely different. ObbsessiveBookworm always makes great videos, but his latest endeavor is a really fresh PMV that stands out because of some unique structuring and an artsy, underwater vibe. The music is very peaceful and a little somber and works perfectly with the video’s stylistic direction. I really like what O.B. crafted here, and some of the creative workarounds he came up with to maintain the aquatic atmosphere. It’s a distinct work of art that stands well apart from the crowd of cookie-cut and uninspired PMVs out there.

Watch it. Enjoy it. Comment on it.

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The Deserter’s Song by ObsessiveBookworm


You would think that PMVs would be completely stale by now. I mean, how many creative and unique ways could you possibly put footage of colorful little ponies to music? The sheer number of PMVs that have been produced since this show’s inception is astounding. But the possibilities for PMVs are as endless and as varied as the musical diversity that drives them. Sure, there’s the odd rehash, but then comes along a fresh PMV like this one, and it’s like a splash of delicious kool-aid right in the face. It’s remarkable what a few simple filters and some really tasteful, tight editing can do.

I love the work that the author has accomplished here with lots of interesting, high-contrast monochrome and a pacing that fits the dramatic and stirring song perfectly. I can really sense that he went the extra mile with this one and poured a lot of effort into it. Don’t take my word for it, though. Go check it out below, and then drop by ObsessiveBookworm’s channel to subscribe or leave feedback!

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Welcome Home by ObsessiveBookworm


Sometimes PMVs can get so flashy and distracting that we nearly forget about the heart and soul of the PMV : the music. True, these videos also hit home with us because they orbit around the show we adore, but the song choice behind any great PMV is what primarily makes it tick, if you ask me. Music is so powerful, and it can bring whole new meanings to any source medium.

Take today’s PMV by ObsessiveBookworm, for instance. The emotional atmosphere of the song is amazingly deep, and that depth really bleeds out into the scene choices and fills you with all sorts of great pony feels. The “Effect-Lite” editing does its job nicely, and compliments the song and its lyrics without distracting us from them. The simple use of zoom also adds a nice smooth feeling of motion to everything. It’s a basic editing technique, but I think it was used to great effect here.

So… Great song? Check. Video that frames said song beautifully without distracting from it? Check. Great PMV? Double check.

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