I’ll Be Dreaming by ObbsessiveBookworm


And so is ObbsessiveBookworm.  After taking a short break to work on a submission for our PMV contest, we’ve got a short and meaningful piece from the wonderful editor.  And while it certainly lacks in the effects, the scene selection is surprisingly superb.

I have to extend my full thanks to this video for its scene choice.  Not only did everything fit well with the music and lyrics, but FINALLY somebody was able to use the scenes from that SS music video in a way that was not completely pretentious and/or terrible!  Looking for good PMVs on Youtube is hard, and I’ve had to trudge through hours of that same footage mixed with pop songs and Nightcore alike.  Yet somehow, this one PMV manages to make me like those same visuals all over again.

The problem I had with effects is probably only because I could imagine some sort of bloom filters or color enhancement when the song hits its upbeat part.  But it’s better underdone than overdone, and you should check it out below to see for yourself!

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Lost by Alanj2007 Games

Holy editing workflows Batman!  Alanj2007 is back with another video less than a week after his previous Scribble piece.  Apparently, love is in the air this February as this new one centers around the ship you see above^^.

Something that our editor seems to be fond of in his own style is the particle generated stars that provide a nice flare, and of course, typography.  The particles fit really nicely with the song and the atmosphere of the video in general.  The typography movement can be a bit too jumpy or too smooth at times, but overall it’s a nice thing to watch.

Set sail in your favorite canon-equipped ship and expect a mix of ponies, words, humans with oddly shaped bodies, and more below!

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Sunset Shimmer Shakes It Off by Dagayemar

Twilight Sparkle dropping sick moves to the grooves on her feet cuz the beat is too hot to trot tonight in the spotlight while the guy on the right is like “It’s aight”.

( /me spits hot fire verses )

DISREGARDING previous introductions, we’ve got a nice, simple PMV for everybody tonight that runs to the beat of some T. Swizzle.  If you’ve managed to evade the pop culture song for this long, I commend you, but it’s time to turn up the speakers and party like Mom and Dad are out of town.

This particular pony music video really brings out one of the most important concepts in the art form: beat matching.  Sometimes, this video does it super-duper well, yet it does seem to have some visual glitching that detracts from the experience every now and then.  I’m sure with a bit of fine tuning this would have been the perfect style and everything for this song.  Thematically, it fits really well with Sunset Shimmer’s story and I’m really glad we get to see that highlighted.

Go down below and catch everything from T. Sparkle to T. Swift!

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Energize Me by Dr_Stables


If you don’t mind being spoiled or have seen the film, it’s time to take a look at another one of Dr_Stables’ terrific videos.  The song in this is (I believe) shortened, but it doesn’t seem to suffer at all because of that, and I’m super glad that the editor kept everything concise in that regard.

Now there were spots at the beginning of the video that are a bit rocky.  At 0:31 We see the effect that the editor is trying to create there with the soloed Sunset Shimmer lip sync, but the stillness of the background and the focus on a single black and white portrait does not agree with the motion of the song (distortion guitars and what have you).

Yet all other aspects of the video are fantastic.  There’s a definite story/focus to the video, which is always good, and the effects are fitting and innovative.  Probably my favorite part about the video was the first chorus where there was such an awesome contrast made between black & white and color scenes that it made everything so much more energetic.

Energize yourself with a lovely PMV below!

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