I’ll Be Dreaming by ObbsessiveBookworm


And so is ObbsessiveBookworm.  After taking a short break to work on a submission for our PMV contest, we’ve got a short and meaningful piece from the wonderful editor.  And while it certainly lacks in the effects, the scene selection is surprisingly superb.

I have to extend my full thanks to this video for its scene choice.  Not only did everything fit well with the music and lyrics, but FINALLY somebody was able to use the scenes from that SS music video in a way that was not completely pretentious and/or terrible!  Looking for good PMVs on Youtube is hard, and I’ve had to trudge through hours of that same footage mixed with pop songs and Nightcore alike.  Yet somehow, this one PMV manages to make me like those same visuals all over again.

The problem I had with effects is probably only because I could imagine some sort of bloom filters or color enhancement when the song hits its upbeat part.  But it’s better underdone than overdone, and you should check it out below to see for yourself!

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House of Friendship by Racecarghost

*But didn’t Rainbow Rocks happen, like, forever ago?

*But didn’t RCG already make a PMV for House of Wolves?

*But does this video even have a story of any sort?

*But aren’t you always the one who posts the punk rock videos?

*But isn’t 720p at 60fps a pain in the-


Ponies will solve all of your problems.  Er, humans.  Human ponies will solve all of your problems.  And so will Racecarghost in one of his newer videos set to what appears to be one of his favorite songs.  Prepare your eyes, because this thing is a feast of modern stripes and vector shapes mixed in with some nasty distortion blurring and fast-paced scene changing.  It’s awesome to say the least, and a visually inventive adventure.  I’ve watched it at least ten times myself, so go ahead and enter the house of friendship below!

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Lost by Alanj2007 Games

Holy editing workflows Batman!  Alanj2007 is back with another video less than a week after his previous Scribble piece.  Apparently, love is in the air this February as this new one centers around the ship you see above^^.

Something that our editor seems to be fond of in his own style is the particle generated stars that provide a nice flare, and of course, typography.  The particles fit really nicely with the song and the atmosphere of the video in general.  The typography movement can be a bit too jumpy or too smooth at times, but overall it’s a nice thing to watch.

Set sail in your favorite canon-equipped ship and expect a mix of ponies, words, humans with oddly shaped bodies, and more below!

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It has begun by Hash Metal

Purple smart does not look like a happy friendship pony from this angle.  Maybe it’s the lighting.

Either way, she does kick flank, and so does this PMV from the relatively unknown editor: Hash Metal.  As you can tell by the name, this video is going to feature some rockin’ music with fittingly similar effects, so if you have a fear of flashy feature films, this might not be for you.

However if you can handle the well-placed white flashes, scene changes, and other effects, you’ll probably enjoy this.  My only displeasure with it is that it uses all of the overused scenes in the PMV world.  I think we might literally see things from all finales except for the Gala.  But unlike most videos, the song actually fits with the epic visuals and everything seems to be well in order.

Get your dose of power-packed ponies below!

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