(Rainbow) Rock of Ages by Bronies & Mash


Hey Equestria, are you ready to ROCK?!

You better be because we’ve got an awesome comeback PMV from Bronies & Mash! Older readers may remember him as “The Invincible”, and he did a great job helping out with the site back in ye olden days.

So today we have a Rainbow Rocks centric PMV set to a pretty damn cool mashup of rock ballads. A common problem during making PMV’s is that sometimes it can be hard to match the atmosphere and vibe of the chosen song. However, Rainbow Rocks being based on music only helps to strengthen how well the video and audio match up.

What we end up with is a really fun and almost seamless tribute to rock music. It’s one of the best uses of EQG footage I’ve seen in a PMV yet. There’s no crazy effects but the footage stands up well enough to deserve merit. Great editing, solid lipsync, and a newfound peak for EQG music videos. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to breathe new life into the site. I also can’t count how many times I’ve replayed the section at 1:47. The whole thing deserves praise for it’s awesome execution. I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see if Invincible has more tricks up his sleeve.

Unleash your inner rockstar below!
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Shut Up And Dance With Me by Red Card


Hey all, we’re back again and today we have a PMV from Red Card, to the song “Shut up and dance with me”.

Now this is a great song, and I knew that it was prefect for a PMV. Red Card here has stepped up to the challenge and knocked it out of the park. This PMV does well in combining show and EQG footage. Mostly because it uses a lot of clips in which the characters are dancing.

Although the lipsync isn’t spot on, the editing pace fits the song perfectly. This here is a perfect example of a traditional PMV. And it proves that you don’t always need fancy visuals, or even effects of any kind to make a PMV great.

Now, although there’s probably a little too much Flash Sentry for most people to bare, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a great PMV.

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I’ll Be Dreaming by ObbsessiveBookworm


And so is ObbsessiveBookworm.  After taking a short break to work on a submission for our PMV contest, we’ve got a short and meaningful piece from the wonderful editor.  And while it certainly lacks in the effects, the scene selection is surprisingly superb.

I have to extend my full thanks to this video for its scene choice.  Not only did everything fit well with the music and lyrics, but FINALLY somebody was able to use the scenes from that SS music video in a way that was not completely pretentious and/or terrible!  Looking for good PMVs on Youtube is hard, and I’ve had to trudge through hours of that same footage mixed with pop songs and Nightcore alike.  Yet somehow, this one PMV manages to make me like those same visuals all over again.

The problem I had with effects is probably only because I could imagine some sort of bloom filters or color enhancement when the song hits its upbeat part.  But it’s better underdone than overdone, and you should check it out below to see for yourself!

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Shine Like Rainbows by sprinkly rainbow


So here we have a fairly nice and simplistic PMV using the song from the credits of Rainbow Rocks. Though I’m not too big on the Equestria Girls movies, I still appreciate seeing the songs synced up to pony clips. By using a song that’s naturally linked to the show, the creator already had one foot in the door. Rather than having to adapt the clips to the theme of the audio, their job was made easier knowing that it would be a fitting PMV regardless.

The PMV itself isn’t too bad – it has decent scene selection and some good cuts throughout. Though it doesn’t try anything radically new, it’s still a lovely little video focusing primarily on the friendship of the Mane 6. The simplicity gives it a sense of charm, and I love to see the themes of the show inspiring people to make these videos for fun. I do feel that there could’ve been more variation in the clips used. It would’ve been nice to have more focus on the individual characters instead of the usual Friendship Cannons and Sonic Rainbooms.

It’s interesting for me to see these types of PMV’s again as it reminds me a lot of how I used to edit my older videos. After being so caught up in After Effects and making things look fancy, it’s sometimes easy to look past these PMV’s and label them as generic. However, I still feel that simple cutting can be just as powerful as heavy VFX. This video may not have blown me away, but it certainly did make me smile. And if that’s what the creator wanted then they’ve succeeded in their goal. Best of luck to them for their future editing endeavors.

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Sunset Shimmer Shakes It Off by Dagayemar

Twilight Sparkle dropping sick moves to the grooves on her feet cuz the beat is too hot to trot tonight in the spotlight while the guy on the right is like “It’s aight”.

( /me spits hot fire verses )

DISREGARDING previous introductions, we’ve got a nice, simple PMV for everybody tonight that runs to the beat of some T. Swizzle.  If you’ve managed to evade the pop culture song for this long, I commend you, but it’s time to turn up the speakers and party like Mom and Dad are out of town.

This particular pony music video really brings out one of the most important concepts in the art form: beat matching.  Sometimes, this video does it super-duper well, yet it does seem to have some visual glitching that detracts from the experience every now and then.  I’m sure with a bit of fine tuning this would have been the perfect style and everything for this song.  Thematically, it fits really well with Sunset Shimmer’s story and I’m really glad we get to see that highlighted.

Go down below and catch everything from T. Sparkle to T. Swift!

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Snake Charmer by Luffyiscool


CAUTION: This video is one big Rainbow Rocks spoiler. It’s still fairly new, and I know some people really care about stuff like this, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, go watch the movie on Youtube or somewhere, and/or buy the DVD release.

So anyway, the story told through this song is a great fit for the movie, to the point where I’m surprised this type of music didn’t actually get into the official score. I was a teenager during the early 90s to late 2000s, so this has always been “teen music” to me, and though I don’t know what passes for that now, it sounds like it still works. The video plays its cards in the form of tight, literal translations of the lyrics (how convenient that sirens, evil and sin are focal points of the song), so if you know both the song and the movie, you may be able to guess what’s coming, but it’s still a pleasant surprise to see how well they work together. Also of special note is the choruses with the vocalizations, and how well they match to the siren songs from “Rainbow Rocks”. There’s a lot to enjoy in this PMV, and I’m happy to share it with you today.

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Human by Dr_Stables


Get ready for some humanoid equines coming your way, Wednesdaylings! Today, the site should be called EGMV Today, because… well, because… oh, never mind.

Today’s video sports an extraordinarily fitting song. Apart from the obvious, the style and pace of the song also fits very well and really captures the youthful energy of Equestria Girls. There are quite a few effects used in this video, but I don’t think they were overdone to the point of gaudiness. Rather, they are used tastefully for the most part, and create some fun transitions and syncopations with the beats of the track. There is a fair amount of lip-syncing, too, and it’s done very well! My only real gripe was that the ending is rather abrupt, just fading out instead of allowing the song to end, and the overall experience feels too short and leaves the viewer wanting. Still, it’s definitely enjoyable and more than worth a watch, so check it out below!

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Helping Twilight Win the Crown Remix by Trainsforlife286


Happy Hump Day! We’ve got a delightful Human/Equine combo of a PMV for you today. The song is a remix of Helping Twilight Win the Crown, by Aviators, and the video itself feels like a remix music video of that whole scene from EQG. Some may cry that using the direct footage from the song in the movie is lazy, but I think the mixture of original footage with show footage gives the whole thing the nice feel of a real music video, which would cut between the musicians and B-footage, or P-footage in this case, if you will. There’s a great balance between the two, and my only real complaint is that one whole section of movie footage is actually just cut and pasted, and those clips didn’t sync up as closely with the words as I felt they ought to.

Those nitpicks aside, I think you’ll enjoy this one. Check it out below! And make sure to visit the author’s channel to subscribe or leave feedback!

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Helping Ke$ha Win The Crown by ElectroKaplosion


This PMV comes to us from a fine artist who is known for making great original music, great covers, and great original animations that make you twist up your face in the most delightful confusion.

But today, we’re treated to something very different, and very special. As a connoisseur of fine mashups, I am of the belief that the best ones come from two schools. The first is made when two songs were made for each other come together to create something amazing. When you listen to them together, you swear you’re listening to one song instead of two mashed together. The second…well, that’s when two songs that couldn’t possibly be any more different are put together, and even though it sounds crazy and you think there’s no way it could work, IT STILL WORKS. And you can’t stop listening to it.

This PMV is the second one.

For days after I’d heard the “Win the Crown” song in the movie, I had this idea in my head; I was singing it to myself all the time. Major props to EK for actually putting it together, in a very presentable and awesome fashion. And also for editing the accompanying video were are presenting today. The hastily-pastily put together presentation is perfectly indicative of the nature of this mashup; defying all logic (and probably common sense), it still works. I loved this video, and I surely hope you will, too.

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