And I Think To Myself by TheLightLeavesThee

Equestria is certainly a ‘wonderful world’ until you consider the amount of explosions, mythological carnivores, and traveling salesmen it contains.  Yikes.

Luckily, we’re here on earth, with the internet, so that we can view this lovely video by an editor who was long thought to be eaten by a traveling salesman from Equestria.  TheLightLeavesThee returns in an epic and super-dramatic PMV that really puts a new perspective on our fantastic fiction of frivolous horses.

One of my favorite parts of this video is indeed how TLLT puts a spin on the classic land of ponies.  But another is how he used the epic finale scenes from the show and how he balanced those with effects and showed constraint.  It’s easy for everyone to shove in their favorite scenes from FiM along with their favorite song.  However, this video starts with smaller scenes and crescendos into the big ones, which really helps build an epic sense of progression.  This is an important thing to learn if you plan on doing pony music videos of your own one day, and this particular piece is something worth looking at carefully.

Turn your sunshiny Equestria into a world of action and creepy piano notes below!

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Paradise by Equestria Collabs

Mm.  Equestria seems like such a lovely paradise while it’s cold and wintery up here in the U.S.

To follow up the previously posted collaboration, we have another group working on that Coldplay song that’s been done quite a few times.  And even though it’s been used for a couple, I do believe this is my favorite version so far.  I also get so hyped before even watching the thing because of all the awesome editors starring in it: Izeer, Gunca, Littleshy, Poki, Melon Harmony, Acleps.  It feels like seeing the names of the staff working on S5; so many stars gathering in one place that it’d better be good.

The thing I love most of all is the tone and flow of this video.  Collabs tend to have that problem where everybody edits in a different tone and it makes things seem incoherent.  In this one, everybody has their styles (CERTAINLY), but we get that same taste of happy ponies and magic coming everywhere from the custom animation to the effects and backgrounds.  It’s surprising that this team effort works so well.  Big thumbs up, guys!

While I keep dreaming of the day where every single PMV editor will join into a huge collab group and create the single best video of all times, please enjoy this piece of paradise below!

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